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Great winter hike to stay in shape for summer hiking. Used microspikes on trail with no problem. Parking lot was plowed and easily accessible (the bald peak lot was a sheet of ice and could not get up the incline to park so went to Ledges). Beautiful hike on ledges with great views. The peak was beautiful as well.

8 days ago

I did this trail with the whole family. It is on the easy spectrum, but has a sheer drop on one side of the trail that made me nervous with my young kids. Views are nice but the trail specific to this summit is not much to look at. Not much shade once you get close to the top and it’s a very dusty trek. It’s good enough to put on your list to see, but not nice enough to go back for more. Mt. Muscoco is much more worth while.

This is a great loop but it is VERY icy right now. If you’re doing the full loop, I’d recommend taking the right side first. I think it would be easier going up rather than down (which is what we did). Also you’ll need crampons. I wouldn’t attempt it without them. It’s much less icy if you go up the left side first. Would make a good in and out hike if you’re worried about the ice. Parking lot is rough but manageable.

Did the trail today after some snow had fallen yesterday. Definitely seems like the trail is not hiked in the winter as the parking lot was not plowed whatsoever. Had a lot of fun having the trail to ourselves. Would definitely recommend bringing someone with you when hiking it in the winter as it was very slippery and not marked the best. Snowshoes and/or crampons would have made the hiking much easier, we just underestimated the amount of snow that was going to be on the trail. Overall there were some great views and we really enjoyed the serenity of the trail not being highly trafficked.

This was our first hike since the heat of summer and with my four year old along for the adventure it was a challenge. We started at the burnt meadow trail head and started up blue but when we got to the fork decided to go yellow to the summit and take blue back down. Taking his naturally tired state and little legs it took us about 5 hours to complete.
Some notes: to be prepared for for the blue trail summit scramble this time of the year, boot spikes and walking boot spikes. Large portions of the trail are iced over this time of year.
If you take our route as you reach the final summit before descending blue trail there is an unmarked trail that goes down the mountain to the left. We took this a pretty decent distance because of the foot traffic on the trail... I'm honestly not sure where it goes to but didn't see yellow or blue markers for a while and went back up to find the blue trail markers.
Proud of my little man for toughing it out over some of the iciest terrain hes ever seen.

Hiked this on Sunday Dec 16, 2018. The trail was fairly packed but had some iced over spots. I wore micro spikes for the trip up the blue trail named Burnt Meadow Trail. I decided to come down that way as well, since the trail is very well marked. Be sure not to miss the little goat path under the short scrub pine as you go up. It gives you your first real view from a ledge. The parking lot at this time is a packed icy rink. If you don’t have 4x4 or AWD, I wouldn’t go in there. I got stuck. It was a great day with clear views toward Pleasant Mountain and others despite the partially cloudy forecast.
Of note, I saw a beautiful Pileated Woodpecker going from tree to tree and tapping a bit. Thankfully no bears or moose.

Stumbled upon a quarry today on my way up Cedar Hill. Noticed a straight shot trail up the east side of Cedar Hill so checked it out then bushwacked down and around and came across a cool, perhaps Colonial era, granite quarry. Check it out!

1 month ago

Unreal. Breathtaking views. Hardest hike I’ve ever been on

2 months ago

As of recent with all the rain a lot of the trail at the bottom side of the falls is all flooded out so you cant walk very far. But still very enjoyable to go and check the falls out!

Beautiful trail. Starts to the left of the parking lot. Very fun to hike with snow at the top, would definitely recommend chains. The views were incredible and well worth the hike.

Even in early November there was still quite a bit of color. Tricky to find the start of the trail but once you do it the trail is well marked with yellow dashes. Going down was more difficult to me with the slick rocks, I fell 6 times, but it was the day after a moderate rain. Amazing views and a great first New England hike.

2 months ago

We underestimated the difficulty of this trail. Going counter clockwise there was a very steep section with what could be best described as a cliff to one side. We had our 5 and 7 year old and a dog. It was steep enough, wet enough, and coverred with enough leaves that we considered turning back, but after scouting ahead a bit, it seemed it was safer going forward than turning back.

After that sketchy section, it turned into a wonderful hike with views on both sides of the ridge.

We'll probably do it again when the boys are older, but we'll do it when it's dry and we'll do it before the leaves start falling.

Super easy hike. Did this with my daughter and puppy. Great views and easily done in an afternoon.

This was a great fall hike. I took the yellow trail up and wasn’t sure which trail I’d take down. The yellow trail is VERY hard to follow in quite a few places. This seemed to be the consensus as I said hello to other hikers as well. It’s gorgeous in the woods on this trail, so if you take your time and pay attention I would still recommend it. Because of this, I took the blue trail down, and was glad I did because this offered some variety and was a fun challenging way back down. Overall would highly recommend it. Beautiful, challenging, and great way to spend the day.

2 months ago

lots of hunting nearby and trail dug up by dirt bikes. had to turn around about a mile in due to recent rains making the trail impassable at thT point.

Second time doing the trail, I suggest doing the loop counter clockwise it’s fairly steep and rocky on the way up, it’s a bit challenging but nothing too bad, and the trail down is long but pleasant. The views are great, even before the summit. Certainly a fun hike

2 months ago

Cool little hike in the snow today. Cool surprise on top.

Went up blue trail and down the yellow. As others have said yellow is a little harder to follow especially in October with the leaves down HOWEVER I would 100% recommend coming down yellow for the views of snow capped white mountains.

on Mount Cutler Trail

3 months ago

Definitely an exciting hike, far from boring. The summit is beautiful and there is a lot to explore. Although the climb up is very steep and rocky. I normally love a good challenge, but I definitely think this one is better suited without kids (my husband carried our 3 year old on his back and I am currently 3 months pregnant). We did a lot of sliding on our butts on the way back down and had a mini panic attack here and there, but I would love to come back to this mountain someday and do some more exploring, likely when I am not pregnant and without kids. Haha. On another note, make sure to keep an eye out for the red trail markers. They are a bit hard to find in some spots.

WE FOUND A FITBIT AT THE TRAILHEAD on Saturday October 20th. It was right around 1pm when we began. If this is yours, please email me at marlanaujoks@gmail.com and I will mail it back to you.
The blue trail was well marked, steep at times, and overall a 5 star hike up, with outstanding views on the way up and at the summit. There is not a sign when you reach the summit, but it will be pretty obvious. The yellow trail, though lovely, was terrifying to head back down on due to the yellow paint marks being inconsistent in brightness and not being marked in areas where it should have been to keep folks from straying off the path. I would recommend giving yourself plenty of time to go down this train in case you get lost. I would give this particular trail 5 stars if it were clearly marked, and in a color other than yellow, so I'd give it 3 stars at this point. I hope it is changed in the future.

Loved the trail. Perfect for a short walk if you only have an hour or two. We took the Bob Chase trail up and then the loop back. Next time will also take the South Face trail but we were short on time. Nice, gradual ascent easy on the knees and nice views in several spots of the mountains and lakes. We will be back!

Loved this place! And so did my dog! It connects up with other trails. Definitely wear some good water-resistant foot gear!

A lot of rocky ground. If raining can be hazardous.
Good 360 view at the top.

Beautiful hike. Took the blue trail up and the yellow back. There is an unmarked grassy trail leading down from the peak which we mistook for the yellow trail but turned back pretty quickly and found the correct trail. The markings on the yellow trail were very faded and at times difficult to spot, but as long as you stop for a minute you can regain your bearings pretty easily. We passed a bunch of friendly people on the blue trail but saw absolutely no one on the yellow trail.

Really nice hike with great views. Major bonus that its dog-friendly. After doing this “moderate” hike, I’ll never do a “hard” one :) it was challenging! Steep and rocky, but the 360 view from the top made it all worth it.

Hiked this mountain two weekends in a row with friends. Last week we took the blue trail both ways. Great scramble and reasonably challenging climb, especially closer to the top. This week we took the yellow trail up, and the blue down. We had a great hike both times, and the view is beautiful with fall foliage. A couple of notes. 1) I (and my hiking companions) would not recommend the blue trail for small children or for dogs, unless your dog is extremely agile and energetic. There are sections that are extremely steep, and the rocks are jagged in a few places. 2) the yellow trail is a great walk, but extremely poorly blazed. I'm sure the trail was harder to find due to fallen leaves, but there were several points at which we had to keep one person at the last known blaze and send others in different directions to find the trail. Many times the trail made abrupt turns with no blazes marking the turn. It made for slow going on what would otherwise have been an easy to moderate walk through the woods. It's a longer way to the top, even without the frequent stops to make sure you're on the trail, but this is definitely the trail to take with kids and dogs. Overall a really fun hike! Also, for those who want more or less company while hiking, the blue trail is much more populated than the yellow.

Great hike today. Classic autumn day with high clouds. Mt Washington covered in snow. Did the loop counter clockwise as it is easier on these decrepit knees and hips

3 months ago

There is no trailhead sign, the trails are not marked at all. Trail itself was decent, limited parking.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so many families

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