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Great trail! Today was perfect with the overcast and the dogs even enjoyed themselves. ☺️

Great workout! definitely bring a water bottle, dog friendly .. hard to find parking though, has become a popular place to hike, happy to see people trying to stay active

great hiking, nice view

I met the coolest people on this hike!

9 days ago

I remember this place as a kid. I used to go camping with my parents at Mountain Lakes which is just up the road a little further. We would meet tons of people at Mt. Lakes all around our age. This was back in the 80's (I was like 8-10) and I guess one of the others (teenagers) knew about this place. So we all went and it was amazing. We walked the whole way so it was a long walk but well worth it. I have seen waterfalls in Hawaii so obviously this doesn't come close to those, but to see one in the middle of that area was amazing. It was like a secret place then and there wasn't really any graffiti or things like that. There was a path, kind of, we climbed up and around to get higher up too.

Beautiful view

11 days ago

We thoroughly enjoyed this waterfall, minus the tagging on all the rocks of course. Today was beautiful. There were giant clouds bringing in some light sprinkles, and the waterfall had a steady, strong flow. I'm personally a fan of climbing over rocks, so that plus the waterfall is why I rated this a 5. In all, we saw only 4 other people doing this hike, so I enjoyed the opportunity of sharing nature with just my boyfriend. I definitely plan to visit this hike again!

Great hike, nice views. I prefer going counter clockwise. You incline for about 3 miles instead of going clockwise where the incline is a shorter period and the rest is downhill. Easy hike though, you can finish in an hour or less if you keep a good pace

Love this trail and the views are gorgeous!!!

nice work out with first half of trail uphill and second half all downhill prefer going clockwise as it's a less steeper and more gradual climb, there's a nice stop at the top with shade and benches then when you're down, a nice canopy of shade trees to finish your hike, prefer to go places where there's free parking, but it's only 3 dollars week day so that's not too bad.

BOO!! It's Monday morning 8am and the gate is closed!! B.S.

Very beautiful scenery! I went on a side trail that took me right to the path for the falls. The path straight up to the falls was kind of difficult due to big rocks along the trail. I suggest getting hiking boots; I slipped a few times. Might also be a bit harder for those that don't hike often but it's manageable. Will definitely be returning in the near future.
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21 days ago

This is a pretty little hike, on a warm spring day the heart is full of water and the foliage green. Fun for the family.

23 days ago

great little hike to start on. narrow trails, that take you on gradual slopes. when you arrive its a little anti climatic as you are approaching from the top of the falls, but a quick scramble down the rocks can lead to great photos. dogs may haveca hard time after the falls as drops down the boulders are a few feet or more. great hike to do in conjuction with sturtvant as you can follor the right side of the river to the bridge and connect with the more popular trail.

24 days ago

Great hike. Nicely marked trails and mile markers. Beautiful view. Only negative is parking.

This was a good hike. We went in February. Looks like pretty hot summer hike though.

Very rocky. Not dirty. Waterfall area crowded. For what should be an easy trail it’s quite rocky.

Great hike. You have 2 options. To the right you have steep incline for about 3mi, then gradual down. The left is opposite.

25 days ago

Big parking lot. 95% of the hike to the falls is uphill. Very little shade. Waterfall area is pretty. Wear good shoes because it is a very rocky path.

Great waterfall! There was ice down the side adding to the beauty. Trail is hard to determine, but there was enough traffic to figure it out. Have to do a lot of boulder walking so that makes it moderate, but it is a very short hike. Other than the boulders it was not too bad for a lady with two knee replacements!

Best Waterfall ive seen. I hiked to the top of the water fall, little dangerous but good experience. i liked going inside the bear caves and enjoyed the cold breeze and the rocks

30 days ago

Nice trail. Great views. Great weather with a nice breeze

30 days ago

Great hike it was just the right length with the kids. Kids had a blast in the snow on the way.

People were friendly, I saw others on the trail picking other people’s trash and a few other groups pitched in a packed out some garbage and beer cans as well. Overall a great experience for my 6and 9 year olds. We will be returning with trash bags though because people like to litter.

1 month ago

1) first part of the hike you have to cross a creek. You will get wet. *there is a bridge that is on "private property" that we used so we wouldn't get wet
2) 1/2 of the hike is very very rocky! Wear good shoes.
3) graffiti is everywhere though I don't mind seeing the art
4) must purchase a parking pass from the Ranger station for $5 (or AMPM from other reviews)
5) very windy today and there were some rocks that fell from the mountain so don't walk too close (in the rocky area)
6) over all this was a great hike with a beautiful waterfall at the end. There were enough people around to ask "which way to the waterfall?"

on Heart Rock Trail

1 month ago

1 month ago

Liked it a lot! Strenuous heading up, fun going down.

I love this trail , also one of the best I’ve hiked in So Ca.. Very beautiful with so much vegetation. The creeks during the rain or right after is the best. It plays a great part for a more marvelously flowing waterfalls. Four tiers of it makes it magnificent.Watch out for cactuses though they’re everywhere. Trails are a bit narrow if you’re afraid of heights or falling stick to your left at all times. Parking is free! But unfortunately this trail has been CLOSED for nearly two years to be exact. I am totally waiting for it to reopen.

road biking
1 month ago

The majority of the trail is uncrowded, peaceful and scenic. The first few miles near the sundial Bridge is heavily trafficked my recommendation is to start at the Elks Lodge and head out from there.

good safe parking area. easy wide trail (really rocky... and bring a hat, no shade untill the end). great area at the end to enjoy in the river. my whole family loved it.

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