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on Denny Cove

1 day ago

It was a nice, short, difficult hike if that's what you're looking for. Personally I didn't think the hard work getting there was worth the view at the end, but to each their own.

Sights were incredible! Definitely a one time stop for me. Tours are too close to each other which gives minimum space when going through the cave. Other than that, one must experience this at least one time when in Chattanooga!

Cravens House is a cool historic sight to see. Trail was great, awesome views! I went with some friends that rock climb- definitely good for that!

Great hike in and out! Combination of high & low slopes with small waterfall!

Very nice trail with beautiful view of Chattanooga from the top! Strongly recommend

I have done this trail a couple of times. It's not kid friendly and nor well maintained.

17 days ago

Easy trail. If you're facing the bathroom, turning left takes you across a bridge, through the woods (creek on your right) on a dirt path and leads you to a grassy hill, Turning right takes you on a shorter walk along the creek on an asphalt path. Either way, you'll have a relaxing stroll. This is also an excellent creek for a smooth paddle for kayak or canoe that will take you to the Tennessee River in about 3 miles.

19 days ago

Nice trail, but water is a trickle this time of year.

Great trail with fantastic views! Tons of places to get some outdoor climbs in too if that’s your thing. Saw a ton of people top roping, definitely bringing my gear back next time!
Otherwise was a great hike, we brought lunch and picnicked at the top.

19 days ago

The falls were cool, but the overlook was definitely the best part. Lightly trafficked and peaceful.

The trail could be more clearly marked, and we were disappointed when we had to turn around halfway through then loop because the trail was so overgrown we couldn't safely continue. Looking forward to going back when some of the summer foliage dies back.

24 days ago

I took my kids on this “1.6” mile “easy” loop. We went to the right at the fork. It was not easy at the top and not well maintained. The trail is steep at the top, especially coming down the other side. There was a lot of blow down that had to be navigated. At one very narrow point we climbed over a muscadine vine. The waterfall was just a trickle and it has been raining heavily in this area so that was disappointing. And according to my running app it was 2.21 miles. I would rate this a moderate trail.

25 days ago

Went for a Sunday evening dog walk/hike. Quiet area, beautiful bird songs, only passed two other people on the trail. Several hours after a rain and the mud wasn’t bad. The puddly areas were raised on planks. Two places where trees were downed were tricky to get through but otherwise enjoyable. The pup got totally muddy but loved it. The pine straw covered much of the trail so it was navigable in just Chacos. It also looked recently cut back in large parts so brush was in check.
The mosquitoes were vicious though! Definitely wear long sleeves!

Great way to stretch the legs and plenty to see.

26 days ago

The bottom half of the loop is really well maintained, however we missed the turn on to Mountain Beautiful Trail because it’s so overgrown you could hardly tell there was a trail there at all. We decided to skip it altogether since we weren’t dressed to trek through the chest height, dense underbrush. Kind of disappointed. It would probably be a good short hike during the fall, but not so much during the summer.

Early morning is best for numbers of people. Always love this place and the hike to get there! Minimal ticks for us this trip. My 2 huskies love the trail!

Great, but be warned that there are some rocky bits so wear appropriate footwear. If you just want to see Sunset Rock and don’t want to hike there is a parking area off West Brow road with a short easy walk.

Did this trail a few months back! Rewarding waterfall at the end!

Not too hard of a trail, there is climbing involved, so may be difficult for children. Beautiful views at the top! You can see the whole city.

1 month ago

Nice little hike ❤️

1 month ago

Better than expected. Get a couple of great views and if it has rained recently, beautiful small falls. Easy to stick your head in the waterfall.

Take the path to the right! At the top, I attempted to come back down the "left side" of the loop, but it was more overgrown than I wanted to deal with.

on Keown Falls Trail

1 month ago

Definitely not kid friendly. In the middle of nowhere, and hard to see the trail sometimes. The only positive thing about it was that it was a good workout. I would for sure rate this as moderate, and hard if you’re in bad shape.

1 month ago

The falls are beautiful. The actual hike sucks. Its too expensive and too crowded. We were there Saturday, saw it, done, wont go back.

Moderate hike average hikers and children can complete. Be careful to stay on the correct path, there are several forks to other trails. There is a dam and small swimming hole at the bottom with campsites.

I'm giving a 3 star rating because when I hiked this trail there was a copperhead in the middle of the path. I had made it about halfway and there are steep dropoffs and narrow turns. I did not complete the course because of the snake. Be careful on this trail.

Great surprise at the end

1 month ago

A good hike. Some strenuous sections. The falls at the end were beautiful. I had a large tree fall across the trail while I was there.

Loved the views

It was so much fun! The trail is small and short which is nice and it has a really pretty overlook!

2 months ago

Great Hike! Got to parking lot on Sunday around 3 pm and had the whole trail to myself. Got to falls and took a dip, What a treat. well worth the effort. Trail and big rocks are very slippery so good thing to have are poles.

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