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Easy to walk to the top within 30 minutes. Do not bring a stroller as the trail turns from a flat sidewalk, to bumpy rocks, to stairs and a narrow tunnel. There are a few lookouts as you go up to rest/hang out. This isn't a challenging hike, and it's not much of an adventure if you are a hiker. It's worth it to check out for the views to kill 1 hour of the day and to get a little workout in. You can park at the lookout for free before entering diamond head tunnel, or you can park in their provided parking lot for $5. If you walk in and park outside, you do have to pay $1.

3/5 because it's not an adventure, you have to pay, but it's good to do for the views.

Well, not really a trail, more of an ascent on some pavement that isn’t flat. It’s short which is nice cause it’s all up hill without rest stops. Great views from the top.

Grab a coconut water to enjoy along the way to the observation station if you dont mind keeping it with you as there is the pack in, pack out rule. Rewarding views. Great work out!

beautiful and clean trail

Great work out. Watch out for some areas of lose gravel. So many trails out here I love it.

I will forever have a special place in my heart for this mountain. In April of 2018 I started my new journey to lose weight. I am so proud to say by July 2018 I had lost 40lbs. I hiked and still hike Cowles 2-3 time a week and that was it. This hike is great for beginners and experienced hikers. Don’t give up in the hard areas you can do it! The view is worth it. I like to cut from the front trail to the back trail at the top for a nice steep incline at the top. Have fun!

Very pretty and very easy. Perfect for kids.

Diamond Head is so famous and popular for good reasons - the hike is a bit challenging without being overwhelming, and the view is indescribably beautiful! Just be prepared to deal with large crowds if you don't go really early. The view of Honolulu and Waikiki makes it totally worth it though.

10/13/2018-Started around 0715 and it wasn’t too crowded today. A little humid at the start but once we got closer to the top it was cooler. Thankfully it was overcast most of the time so the sun didn’t bake us but we still wore sunscreen. =) View at the top was awesome as usual.

it was awesome

one of the best hikes ive ever had, amazing view

Definitely a must if you are in the area. Hike starts in the Crater and goes up to the rim. We were there before 8am and the trail was very crowded. I would recommend getting there earlier.

Great hike. I went at 630am, reaching the summit around 650am. The three reasons I'd suggest this early time are cooler temperatures, less people, and great light if you're into photography.

Awesome views! Worth every step!

It was a great touristy adventure when we got here! Checked it off the list!

Great trail for any age group and fur babies. I'm def not in shape and was fine. Rocky ground so my hiking boots helped immensely! Hiked Saturday around 530 pm and headed down as the sun was setting, perfect weather and time. Less ppl then the last time I went on a Sunday.

Good trail run for being in the city.

10 days ago

Uneventful and busy. If you are new to hiking its good though.

11 days ago

Favorite hike of all trails in Mission trails, short not too busy and will kick your butt with the steep area.

A pretty fast hike, it took me about 30-40 minutes to get to the top. The views are beautiful and I suggest the earlier the better to avoid all of the people.

About a 15 minute walk to the top. A fun easy going walk that is decently crowded. I was there before 8 and there was a lot of foot traffic up and down. I would highly recommend going earlier. The views are amazing!!!! You can see so much of the island and coast line. Great for family’s. If you’re looking for something more physically taxing than a 15 minute walk uphill I wouldn’t recommend this hike.

I love it .but start early to dry!!

Nice easy trail, Lots of history with it. Great views even when it is raining out

Views on the peak were nice but nothing too special. First couple of miles we could still see and hear the highway. Last third of the hike was very steep and strenuous. Good exercise.

Good views at top! Fun trail. Not long. Took us 1 hour round trip. Gnats at the summit though. Good short challenging hike. Got a good sweat.

I loved the first part of this trail. Lots of pretty old oak trees and some fun, easy scrambling opportunities, especially at the peaks. After the peaks, however, the trail turned into an obnoxious dirt service road with steep ups and downs. At times it ran near the freeway and under humming power lines. I would suggest taking a right when the trail forks and looping around to the left. That way you can get the ugly parts out of the way first, and take the steepest parts going uphill (rather than sliding down them on your bum...)

trail running
19 days ago

Used to run this regularly in college, did again while visiting friends due to proximity. Perpetually busy, worn out trail. Much better options out there!

lot of fun. busy, but still views.

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