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Great views of mountains and city, did not expect that being right in the middle of the city setting.
It was nice to get a quick/challenging hike in, then go to lunch, then get grocery shopping done all in one trip!

We hiked this in the snow today and the compacted snow trail was easy to follow. Great views all the way around and the elevation changes added some challenge. The herd of deer was fun to see.

Hiked 1/5/19: Very beautiful/easy short hike with a few side overlook trails! This is a very busy trail with all ages but surprisingly had the most wildlife I’ve ever seen on a hike! I saw deer, rabbits, birds and TWO BABY BOBCATS! There was quite a few people who witnessed the two babies but the mother was nowhere to be found. A gentleman in the crowd said he would let the ranger know! Also, once park capacity hits it’s one car in one car out. It was at full capacity by noon. $8 park fee! Totally worth it!

Great trail with great views, but lake was almost completely dried up during August 2018. Other than that it was great!

14 days ago

I love this easy hike for short winter days, when you really want to get out but don't want to deal with ski traffic in the high country. The trail was really quiet today except for a few out-of-towners. Folks please remember to pack in and pack out your trash. I noticed a few used Kleenexes and food wrappers tossed along the side of the trail. The scenery and wildlife here is too beautiful to be so careless.

Really enjoyed this hike! It consists of rolling hills. I used snowshoes but probably could have just used cleats.

Easy peasy with nice views. Gentle trail running.

Very quiet and beautiful with lots of snow

Love the creek and all the rocks!

Pretty views on a clear day...deer were abundant today. Be aware of them running across the trail.

trail running
1 month ago

Great run from Cabelas into Bluffs on the East West Regional. Some tough hills no matter which direction you choose. Good views and plenty of wildlife in the morning.

Great spot and so close! Only did a short loop just under 2 miles. Nice nature house with bathrooms. I heard you can call ahead and reserve a golf cart to take the seniors on a ride around

Very icy on the west side of the loop on the inclines. Many people were falling/struggling. We hiked clockwise and that seemed to work out better so that we hit the ice downhill. Gorgeous hike as always with 60° temps mid December.

I live nearby in castle rock. This is one of my favorite hikes in the area. I last hiked this in mid October. I would caution anyone considering this hike to watch out for rattlesnakes. 2 of the 3 times I’ve hiked this I found fairly large rattle snakes sunning themselves on side of trail. If I wasn’t specifically looking for them I probably would have walked right by without noticing. I always bring hiking poles just in case.

First ever hike, right off the airplane. Did just a little of it but saw some great wildlife and awesome views. Surrounded by houses everywhere which is why it didn’t get 5 stars. But overall really fun!

Easy well groomed wide trail. Nice views of distant Rocky Mountains. No shade. Surrounded by urban sprawl.


Frisco trailhead to the lake and back. Absolutely gorgeous snowshoe hike. Met two moose on the way.

This is not easy if you are not in shape. I was ok but a relative was not. It’s a beautiful hike with an ending at a snow covered lake!

1 month ago

East Canyon Preservation Trail was temporarily closed, so decided to do this one instead. This trail was more like 6.5 miles. This was the best trail out of all the trails at Castlewood Canyon I've done. The entrance fee is more than $6 now, as of Nov 24.2018, unless you have an annual pass for the state park. Some part of trails were muddy and wet, also icy. Have fun! x

Top 3 best hikes of my life, (1st being Kalalau trail and 2nd being grand Tetons valley). Beyond spectacular for photography enthusiasts, simple walk in the park with beauty worth capturing in every angle. Continue to crater lake after this short hike and your day will be filled the magic✨

Beautiful views, lots of people, easy hike.

It’s in our back yard and we frequent this trail almost daily.
Great views and you often see deer, hawks, coyotes, prairie dogs,etc.
Trail can get polluted pretty quick with bags of dog crap

Like said with previous reviews the scenic trail was closed but I had my skates with me so I put those bad boys on and took a few laps around the lake . Be careful there are some soft spots. 11/12/18

Went on 11/10 - scenic trail was closed but the lake is frozen and lots of people out playing hockey. Was fun to watch. Looked like other trails were open but very muddy/snowy. Sign said road will close 11/15

2 months ago

Some mud on the western side of the trail.. I like the route this took in terms of when to go uphill. Enjoyed seeing the remains of the dam. Good trail for dogs.

Really enjoyed this hike. Did it with my dog, Friday 11/2/18. We passed about 5-6 people in a total of 4.5 hours. We crossed wild turkeys a couple times, and lots of deer. Weather was perfect, couldn't have asked for a better day.

2 months ago

hiked this on Saturday 10/27 with a friend and puppy. we are in shape, but took our time. 3.5 miles round trip in an hour and 45 minutes. great views at start and end along with shadowy fields of pine trees. limited parking at wildernest start on a weekend.

One of the most spectacular experiences one can have, especially in the fall!

This was a beautiful and scenic hike. It was EASY and great to bring kids for a “hike”, more of a walk for adults. This trail reminds me a lot of “Garden of the Gods”. Lots and lots of beautiful rock formations. There were many easy trails to venture out and do as well.

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