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1 day ago

The trail is beautiful. The day we went, it had snowed earlier in the week, then partially melted, then absolutely deep-freeze froze, then it was super slippery. Our group could not continue to Emerald due to the slow ascent and descent. Those who had some sort of trail traction blazed past us, safely and not really impacted. Do yourself a favor and go get yourself 1 pair for you and 1 for your ill-prepared friend, so that you both can blaze up and down the trail. You don't have to get them from Amazon; buy locally if you want, but they are less than $20/pair and essentially make a difference of whether or not you can hike that day. https://www.amazon.com/Yaktrax-Walk-Traction-Cleats-Walking/dp/B01LJ6FX3C And each of my kids is getting a pair for Chrismas this year. Lesson learned.

The reward at the end of this hike is so worth it. You get a 360 degree view! Breathtaking! The hike is moderate but if your not use to the altitude there are small spots that can be difficult. Rest take your time, enjoy the quiet and beauty along the way.

Didn’t make it all the way to Barr camp but still great hike and beautiful views all the way up!

on Seven Bridges Trail

10 days ago

Well marked and great views. Great trail to see some wildlife if the right time of year.

great trail. great views

Great walk in the woods, lots of fun with many places to stop and take pictures. Several benches and a few picnic tables. Open to horses so lots of "road apples" on the trail.

Great hike suitable for kids

This trail was about 40 minutes from us. WELL worth the drive, great scenic look overs, lots of rock formations. Unfortunately a lot of off leashed dogs with irresponsible owners, but we’ve been finding it everywhere lately. None the less, we will be back many more times!

14 days ago

Took the shuttle from the park and ride to the Glacier Gorge trailhead then up to the falls. The hike was good not too difficult. There were a handful of people on the trail then lots at the falls. Several people taking family photos and others having picnics.

trail running
14 days ago

Beautiful trail. Steep in places and had to do a little scrambling and hiking, but well worth the effort.

#twoenthusiasticthumbsup! start early and enjoy the views and a lunch at the top.

my favorite trail in the area

15 days ago

Just hiked it today. Very pretty trail with a good size aspen grove at the end. The leaves will be gone soon. Some of the trees are already bare. Hurry if you want to see them. The trail is definitely moderate with one pretty sketchy spot if you continue past the last bridge. You won’t like that part if you’re not too crazy about heights. Lots of slippery loose gravel. It’s more like 5.8 miles there and back if you keep going to get to the aspens.

the trail is well built and maintained. a little slope but good for even beginners. be careful of the high altitude dizzy

15 days ago

I love Muscoco! I've done it a few times and find the view breathtaking with each visit! If I've learned anything on this trail, it's that a good pair of shoes makes all the difference! Don't be a dumb-dumb like myself and wind up with nasty blisters. I'm a decently in shape 25 year old and found it a little on the challenging side. I only rated it a 4 instead of 5 due to the lack of parking.

16 days ago

GO TO @2_SUMMIT_UP on Instagram to learn more about the Dream Lake Trail (picture blog) Dream Lake is one of the most beautiful short hikes I have ever witnessed. Breathtaking view after breathtaking view. My blog here2summitup.wordpress.com provides a sample of what you can expect on this hike

16 days ago

One of my favorite trails by far! The views are so beautiful. I went midway on a Monday and there were no other hikers on the trail. The summit is so peaceful and quiet. Would definitely recommend.

17 days ago

Crags trail is beautiful especially in the fall. The 360 view on the top was amazing and so worth the hike. It’s a little hard to tell where to stop but make sure you follow the trail up to the top! Great trail. One of my favorites so far!

A step trail up and over the falls. Very pretty and if you want to hike longer there are many more trails close.

Keep hiking to emerald lake!!

This is one of my least favorite hikes in the park. They’re all so gorgeous & the falls are a little underwhelming in comparison

19 days ago

Continued here after hiking Bear Lake, Alberta Falls, Loch Lake, Timberline Falls, and Lake Haiyaha, so it was getting to be a busier time of day. Easy hike, trails very well maintained. Lake is beautiful! Love such clear waters!

19 days ago

Hiked to Alberta Falls from Bear Lake. Very well maintained trail. The falls themselves were decent. Continued on to Loch Vale and Timberline Falls afterwards.

Amazing views all the way up! Perfect weather at the summit and clear skies made for a memorable experience. Now to crack open a cold one and recover from today!

on Seven Bridges Trail

20 days ago

Hiked this trail today. Trail maintenance group were working on the trail which is very well maintained. As Ashley Reed pointed out last week this trail us NOT marked as Seven Bridges Trail, but as Trail 622. Trailhead is about a mile up Gold Camp Road from the final parking lot above Helen Hunt Falls. We only hiked up to Bridge #7, but others coming down from the top of the trail said the aspens were peak. North Cheyenne Creek runs all along the trail with several small falls. Beautiful trail, great day!

Did this trail with the family while carrying the young ones in packs. Wife had a difficult go up the first 1/4-1/2 mile but once it leveled out it was very pretty and would love to finish the pancake rocks portion sometime! Trail was clean, well marked and in good shape. I think moderate is a good classification

21 days ago

Very good hike! Challenging but very rewarding. We went over labor day weekend so it was busy. Uphill the whole way made for a great workout. Would recommend!

We came here with our dog in the beginning of September. The waterfall was mostly dried up at the top but it has nice views still. Easy and short hike, loose dirt in some areas which makes it a bit slippery in some areas. There is a creek at the bottom near the parking lot which provides some shade. The drive to here has narrow and winding roads up the mountain but we drove about 15-20 mph and no issues.

Hot in summer. But beautiful

23 days ago

It was absolutely beautiful! We loved every second of it! We actually went ahead and hiked all the way up to emerald lake. The hike wasn’t too bad at all! We had our 7 year old son with us and for the most part he did good! We were able to get really close to the chipmunks and they’ll come right up to you. Overall very beautiful and great hike!

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