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6 hours ago

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Great trail. There is shade if you go at the right time- until you hit the switchbacks. Take your time getting to the top, worth it! The view is rad and getting down the hill is easy. Since its a fireroad and fairly populated, it's safe to do solo. Watch for snakes though. I do this hike all the time, alone, with friends. takes about 2 hours enjoy! =)

what an amazing experience. will be my go to when I want a quick nature fix

Nice and easy. Thankfully not too hot yet.

1 day ago

The hike is actual two hikes in one. The hike to the trail up the fire road is wide and easy. There are shady groves along the way in case you need rest on hot day. When you get to the mouth of Eaton Canyon that's where the fun starts. You will cross the the creek a number of time as you wind up the canyon. You have to do some rock climbing because you will have to go over outcroppings of boulders. Once you reach the falls, it will be worth it. If you have shaky balance I would strongly recommend hiking poles. Also exercise patients as you will encounter folks coming in and out of the canyon. Over all the hike is great for the first time hiker, casual hiker, or hikers with some trails and miles under their belt.

I made it to the top for the first time last weekend. Not taking any breaks made it a tough challenge.

The scenery at the beginning of the trail looks beautiful in the morning sunlight.

2 days ago

Make sure you go LEFT at the forkbat 1.25 miles in. you can either go left and go DOWN or go right and go UP. To the right looks more offcial because its the Sullivan Fire Road but it will not take you to Murphy Ranch. It will actually take you to a boy scount camp (dead-end) and mountain biking trails, NOT Murphy Ranch. I will be going back to try this again :-)

Perfect for the occasional hiker.

3 days ago

This trail is rigorous! We hadn’t hiked in a very long time, and this trail was a fun and challenging return to one of our favorite pastimes. Make sure you’re okay with getting your feet wet because crossing over some parts of the water was tricky! My dog loved it too!

It brings a lot of memories ;)

Beautiful shady trail that is mostly flat or close to flat, takes you up to small falls and then if you scamper up some rocks, you can get to the larger falls. As of April 18,2018 waterfall was full. Did this hike on a Wed and plenty of people out so I would imagine it’s packed on weekends. One main trailhead starts you off. We came to a form and made the mistake to go right up Walnut Canyon. That was a HARD vertical climb on switchbacks. Finally realized we we’re going the wrong way, so we went back down and took the flatter trail down to falls. I would say waterfall trail is EASY in terms of exertion level but need a little technical skill for crossing stream and using rocks to walk across.

awesome brings me back to my love days

I hiked up the steep section to the south (via the sharp switchback at the beginning of the trail) and jogged down the fireroad on the way back. Great way to spend an afternoon while I was in the area.

7 days ago

One of my favorite hikes I’ve ever been on! Of course I love graffiti and abandoned places full of mystery so... with a nice mix of beautiful nature that’s not too overcrowded when you go off the main paths! Can’t wait to come back

Damm fammm dammm

9 days ago

Super easy walking trail and open space for kids to explore

9 days ago

Nice Sunday hike around the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve Trails. We did the longest loop that takes you to 3 different vista points. About 5 miles total distance. Even with the 25-35 mph winds, it was still a beautiful spot to explore.

Great family hike,lots of trails. The scenery is beautiful, weather was 79 degrees. The kids enjoyed climbing the rocks., easy hiking unless you’re climbing to the top of the rocks. Enjoyed the drive there.

A great little loop trail. More easy/mod than hard/mod for the more seasoned hikers, but I enjoyed taking it at a more strident pace. The parking lot is small - it fits maybe 11-12 cars, so either go to the end to park and wait til someone leaves or park alongside the entrance road on a pull off. The bees were bountiful and boisterous- both in the trailheads bathroom ( pee behind a bush off the trail instead) and throughout the hike. Divine, but those who are allergic bring an epi pen. We enjoyed a very buzzy lunch together on the trail. The mine didn't look impressive, so I skipped it - there are several trail turnoffs by it, so pay attention to the signs at the junctions to ensure you're staying the right course.

11 days ago

Well it was a great trail. Can’t complain Iraq has better trails with some more adventure. For the people complaining about the trail I will politely say go screw your self and your little minds. Remember it’s a hiking trail that is moderate and not every trail is gonna be too your needs be happy Mother Nature doesn’t kill you or eat you alive. If you want a clean trail keep it clean if you want it to be less hard then it is then take your head out of your butt. Especially you Spanish speaking lady. Don’t go unless you are ready for it. Dumbasses

Easy trail. Small waterfall into shallow pool, good for kids and dogs to take a dip.

14 days ago

Easy hike with lots of paths. Very hard to get lost, longest hike will take around 2.5 hours. Great for kids and families. Nice place with great views of the rock formations.

Not happy that the lake is on the opposite side of the trail which in turn gives a not so good view of the lake. Lots of traffic on two way street, with lots of cars going pretty fast... therefore I wouldn’t recommend any young impulsive children on this easy trail. Don’t want to discredit the location and beauty of being around the holly wood lake. This is just not what I was expecting. We went to franklin after which was amazing and perfect for my lil ones.

Mostly no shade. It actually has two ways to go up to the peak. The direction shows on map is easy but takes longer time to get to the peak. The other one is harder but shorter way to get to the peak. Potatoes are cute! The view is around 270 degree, you can take some rest at the peak, but still no shades.

Very beautiful hiking for beginners, more walk than hike. Amazing view. You can see clearly Hollywood sign

This is a 4.75 mile hike, not a 3.45 mile hike. When getting there you need to park up the street DO NOT continue down the narrow road to to left. The map on this hike is different. We followed to road until we saw spray paint on the road that said “Murphy’s Ranch” pointing to the left. Followed that half a mile to a “Y” in the road, we went to the right, which loops around to the left path we didn’t take. Great hike! Will be back now that we know where to go!

18 days ago

I loved the waterfall. The trail had a lot of creek crossings so don’t wear shoes you won’t want to get wet. Lots of dog poop on the trail, which is inexcusable considering there are baggies provided at the beginning of the trail. Got there early, trail had a couple of other groups on it. On the way out, there were massive groups of school kids and nature walks and the parking lot was full. Also, no one wants to hear your phone blasting your crap music. Turn it off!

mountain biking
19 days ago

This trail should not be listed for mountain biking, or at least rated as a black diamond for biking (definitely not a blue). There is a sign that says no mountain biking along the trail as well, and the entry to the Hogback trail is essentially unmarked and is not maintained. I had to go off trail to avoid the no MTB section and missed the Hogback trail entry twice.

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