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Very rocky terrain but definitely has some good views.

Outstanding hike for multiple water features. Went with my 12 year old and we had a blast! The main Falls were breathtaking - but don’t stop there. Keep walking up the hill to Adams Falls, and when you loop around take the river upstream and there is another 60’ Falls about 300 yards upstream. Across the stream is also a curious cave.

have done all the trails here several times. very easy but absolutely beautiful right here in the city.

What a beautiful place to spend a couple of hours. I’ve lived in the nashville area for over 50 years and this was my first trip to Radnor. But it won’t be my last. I enjoyed reading about the history of the park as well. Such a nice respite in the middle of what has become a very crowded city. The trails are well maintained and easy enough for most anyone to enjoy.

Beautiful waterfall!! If you park in the parking lot, it’s the trail head straight across the road. Follow the white blazes and it’ll lead you down to the falls. Be sure to wear shoes that can get wet. If you want an added adventure, just before you get to the main falls, when you see the little bridge, turn left and explore the river.

This is my 4th time doing this hike since it opened and while the trail markers have gotten so much better since opening — it seems that recent rains have washed out some of the trails and made them also very muddy and slippery so where good shoes and be cautious. That being said the waterfalls were gorgeous today!

I usually take doghole up to ravenspoint on the way up and fiery gizzard trail onthe way back from ravens point to break it up a little or vice versus. We did doghole to ravens up today and fiery gizzard back and like I mentioned above— it was very very muddy and slippery so if you go in the next few days be cautious and watch trail markers—but this is hands down one of my favorites and always will be.

13 days ago

Great walk with our dog. Still muddy from all the rain.

Was extremely wet when we went. Would not recommend to beginner hikers. At one point we had to use a rope I just happened to have in pack because the trail had been so worn down and destroyed by previous hikers that morning. Very rewarding though if you make it to ravens point and finish the loop.
With that being said best 11.5 miles of my life.

14 days ago

Spectacular scenery today! All the recent rains have made the waterfalls amazing. Trails are muddy and slippery but that is to be expected. I agree with the moderate rating. Lots of rocks and roots but the trail is well marked. Lower Greeter Falls with the spiral staircase and Blue Hole are not to be missed!

I went when it was very wet and the fiery gizzard was pretty brutal, but totally worth it. I took fiery gizzard to ravens point and then the dog hole trail back down. The scenery is awesome.

Awesome trail!!

Beautiful but extremely muddy making it a hard hike. Found it hard to keep on the trail because so much of the trail was blocked. We did not make the loop and turned around making our hike 11 miles.
Rocky is putting it mildly.
Would like to do this again in dry weather.

One of the more beautiful nature trails near Nashville. My wife and I have hiked this a few times. Very easy and doesn’t take long at all. We saw some whitetail deer, amongst other animals.

18 days ago

calm and beautiful. can be very muddy and some of the blazes are worn out.

18 days ago

very fun trail, just the right distance and difficulty for a short hike/run. beautiful along the lakeside and interesting rock formations along the way.

Good trails. Very crowded. People not knowing which side to walk on or group taking up entire trail. Upkeep of trails was fantastic, just too many people.

20 days ago

Fantastic and challenging hike. It was extremely muddy today and made the trail pretty treacherous. Hiking sticks made a huge difference.

Loved it. Such a pretty place

Short and sweet. Great for kids, grandparents, and the whole family! Heavy traffic every time I've gone, but worth it as a family trip.

trail running
25 days ago

Nice trail. Not technical but has a few hills. The mud was an obstacle today but overall this is a nice little trail-fairly heavily trafficked.

trail running
25 days ago

This is a great trail! It has great elevation, nice views, and relatively easy footing (I.e. not super technical) except when muddy like it was today. I will certainly run this trail again the next time I’m in Nashville!

The reason I'm giving it five stars is because this was an amazing trail as far as day hikes go. It exceeded all of our expectations. We have been disappointed in the past many times due to over stated reviews and misleading pictures. This is not one of those places. The waterfalls are some of the best that we've seen in Tennessee and we've seen a lot. This is definitely an easy trail so don't expect strenuous hiking. This is more of a day walk but with amazing views. After you do this, set aside one hour and go to Rutledge Falls down the road. Google maps will take you right to it.

Nothing interesting and muddy in many spots

Fun easy trails that my 6 year old and I really enjoyed.

28 days ago

like others have said it can get a bit muddy here but great trail with some cool rock bluffs near the lake good for a rest and view.

To echo other reviews, Fiery Gizzard is a rock festival almost the whole way through the gulf. You'll want to be sure footed and a trekking pole or two is a near necessity. This is mainly what makes it "hard" as the elevation changes are pretty minimal. After the climb up the boulders are fewer, and Dog Hole is pretty clear until it drops back down.
The trail is well marked by a combination of tree tags and paint. It gets a lot of traffic so pretty well worn as well.
There are some interesting rock formations, the river has several falls from medium to small, and a couple of good swimming holes. Not much in the way of views even with the leaves off until Ravens Point. Dog Hole has a couple of overlooks as well.

Decent when we went. Trail can get muddy and flood during heavy rains in the fall with all the leaves.

mostly an easy trail, but we made the mistake of going when it was stormy, which led to a bunch of mud and puddles. super good views though!

Great hike . Lots of people on the trail for a Thursday.

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