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5 hours ago

Great for a hike with a family/dog or for a short run!

Takes a little while to get to trail, but it’s well worth it. Super fun, chill, and beautiful hike! Great for all level hikers. We went an hour before dusk/sundown on the night of the lunar eclipse. Got to watch the moon rise over the mountains, and was truly breathtaking. The sunset was fantastic as well. On the way home, our gps managed to put us on a dirt road, and it turned into quite the “adventure” and extra long drive back to Terlingua as we had to turn around 1/2 way into it. Stay on paved roads!!! A 4x4 may have been fine, but we were not. Really fun, family friendly hike - that really is gorgeous. You do have to cross water at some point, but depending on water levels - it can be minimal. It was maybe 1-3 inches deep at any point. I had boots - which are not necessary (but welcomed if you have them!) and didn’t even notice it.

Great views, especially if you go past the balanced rock and scramble up the other side. Super easy.

11 days ago

Commercial Cave tour. Wouldn’t call it a tourist trap and the waterfall is not fake.

Like to hike up above the falls and rappel.

please do not swim or drink the water without filtering. e. coli has been found present in the water so please take that into account. Good winter hike for better visibility

12 days ago

Can be tourist trap, but worth going to see! I wouldn’t go if you’re claustrophobic

21 days ago

Took our 4 kids on this hike. The creek was a little high and we had to cross which was a little unexpected. We took the right side of the loop up and back since we had read that the other side was rough and narrow. Before the peak you can turn back and look out for a great view of the surrounding mountainous area. Near the falls was the most difficult part of the hike with kids. It gets very narrow and there are a lot of steps leading to the falls and overlook. The falls were beautiful with all the recent rain. I would recommend keeping a close eye on little ones near the falls. The waterfall was well worth the hike to us.

The entire road closes 8 miles before the canyon due to the government shutdown. tuff canyon is open.

The best trail tour for guests

Was closed for government shutdown.

25 days ago

We loved this trail the views are amazing!!

Easy, can get to balanced rock off grapevine hill road. Great views

Easy hike, stunning views

25 days ago

We hiked this trail Dec 8, 2018. Despite the rainy cold weather, we went ahead and did this hike anyway. Glad we did.
Easy hike till the last .25 mil mark. That’s where it’ll start to get steep and rocky. On the way down it was slippery and somewhat difficulty to go down but as long as you’re going slow and use common sense you’d be fine!

Definitely a must.One of our highlights.

26 days ago

I hiked this trail when the falls were dry beginning with the trail to the falls, continuing on to the Johns Mountain loop and then back down the other side of the falls loop. The right side of the falls loop is clearly the most traveled and maintained. The other half of the loop is steep, narrow at times, and requires some boulder hopping. Not for casual hikers.

Seems like this half of the loop is left unmaintained and the trail was a bit tough to follow. This is too bad because I believe it could be enjoyed more with proper care.

All in all it was a good scenic outing but the trails left something to be desired.

29 days ago

The back part of the loop, after you go under the waterfall is a bit tricky. Be prepared to climb down a large rock, and for lots of mud if we’ve had a large amount of rain. The trail is pretty overgrown in spots because it looks like it is not taken as much as the main path in. It was pretty fun since I love obstacles on trails. I ended up loosing my balance on a steep downward part and fractured part of my leg on a large boulder. My only advice is to watch your footing!

Amazing views!! Nice, easy hike. You will have to cross some wet muddy areas to get across to the trail but nothing too deep.

Very nice, easy trail.... Highly recommended.

Easy trail to the bluff with an amazing view!!!

Great short hike that leads you to Balanced Rock. There is some climbing to get there, but so worth it. If you are a photographer, this is a great place for sunrise!

1 month ago

Absolutely gorgeous! One of my favorite places to visit no matter the season. This area does require that you have a pass or fishing/hunting license but it is easily acquired through the DNR website.

Very beautiful views. Had to cross knee deep water and climb a muddy embankment to get to the trail.

2 months ago

Trail and cliffs were wet after a week's worth of rain, but the falls were full. Started the loop going to the left was surprisingly steep along the way.

I was recording but something happened to it. You can do this in one hour if you don’t walk too slow. We did it at sunset and it is amazing. I would love to go back and play on all the rocks. Lots of beautiful rock formations.

2 months ago

Wonderful trail. Perfect for an early morning hike. Especially beautiful after a good rain. There’s so much wildlife and wild plantlife to appreciate on this trail. Also makes for perfect pictures. 10/10

This is a great little hike, although you could make it longer and keep going down other connecting trails. Parking is very easy at the Craven House, I think the previous review didn’t realize this. The view from the top is fantastic, a must do if you’re in Chatanooga.

Great trail! Even in the snow!

trail running
2 months ago

Buggy and lots of dense brush limits visibility

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