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8 hours ago

Beautiful! It was a rainy day when I went, but did not effect the views at all.

I’m not the most “fit” person but I was able to complete this trail! Devils staircase seriously busted my butt, after that it was awesome with amazing views.

Amazing. Hiked it mid October, just as the snow was melting. Took crampons but didn't really need them. was a great time to go as we had clear skies and less people on the track. Still busy but definately worth it.

Such an amazing hike! Awesome views, well maintained track.

Great views of the city. Get ready for some stairs.. lots of stairs ;)

5 days ago

Amazing trail with some amazing views along the way!

Yes it goes by a dump - the contrast really makes you think of how we interact with nature.

it was a good trail, though I'd recommend continuing along the coastal trail up to Clemes Peak. the rainforest and view from the top were fantastic.

Very nice, easy trail. We used this trail to shorten the Arkon Loop due to time constraints.

11 days ago

Challenging climb. Good shoes and reasonable fitness will help. As stated below climbing and scramble up to some amazing views.

Really hard, but really beautiful! Once you’ve defeated the devil’s staircase, the fun hiking begins through the beautiful landscape, the mountains and the snow. Definitely a must do when in the Tongariro area!
Do as many stops as you need during the trail, and let the nature blow your mind!

So amazing ! We went in the middle of October and we have seen a beautiful mix of landscapes. A hot weather but also with some snow on the mountain !
I recommend you to go there !
Cheers, Zoé from Belgium

Trek across a volcanic alpine landscape of dramatic contrasts – steaming vents, glacial valleys, ancient lava flows, alpine vegetation and vivid crater lakes, all with stunning views.

Did the hike a week ago. It was fairly hard in my opinion. Lots of shale and deep snow in places. There are ribbons marking the path but we lost the ones going into the trees at the end. It turned out to be a yellow faded ribbon we found it on the way down. View up top was incredible but definitely not a winter hike.

22 days ago

Should have listen to the guy who commented (only for the sure footed) the entire hike is tippy creek rocks and scree! Slippery in the shadows. But the view was incredible. Took ~2.5 hours to make it the the pass. No obvious trail but there are ribbon markers. Wouldn’t recommend as a winter hike. Saw remains of an avalanche already. Wouldn’t be a safe place to be if an avalanche went down the creek! Hike starts at the end of a flooded out creek, hard to find!

23 days ago

made up to to the edge of the treeline before the storm caught up to us. had to stop just short of the pass. still, awesome trail, had lots of fun doing it. there were people there, but it was mostly empty

One of the best in the world!

What a beautiful hike. Bring a lot of layers. We were sweating in some parts with just long sleeves and hiking pants on, other parts had on 4 layers with winter coat, gloves, and hat. Sunscreen is a must - many exposed areas. There was a lot of (packed) snow but nothing our regular hiking boots couldn't handle. But wow - definitely one of the top hikes in my lifetime. Worth the time. It took us 6.5 hours total, completed October 18 for reference.

27 days ago

Was this Mars or New Zealand? amazing hike but bring a ton of layers.

Possibly the best dayhike I've ever done - and that's saying a lot. The views just kept coming and coming, and the trail is in such fantastic shape! We even saw two moose as we headed out. I'll be talking about this trail for years.

30 days ago

Great trail! We had just done Gros Morne Mountain the day before and enjoyed finding a shorter family friendly hike with stunning views perfectly placed on our way to St. John’s

Absolutely awesome.

1 month ago

One of the 4 corners of the earth! Its a short hike, only about 30 min with a lot of stairs, but the view is worth it!

1 month ago

Beautiful walk even in the rain. Lots of varying weather!

Amazing! Some steep bits. A walking stick can help!

Well maintained

This was such a great experience hiking in the snow. Crampons a definite must have. The views and the majestic alpine scenery made this hike so worthwhile!

1 month ago

Fun for the sure-footed hiker. I would do this hike again.
Was able to do this hike pretty quickly, 1.25 hours up and 35 min down. Really nice views but tough terrain

Hiked up from Quidi Vidi to the top and back down. beautiful scenery and lots of leg burn . Lots of stairs and some rugged trail sections. Great Hike.

1 month ago

Great views, good areas to rest, can get windy at some of the open areas. Worth every step

1 month ago

This trail has everything! Great ocean vistas, cliffs, dramatic climbs, 4 compass points, a beach. Incredibly well maintained by an army of volunteers it was the highlight of our trip!

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