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trail running
5 hours ago

Ran it in loose snow on the road/snowmobile trail, trying to prepare for a spartan race. The snow made it a good challenge. Parked at Waterboro town hall and started from the beginning of McLucas. Round trip just over 5 miles.

Went out for our first ever snowshoe hike, and picked this trail because of the good reputation and great views. We were not disappointed. The snow was perfect for snowshoes. We are somewhat strong hikers, and we were up and down in 4 hours. The trail is not a great challenge, although much of the trail is unspectacular, but it is a full sized mountain. The summit is VERY cool. Its a sharp pinicle that makes you feel you are out in open air. The views of Mt Washington were utterly stunning today (today was EXTREMELY clear with several feet of fresh powder). Be aware that Mt Washington is 19 miles away, so a super crisp view isnt guaranteed. We would've carried on the 0.6 miles to Middle Moat Mt if it weren't for the literally subzero wind chill.

All in all, this is a nice, sometimes uneventful, trail that leads to a wonderful summit.

7 days ago

Beautiful views from the summit. I hiked this in the fall & the colors of the trees were simply amazing. Very well traveled. Passed lots of friendly hikers of various ages.

Great mountain to hike! All different kinds of terrain. Summit is awesome and plenty of room to stretch out and have a snack!

I didn’t actually intend to climb Chocoura when I went (originally there for the falls) so I was a bit ill-prepared. Like most will say, the views at the top are killer....however. It’s February but for some reason the temps were in the 60’s so I figured it would be a great day to get out. Don’t make that mistake on this trail. The whole mountain was melting causing the trails to become rivers of either slush or solid ice. Even with micro spikes it was incredibly tiring. Many sections of trail looked like solid ice but ended up being 8in of slush. That left me with soaked feet for the whole climb. Definitely plan your trip during nicer weather unless you’re a sucker for pain.

1 month ago

The South Face Loop is VERY challenging in snow shoes for a newbie!
I will return!

Short hike with one steep area, we brought snowshoes but left them in the car. Trail is well marked, parking lot is not plowed.

I live near here and hike Sawyer Mountain twice a year. Very serene with interesting rock formations. A great forest hike that is steep in some places. Get the map from the trust and look for the cascading waterfall. It's beautiful and rarely visited, though it does require some scrambling.

lost from list added it back.

crazy crispy clear views! Stare down the Kancamagus. Bring some traction.

Was a nice hike! I would say moderate is correct, rock scramble may be a little challenging for some but do-able! Went up the Blue and down the Yellow, yellow trail is marked very poorly so give yourself time to walk down. Have to stop at each yellow marker and find the next at a few points on the way down making it very confusing due to the logging that was done...

Don’t write this one off because it’s short and easy. The view of surrounding mountains from the top is well worth it.

we did this last summer. pretty challenging but worth the view

Really fun little rocky climb, especially towards the top! Beautiful views as well. Chocorua reminds us that it doesn't have to be big to be challenging and rewarding.

Great trail, little icy in spots only a couple of ins. of snow. Top has a super 360 degree view.

Sad to say we lost the trail log container at the summit to the recent wind storm. It now lays on the ground near its original location. The booklet is now exposed to the rain. If someone would like to bring some tools and a new notebook to place the container on a new tree then that would be great.

awesome veiws

Great hike. Some powder up there now. Would rate the rock scramble closer to difficult. Not very friendly for smaller dogs, at least this time of year.

one of my favorite hikes in the valley. The views are worth all the effort.

4 months ago


Starting to get chilly up there now. Lots of icy sections about 1/2 way up the mountain. Microspikes were essential yesterday.


Lot of fun on this hike today. It is steep and jagged at the top (and a little icy today) but doable if you take it slow. The views at the top are amazing.

4 months ago

Well worth the jaunt up this mountain and taking in the mountain ranges on top of the unique fire tower on the summit. I took the nature trail up and scout trail down. Keep your eyes peeled for the orange markings...in a couple of places it was difficult to discern where the scout trail was....recently a Cedar fell over from the wind storm about a 1/5 of the way down, blocking the trail and markings ahead. No biggie, nust something to be aware of. Enjoyable nature stroll.

nice trail. Much of it is on the old Sawyer Hill Rd. We came back down on the Sherwood-Libby trail. The S-L trail is not shown here. It looked and felt like it was a new trail in the process of being built. Coming down that way extended the hike to 5.4 miles.

Great hike. The view at the summit was one of the best I have seen.

trail running
4 months ago

Don't be fooled by the mileage, the terrain and trail selection more than make up for it. Nice hills and scenery along the way make for a great run.

4 months ago

short little hike with a stunning reward!

Such a gorgeous, short & sweet hike with great views all around. Be prepared to scamper up rocks. Would not be good for kiddies or elderly. Great mix of terrains.

4 months ago

very boring. no trail just atv/jeep dirt road

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