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Easy trail with great views. A very nice light hike.

Great views, just be prepared to be in a sheep line with the tourists on the way up and down when it’s busy. If you are athletic at all, this hike is super easy - would not call it moderate. Hop over the fence to get better shots without the railings or tourists in the way.

Arrived at about 9 AM and the lot was already full so we had to sit in a fifteen minute long waiting line. Once we got onto the trail it was a pretty moderate hike, I hiked it through with flip flops and made it easily so what ever shoes you decide to wear should be fine. After a little while there was a long strand of stairs which seemed to be the hardest part. But all in all it was a fun hike and the view was pretty

Excellent and challenging hike for a 1.5 miler. Super busy but totally worth it for the views! Love this side of the island.

It's beautiful

This is a fairly easy trail to do but gets so busy with tourists! Parking was a nightmare. The view was great but there are certainly a ton of other great trails on Oahu to do if you want to avoid a ton of tourists! Still enjoyed it!

Hiked this in flip flops as I forgot my sneakers on vacation. If I can do it in flip flops, anyone can do it! The “cardiac stairs” are brutal but the rest of the hike is quiet and manageable as far as gain goes. The view at the top is worth any fatigue you have on the way up!!! Go through the bunker....so cool.

As a local, the hike was okay. I probably won’t do it again. The views were pretty, but the amount of people made it avoidable for the future. Very touristy!

Is a beautiful place.

Great hike, but very popular

This is a great hike, except for the fact that it is very popular and not for the type of person that likes to hike and it just be them and the outdoors. Admission is cheap, just $5 for parking, however this is a very popular destination.

DO NOT DO THIS HIKE IF YOU GET CLAUSTROPHOBIC. To get to the summit you have to go through a dark tunnel, and a set of spiral staircases. This is a ex-military gun turret, so it can get tight in places near the summit. Other than that this is a great hike.

Very crowded but great views!

Great view, very crowded hike.

Great views! Hot!

Great family hike as we walked from our hotel in Waikiki!

14 days ago

Great short hike.Strenuous effort to give you a workout. Short enough to do anytime.

Great views and amazingly peaceful.

Easy hike and not very long. It is steep but the paved, narrow paths are lined with handrails. It is very heavily trafficked but needs to be done at least once for the views. Cost is $5 for parking (including per person fees) and pedestrians are $1 each if you choose to walk.

great experience in wonderful views

Steep with a lot of stairs towards the top. Great view but very crowded.

Alright, good to do as a tourist for an outing. Very busy up and back. Some single file areas. Got some good photos at the top. Good walk to “tick an activity off” for your visit to the area. If this is your first trip up a hill, recommend Olomana Trail - First Peak.

Heavy traffic all the time.

Great trail for all levels. Most of it is concrete with rails and stairs. Great views from the top.

Fun hike, hot! There is little shade. Two ways you can go once you get to the top, take a left after the tunnel and it’s not such a tight uphill climb with lots of stairs. But if you go up the stairs after the tunnel it’s cool. It’s an old World war area bunker. Tight and crowded but very cool. Just a ton of stairs.

The views are worth the burn and the crowd.

22 days ago

great for an after work hike. takes us about an hour to get up and down. dont underestimate it though. the last part is pretty steep and will give you a workout. watch out for rattlers.

So worth the view! Get there early to beat the crowds.

More of a tourist attraction then a nature hike. I was there right when they opened at 6 with easily a hundred other people. Its steep with lots of stairs. I can't emphasis enough how packed it is. Please don't be that guy who tries to get a trail run out of it.

Challenging steep hike. One of 5 of the 5 peak challenge. Not a whole lot of view but great leg without.

great trail. go early to miss the heat. it is usually 10-15 degrees warmer than downtown. bring extra water.

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