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Nice hiking trail. Rocky at the beginning, but then opens up to the woods and it's really nice to get away from the city. The views from the top are great and on a sunny day expect to see a lot of paragliders.

Great, easy, dog friendly hike. The view of the lake is beautiful, if you can tolerate the crowd. The trail is in excellent condition and there’s plenty of parking at the trailhead.

this trail was a great and powerful challenge for me and my (now) fiance. I took her on it and little did she know when we made it to the very scenic view at the top that I would propose to her! The entire hike was very uphill but really made you work for the end. it was hard but in a good way. Worth it
hiked in June

It was a nice walk in the middle of woods. Good way to get some exercise.

It’s a hard road throughout hiking. It was a challenging rather than enjoying the scenery nature offers like other hiking b/c up/ down hills hurt feet a lot. I felt I go through a hardship but resting and majestic scenery on the top after a long hard walking makes all of hardship worthy and grateful to survive from it and appreciate the beauty of nature!

Fun, beautiful rocky trail with steep inclines pretty much all the way. The path is narrow and the rocks can get slippery.

Nice hike and a decent view. But I hope you enjoy sharing the trail.

love love love this app. definitely my go to. thanks reviewers that take the time to update trail conditions and tips.

great hike up. good workout. did it with my 12 yr old son. he only complained minimally. view is absolutely gorgeous. will be doing this one again.

It was such a pretty trail with an amazing view. There are some point where the trail is steep but it’s worth it when you see the views.

Have done this trail a few times. One of my favorite, “quick and easy” trails. Yesterday I went to hike it again with my brother when we spotted something about 25 ft down a switchback running into the brush. Back end looked like a cat. We had no issues but def be prepared, always!

We found a ‘grove’ of huckleberries at the lake! The hike was beautiful, especially the boulder fields. The spur to the ridge was challenging and fun with an amazing view.

Great trail, can get busy and narrow at some points if you have dogs. But overall it was fun and good end views.

Awesome view, not too busy, decently rocky

This was my first “actual hike” I’ve done since moving to Washington, other than point defiance of local parks. It was amazing!! I went yesterday (September 6). I decided to hike it for sunrise..1) because less people and 2) I love sunrises!! It took my 40 minutes to get up. I was definitely not hydrated enough and wore way too many layers. I had to use my flashlight for most of it but it eventually stared getting light so I put it away. When I got to the top there were only 2 other people. Six others ended up coming up during sunrise. It was so so beautiful. On my way down, I took my time so I could actually enjoy the scenery. There were a lot more people going up at that time. It was around 8 or a little before. I headed over to the lake after. Highly recommended this hike! I will be doing another sunrise hike soon.

Steep at points with some loose gravel but incredible view at the top and almost entirely shaded. Can be quite crowded.

Central Peak was a very disappointing ending. most of the Creeks are dried up but it's summer. Trail markers get worse the higher that you get some splits aren't marked at all.

This is a great hike for people that are new to Seattle and new to hiking. Downside is that it is super crowded given its proximity to the city and it’s rating. It’s great for beginners because it helps you quickly realize the impact elevation has on a hike and it is not too far from civilization. I post photos of my hiking adventures on instagram under “adventuringKR”.

Hiked 5/28/18

The early bird hikes alone. Minutes make the difference on this trail, it's a popular place. Watch out for loose rocks on the trail, you can roll an ankle pretty easy if your not wearing good hiking shoes. This is a steep trail, I would recommend a different hike if this is going to be your first.

Very crowded but great views

Lots of people but still a very rewarding hike. Amazing views of Rattlesnake Lake from the ledge.

Beautiful views!

20 days ago

Great hike on a well maintained trail. It’s quite steep, but not impossibly so. Very busy, but everyone was friendly.

21 days ago

Terrific hike with a well groomed trail. Quite steep but wonderful view at the top. Although there were quite a few other hikers, everyone was pretty friendly. This is a great hike just for the view alone but hiking through the forest is pretty wonderful too. Loved it and would do it again!

Great hike. It was pretty foggy when I went though so you couldn’t see much at the top, but still worth it!

I accomplished this hike fairly easily back in 2012. I don't remember much of the details other than it was one of my first hikes in the Cascades. The views are wonderful, but in the summer months this hike can get pretty crowded. Plan accordingly on the weekends. The trails can get pretty crowded.

Loved this hike! Fairly easy walking and very accessible for a wide range of skill levels. Great view at the top, and lots of large rocks along the way for photo ops and/or bouldering. We just went to the one peak, didn’t do the extra to the East Peak.

Nice hike. Great view and family friendly. That being said, the amount of people here ruins it. Tons of people, off leash dogs are the norm and lots of loud Bluetooth speakers on the trail. If you’re looking for tranquility, this isn’t the spot.

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