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Beautiful hike but the way the trails are marked can be confusing

10 days ago

I wouldn’t rate a hard. A lot of it is through fields. Only a couple places with a good view.

10 days ago

So this trail is not well marked. One should have AllTrails or gps. While not the prettiest trail I have traversed, there are pretty areas. Hiked after a hard rain so the smell of the land fill was minimal. Not hard to hike but for some the inclines may be a challenge. The meadows and one overlook were pretty. Many butterflies and wild flowers. Quiet except for the noise of a few trucks. The last few miles are flat along the river so made the last few miles feel long but seeing the recent rock slide and the caboose made it more enjoyable.

Short trek but cool falls. Lots of people. Would rate higher if longer and less people

15 days ago

Great local trail off the beaten path. We’ve done many times with the kids and particularly nice on a warm, sunny day with plenty of water in the creek portion to cool off. The meadow/field half of the loop is a basic (aka boring) walk, so we prefer parking at pinnacle point and doing a loop that catches most of the creek portion of Kelly’s Run.

Loved this trail! Beautiful scenery and good exercise. We really enjoyed overlooking the dam and then walking down to the shore. Trail was slightly muddy from all the rain but still very passable. Would definitely do it again!

Did this trail today. Hike was great, but left my nice camera somewhere in the parking lot. Came back later and it was gone. Does anyone know know the best place to post lost&found items for Kelly's run? It was a Sony camera.

visited this trail this morning. it was lightly trafficked until about 11am, but not overly busy.
great waterfall view. trail is fairly well marked.
Short hike that could be done in as little as an hour if you aren't exploring the other side or breaking for sweet pictures.

19 days ago

Markings are confusing and may lead you off track, do not go when it’s raining considering all the still water causing mosquitoes to linger.

A nice quick walk to the lookout. Nice view. A good way to walk off dinner.

21 days ago

Watch for the trail sign on the left about 2.5 miles in. I would not rate this specifically hard for an expierenced hiker. I missed the sign, whatever.. walked on. Found the Turkey Trail sign on the way back. Fun, wet and rocky. The mud can get slick, careful.
Nice falls to cross and hang out by.

My Roundtrip 11 miles, done on this property.

Interesting place. Definitely the place to go if you want to meditate. Serene is the best description. Easy walk with the dogs. Paths well warn (if not marked) and easy to follow. It is curious how much effort has been put into the monoliths, stacked stones and small buildings throughout.

1 month ago

We started at NORTH end of trail - only completed 1.7 miles out and back (3.4 Miles round trip). Beautiful, peaceful trail - only passed one other hiker! Trail is very well marked, just look for blue blazes carefully on switchbacks. Trail very "technical" in spots. We both had poles which were helpful but not required. At 1.7 miles in, GREAT "rocktop" view of the river valley! NOTE - at about 1.2 miles in there is a stream crossing - just look upstream for trail markers. North end - we parked right at entrance to trail - not sure if this was a parking area, but no issues.

1 month ago

We chose to start the trail at the end of this route because the otter camp personnel mentioned some of the trail was washed away if your started the trail at the campground.

This trail is not for those who are new to hiking. I would NOT recommend bringing dogs or kids.

As this was our first true hike, we probably shouldn’t have started with mod/hard trail.

1. The trail was marked very well, except one spot noted in the con section, which made it easy to follow.
2. If you’re concerned about water sources, as of today (sep 2018) there were so many many spots to get water you shouldn’t let that worry you. In the 7ish miles we made it through there were 3-4 spots to stop to get water. But you will need a purifier.

1. At one spot the trail enters a wooded area and we spent at least 30-45 min just trying to get back to the trail. Thankfully someone placed quite a number of blue blazes but it was rather disheartening to be turned around. Really glad I had this app to help work as a compass.

2. Spiderwebs. Everywhere.

3. The switchback we experienced was dreadful.

4. Spiderwebs. Did I mention those?

5. If you have a plan to stay the night in a tent this also doesn’t seem to be the trail to do that as most of the trail is on the edge of a hill or washed away. We did find one spot that had promise but would have to have backtracked to get there.

6. Spiderwebs.

Overall. Not a bad first hike but we decided to bail around mile 6-7 and caught an Uber back to our car. I think took too big of a bike this first hike, so the next couple will be shorter and a lot easier.

Definitely a HARD trail!!!!

1 month ago

An all terrain trail that will expose you to the woods, river, creeks and streams, fields of wildflowers and wetlands. Definitely a great trail for running as it has a lot of rolling flat areas but it can be very challenging too especially with all the drop offs so be careful. I completed the entire trail with a 34lb toddler which was challenging at times but she seemed to enjoy it! Start them young :) turkey hill trail is 3.5 miles of switchbacks and steep inclines with drop offs and then leads to the Enola low grade trail which is about 3 miles of flat gravel back to the parking lot. Definitely a great local hike to try. Will definitely be back! The nature preserve was beautiful so don’t turn back after the overlook as the hike gets better!!

Love this trail. Lots of different terrain, different scenery, and mostly shaded, all for a relatively short hike. Last time, brought guests, and was turned away by a ranger since parking was an issue. Be prepared for some wet/slippery sections when you choose your footwear. Some people wear flip-flops and crocs everywhere, I guess.

forgot to review this place. nice hike around the lake, would go back to kayak

Tree down on rhododendron trail right before Phites Eddy trail had us bushwhacking a bit but otherwise a great trail.

1 month ago

Nice park, safe, nothing exciting just read maps prior to hiking.

So fortunate to live a couple blocks north of this hike. The view at sunset is breathtaking. Yet again, another place PA takes for granted - a true gem I adore!

Will go again and finish the loop. I took my two year old and golden doodle which was over ambitious considering the conditions. Next time I will just take my toddler and focus on her. The rocky and steep conditions can make it hard to watch a toddler and dog at once with numerous people around. Parking is scarce, so get there early or later in the day. Beautiful trail and the Tacquan creek is super stellar!! Great holes for swimming too. The views are breathtaking and serene. Go see it but be aware it’s a nature preserve so leave it as you saw it upon arrival. I’ll go again but won’t make it a usual thing as nature persevere are not meant to have high foot traffic.

was very interesting, lots of interesting rock features to see, but not a very long or strenuous walk/hike. was good because I am in recovery from foot surgery. Parking is tough not much very close to road, but the guy was asking for donations to improve so we donated.

We went here just for a few hours and it was great! Just beware it’s really slippery and the water feels like ice.

Great trail, loves the mystery at every turn. I brought my dog and she's not human friendly or dog friendly. There is a dog that lives on the grounds and he is off leash. If I would've known I wouldn't have brought my dog. Just a heads up for all of you pet owners!

The hike has some overgrown areas. Some muddy Areas. It has very little elevation changes. It is well marked and trail maps are available at the park.

Very interesting place - peaceful, relaxing and a great walk for families!! My kids thought it was very cool. Very easy walk (we had a 3 year old) yet beautiful!

1 month ago

Great hiking fun for the whole family. Some steep parts for my 6 year old, but she was fine throughout the hike. Plenty of great scenery and falls to pause and watch throughout the hike and a lot of swimming holes for the kids to jump in and cool off. We will definitely be back for future hikes.

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