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18 hours ago

Hiked on Dec 8th! Not enough snow to snowshoe but the trail gets very icy the higher up you get. We didn't have spikes or crampons but definitely bring them if you have them. Many areas were inches of solid ice hidden beneath a dusting of snow so it was very sketchy and there was a lot of slipping. It was still a fun adventure! On a clear day I imagine the view is still spectacular (but it was super cloudy for us).

on Needle Peak Trail

2 days ago

Went yesterday, easy to drive to and a great challenging hike in the snow. We didn't need snow shoes (we did see other snow shoe prints) but we're so glad we had microspikes with us. A little slippery going down, watch for frosted or ice covered rocks. Poles would've been a nice extra.

Seems like a lot of potential in this trail, but not during inclement weather. Had to turn back because most of the trail is very exposed and the wind was brutal. Will try again another time. $5 parking FYI.

Hiked yesterday. There is snow along the entire trail. The trail was packed down, so there was no need for snowshoes. It was quite icy and slippery. Wearing spikes would have made the hike much easier and safer. The view from the top was stunning.

9 days ago

One of my favourite hikes in Vancouver. Still accessible as of the 2nd December.

First 1.7km is a slog with very steep sections (about 550m elevation). This also makes for a tricky, technical descent which probably deserves its hard rating.

Second half is a nice amble with slight incline. Views are out of this world.

great Trail for a half day hike with some good conditioning and what A View From The Top. Outstanding restaurant and bar to relax in when you're done. Perfect playground in Vancouver's backyard

14 days ago

I’ve done it a good number of times. The best workout ever if you’re up to the challenge.

Enjoy your suffering

22 days ago

Aug 4th, Great views. Easy to miss turn off as there no markers. Look for is after the wooden bridges. Then it is a steep climb up the gully. The 360 views are stunning. The lions, Gibson and Mt. Baker on a clear day. Going down was a bit of a challenge. not well marked. reached a ski run and walked down. Took 6 hours total. Bring extra water.

Amazing views at the top. Worth the pain getting up there. Your legs will burn.

trail running
23 days ago

My wife and I went up last week. Absolutely stunning views at the top. The first few km’s are pretty boring until you hit the real trail. It gets steep from here to the top.
Moving pretty quickly we got up in 2hrs and 20mins.

Great go to hike if you need a quick/short hike workout.

25 days ago

we hiked up the creek bed on remembrance day from the st marks trail. the creek has frozen over in spots and is quite sketchy with icey rocks. caution required, but the views from the top are spectacular. we came down via ski runs to save time

Just did it yesterday, some parts a bit slippery, very good view!

Great workout! The first quarter is the hardest to me.

Done this twice now while visiting Vancouver, love it!!! Second time, half way up I was wondering why I was doing it again, but worth it once you get to the top.

1 month ago

Pretty hard and totally uphill all the way. The views up are beautiful, worth your efforts. Took us 75 mins. Gondola was closed for seasonal maintenance so had to go down by the BCMC trail which was very tiring and painful as the trail was torn up due to heavy rain.

1 month ago

Loved it. Nicely-built trail winds up to hugely rewarding views at the top. Spend some time on the peak.

1 month ago

Great hike. 5 and a half hours round trip with a few breaks. Trail is well marked and in excellent condition.

Over rated in my opinion. It's a good hike, but it's very busy most of the time and I hike for quiet, lot to be in rush hour. 50% people who are trying to beat their times are more than happy to give those slower a little nudge to get you out of their way.

Wow. The views in the second portion of the hike from the Red Heather Hut to the lakes are breathtaking. I couldn't stop taking pictures!

This hike is long but not technical at all. Had I known, I would have started earlier and tried to combine with one of the other hikes that start from the Elfin lakes to make it a huge day hike (Opal Cone maybe). I will definitely do it again if I'm in the area!

PS the last portion of the road to the trail head is steep and bumpy but very doable in any type of car! just take it slow!

1 month ago

Great hike. Viewpoint surrounded in cloud, couldn’t see anything. Snowing at the summit. Totally worth it. Ran into a crew working on the trail - THANKS!

1 month ago

A solid hour of stair climbing and a breathtaking view at the top! Another reason I want to move to Vancouver so this can be a part of my daily morning routine.

1 month ago

Careful, as the other reviews state, this trail is poorly marked. It's easy to end up on another trail or veering into the bush. Use your common sense and trail map for this one. Getting back is equally as confusing so it might be an idea to take the ski slope back - something we wish we had done in hindsight, but only due to sundown approaching as we ended the trail. Despite some issues, the trail itself is great. Lots of scrambling and a little easy climbing. Amazing views at the summit and some wonderful views as you approach the final quarter.

1 month ago

Really nice. Found it to be well
Kept. Hard to find the start. View was cloudy but I assume normally is amazing.

This has been one of my favorite trails for years. A beautiful ridge walk, a few easy scrambles and great peek through the eye of the needle just before the summit.

If you can, do this hike on a week day. Very busy on weekends. Nice moderate hike with spectacular views at the top.
Easy access from Cypress parking lot.

1 month ago

Yup, it's hard. Like another reviewer said, the climb is relentless. There is some climbing over rocks in spots and the trail can be a bit tricky to locate when you're going up. But the views from the top make it all worthwhile.

I reached Pierce Lake in 2.5 hours (it's at 6 km). For a really beautiful view of that lake, continue just beyond it. The forest clears and it's picture worthy. I reached the upper lake in 3.5 hours (it's at 8.1 km). The summit is roughly 40 minutes from here but unfortunately, I couldn't go all the way up, as I ran out of time and water. But I don't feel like I got gyped - the views are absolutely breathtaking from here!!

On the way down, I had refill my water bottle. There's a clear, fast-moving stream about 3.5 km in from the trailhead. Good to know if anyone else finds themselves in that situation.

All total, my GPS said it was 16.7 km round trip in less than 5 hours (not including stops). This is a challenging hike, for sure, but I would do it again.

1 month ago

It's a beautiful hike but get started early! It starts to get crowded just before noon.

Did it again on October 20. Wonderful views and pleasant trip.

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