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From benign to intense. A must hike.

When combined with the Indian Creek Trail this makes for a decent hike. The waterfalls aren't that large but they're pretty. Indian Creek Trail has several water crossings.

5 days ago

Neat and easy hike. The trickling waterfall and cave were neat. Worth the short hike!

5 days ago

An excellent hike with plenty of elevation change and challenge. One of the best hikes in the park. The lookout tower is unbelievable. Views in every direction for MILES! That was excellent.

8 days ago

A nice hike there. The field in the end of the trail is great. Another thing impressed me is the ladder in the trail. It's exciting and funny.

11 days ago

One of my favorite views! the Badlands is my favorite place to be and this is one of those hikes with great views and though it's moderate it's well worth the hike! Make sure to have lots of water with you too, as it can get extremely warm even in the shade.

14 days ago

Fun trail! I really like the ladder!

15 days ago

Short fun hike with a bit of everything that the Badlands has to offer, except prairie.

I’d rate moderate as well, not as nice as the lower cascades is but glad we did it.

19 days ago

Fun trail! I had a really good time on this short hike, but it had an amazing view at the end which made it a must!

Hackers falls and the views from cliff park trail makes this a must do hike in the area. Not too difficult with not much elevation gain, so this is usually my go to hike when a friend or family member who doesnt hike much wants to join me. While the Raymond falls can get quite crowded, hackers trail and cliff park trail are usually quiet.

Amazing place!! We really enjoyed it! We will be going back! Make sure to get there early, parking lot fills up really quick !!

Be prepared for a really quick intense rock scramble! Starting from here will give you a serious workout before you loosen up... highly satisfying and you will meet some great through hikers. Bring some trail magic.

24 days ago

We do this trail every summer and it never fails to please. Even the hard part has started feeling easier. Definitely more overgrown this year!!

26 days ago

Fun trail! Bring lots and lots of water. I thought the ladder was fun, but if you really want to avoid it, it’s possible to go around and climb up the rocks to the left.

Coming back up can be quite steep. It’s an easy to moderate hike depending on experience, but the access to windows fall is easy to it form hidden falls. Window Falls has another smaller fall further up, but it’s a much steeper incline if you climb from the base to the side. Or you can also try climbing the rocks near the steps, but I wouldn’t recommend that if you’re just wearing regular shoes like I saw some people do.

Raymondskill falls is beautiful! Parking lot fills up fast on the weekends so get there early. I got there at 10:30am and got a spot. But by 12pm there was no parking left.

this trail had a great New England feel. stayed at campground with 3 kids for father's day for weekend which was perfectly rustic.
I echo others advice to start at northend and go counterclockwise to avoid step rocky descend, especially with non teens. excellent river walking stops down before park ranger cabin, westside had nice low cascading falls. the other side down further by pull off had natural pool which were swam in cause it was hot. we'll be back, even with 1.5 half drive from greater Hartford. stop at Dottie's Diner in Woodbury for doughnuts, their best in state.

1 month ago

Super cool. My favorite part was the rope ladder.

Great hike! There were a lot of people on the trail when we went. The ladder isn't too bad at all, just heavily trafficked. Really enjoyed this one! Short and easy.

This trail was an incredible trail that should be a must-do for everyone that have never been to the Badlands and only have one day to get the most out of it. It provides a nice flat trail through the grasses (beware of rattlesnakes) and leads up to the ladder. It’s easy going up but can be difficult descending. It gets strenuous right around there having you traverse around a very steep cliff into a canyon. But after that, the valley opens up and your in another world full of endless discoveries and a grand view to make a cherry on top of a great cake.

It was HOT!!! 1st bit is quite steep. Great time nice trail. Good training for my Long Trail trek in September

Great hike! We did the blue trail counter clockwise. 3 of the 4 of us were in sneakers, the other in hiking boots. The sneakers were OK, we just had to go a bit slower. Beautiful views at the top where we stopped to have our packed lunch. At one point around the campground, there are some facilities if you need a bathroom, complete with toilet paper.

1 month ago

The value/difficulty of this trail depends on which route you take and your physical condition. An average person should find this quite doable, but not easy. It’s not technical, just a lot of elevation change.

Coming from the lake parking lot, if you take the route to the right (shorter by 0.7 miles) its all stone steps and constant climbing for 1.8 miles to the summit. A helluva workout, wider trail, but no real payoff until you reach the top.

Alternatively, take the longer route (2.5 miles to the top) to the left and its a much more enjoyable hike. Yes, it still has some climb to get you to the top, but no stairs until the last 50yds. Kids would have more fun going this way, too. Certainly an easier route. You will encounter multiple rock outcroppings and great vistas (slightly off trail) of the north and northwest, even grabbing a view of the Sauratowns and Pilot Mountain. Moving at a pretty leisurely pace, you can reach the summit in just over an hour or so.

Coming back down, you will have to decide to retrace your steps, or take the other part of the trail you didn’t come up. Watch your step on the stone steps...loose gravel can catch you off guard.

There were 8 of us and we loved the trail. Temp was 90+ but no shade.Bring plenty of water. The ladder was real interesting going down. Found out my 25 year old son is afraid of ladders. It freaked him out. Enjoy!

1 month ago

Not worth the hike. It has stairs which makes it harder, but I don’t believe the views make up for the intense hike.

1 month ago

Great loop with different terrain and great views.

Good hike, although I'm confused about the 1,735 ft. elevation gain stated on AllTrails--maybe we climbed that much in total ascending/descending, but Cobble Mountain itself certainly isn't that far from the valley floor. We started up on the yellow blazed trail from the Macedonia Brook SP visitor's center and did the blue loop counterclockwise from there. The yellow blazed trail was seriously overgrown with downed trees, but we figured it was a less trafficked trail and therefore less maintained. However, some sections of the blue trail also were pretty overgrown, which we found surprising considering that Macedonia Brook SP is (1) pretty well trafficked and (2) at the epicenter of tick country! The first ~3 miles counterclockwise from the south end of the park were rather boring forest hiking; after recrossing the park's main road, the hike's second half was more interesting: ferns and the brook and the small scramble up to Cobble Mountain were highlights. We spent 2.5 hours completing the loop at a quick clip. BRING BUG SPRAY! Lots of standing water in the park = free arm workout swatting at mosquitos/flies.

Great hike with a gorgeous view at the end. Follow the metal posts with white paint tips - took us a bit of time to figure out that was the trail marker. The ladder wasn’t bad, going down was a little trickier. Take water! It doesn’t seem like a very long hike, but each of us almost went through our 2Ls we had on our backs. It was close to 100degrees with no shade along the way. Enjoy!

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