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3 days ago

Completed this trail twice. Its fun with great view towards the end. Short but fun.

Went for an impromptu hike in November 2017. Very nice little hike. It's a very popular trail so it's generally very crowded.

Nice Sunday Hike!
Lots of people of friendly people!

Nice views overall. Scores high on access from the city; easy access also meant there were tons of people.

Compared to most hikes, this one is a bit boring and gets incredibly busy. Too busy. It’s like visiting an outdoor mall at Christmas. The view is nice, but there are better hikes with more to see and less people.

love ..easy hike loved the views

on Owen Beach Trail

7 days ago

Beach walk.
Ck tide tables.
Be prepared to climb over wet logs.
Bring a bag to pick up trash.
There are always Harbor seals, last time saw at least 30. Plan on 3 hrs.

8 days ago

Great if you want a workout. Some cool views along the way but no views at the top. Gravel pathways the whole way up with some optional traversing paths through the woods. We brought our three young kids and had to carry them pretty much the whole way up - it’s steep. You don’t need a pass and the facilities and trail are new, nice and clean!

I have a toddler. So anything that keeps the little entertained and outdoors is great! this trail has cute little signs to read and learn about planets and animals. Has a pond with a bridge that is fun with the kids!

Easy walk if you just want to stop for a quick stroll at the end of your day. Beautiful falls and rushing river views for the entire walk, you almost forget you’re in the middle of town.

Beautiful and easy walk.

10 days ago

great quick hike, great for dogs. Beautiful views from the top.

Great trail, Very crowded on weekends though.

Great starter trail. The view is epic. Love starts here.

Beautiful drive. Fun hike and pretty views!

14 days ago

Easy hike with great views. Saw chipmunks, various birds and even a mountain goat!

I went with my fiancé today and had an awesome time. We must have gotten lucky as we got there around 11am and only saw a handful of people. Definitely recommend doing this trail!

19 days ago

We almost didn't go on this hike based in all the reports about tweakers- but if you know the area, it is what it is.

That said, we didn't see any tweakers on our entire hike... There was however broken glass Everywhere throughout the trails (do not take little kids or dogs!!). There are also multiple spots where kids have drawn (fake) satanic symbols on trees and saw a couple trees burned (with these symbols). Again- you could tell it was just teenagers, but still, not all the pleasant nature views you want.

There was a young woman and her dog leaving as we arrived that warned us about a drunk guy by the river spouting stuff off that made her uncomfortable & leave, but we never crossed his path thankfully.

Overall it was a decent hike- but don't go alone & I doubt I will do it again.

Beautiful view once at the top. It gets really crowded after 9am.

20 days ago

This trail was beautiful! After spending a lot of time in a city lately, I was so happy to be surrounded by so many big trees. The trail is pretty steep and I was with some people who weren’t regular hikers so we weren’t able to make it all the way. Definitely a good workout! Saw a handful of other hikers along the way so not super quiet.

Great short hike with magnificent views! Only downside is that it is very crowded as most of the reviews have said.

Such beautiful scenery!! Absolutely love this walk. The looped walk has small hills that leads into a couple big hills (depending which way you go, you could be going up or down these hills). If you’re going up the hills, there’s a park up at the top and they have a water fountain and dog water area. Also, a few places to take some amazing photos. Right off the loop walk, there is also a bridge where you can put a lock on. And a body of water that is so pretty, where my kids love to look for crabs.

25 days ago

Trail in good condition. Came on a Sunday, turned up at about 2:30pm and there was parking available. It's a simple hike, basically just switch-backs all the way to the top, but the views are absolutely incredible from the top.

Pros: Easy to get to (the freeway is 5 minutes from the trail head). Trail in good condition. Absolutely stunning views from the top.

Cons: Busy, so if you hike for solitude you won't find it here. Trail quite narrow so lots of stopping to let people pass. The hike itself up the hill is pretty nondescript, could be anywhere in the Cascades.

26 days ago

boring busy trail

26 days ago

We walk this park a few times a week. Never noticed any homeless people? It was never completely closed, and is now open. Beach access is great, except at high tide. The trails are well maintained. Pond is full of ducks, and the occasional Heron. We’ve even seen an otter there! Playground always full of kids. 2 clean bathrooms.
It’s a great place!

My favorite views close to Seattle while out in PacNor. It’s not a hard trail as much as it is a decent distance and altitude - but views so worth it.

Easy little walk with my baby in her carrier. There were definitely a lot of people there but it was nice scenery.

27 days ago

9/22/18 No longer closed. A small portion of the trail was closed last year for maintenance but now is open.

Loved it. This trail followed the gravel up to the top- Very steep. Great view of the valley at one point. My 4 year old twins loved hiking with me on this one!

Did this hike today! Pretty decent work out, not packed at all which was nice, but there was no real view so that was a disappointment. We decided to try to find goat hill, got lost found some people who guided us thank god! But over all it was still nature which was great!!!

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