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A couple couples making out all over. Should be called ‘sapphire love point’ in my opinion.

10 days ago

I don't have a dog, but on my hike, I noticed this dog park. It was fun to watch the pups off leash running and playing. We designed to allow the dogs plenty of freedom. The views are amazing and the paved trail makes it easy for all visitors to enjoy.

Perfect, simple hike offering spectacular views of Dillon Reservoir and the surrounding mountains. Enter the trail on the right side of the parking lot as suggested in the AllTrails app, and you'll save the best view for last!

Hiked after fresh snowfall, knee deep at places. Distant mountain morning glow at sunrise. Peace and quiet on the reservoir and villages below. Occasional animal tracks crossing the trail.

Great for novice hiking with great views!

Amazing family hike! We arrived at 9:45 on a Sunday and found a spot right at the front, mostly because there was a steady stream of people leaving. We have been looking for a hike our almost 4 year old could do to build stamina and not ask to be carried constantly. She walked almost 1.5 miles on her own, mostly due to the creek running alongside for us to stop and play in every few hundred feet and the CONSTANT stream of other kids around us. We saw lots of strollers (BOB or similar would be best) and families. We had a blast with the almost totally flat trail and other families around us. Great family outing and great for building stamina for little hikers! ❤️ we will be back soon!

1 month ago

Not bad, good for a short hike and time in nature. Good for families and dogs. Pretty busy on a Saturday, by the time my group left at 11am the parking lot was packed and many people heading out to the trails. I liked this and would be a good hike for my small dog.

Excellent easy trail for kiddos. I walked this with my 4 year old and my 10 year old. great views and easy walk! You dont want to miss this if you are looking for something non strenuous but beautiful!

Our 5 and 3 year old enjoyed finding walking sticks and drawing with them in the little bit of snow there was left! Quick and easy hike!

Its a short walk but offers spectacular views and tons of small wildlife. For the amount of effort it is quite the reward. Don't miss this hike!

Fantastic views, tons of chipmunks, great for a warm up/cool down hike, or a leisurely stroll.

Nice trail for a break from driving. Beautiful views of the lake below.

Yeah it's a little crowded, but Lair o' the Bear in general is. You don't go there for secluded walks, but more of a meander-with-kids-or-dogs type easy hike. Great for kids as they get the fun of climbing the 'bluff' and can play around in the creek after. We've been to LofB half a dozen times, and this is the first time we've ever formally followed a trail instead of just playing around. Really nice, would do this one again.

There wasn't a clear indication or sign where the trail ends, so ended up doing 4.5 miles instead of 2 miles - which was fine! The trail is well marked with signage (until the end) and populated with hikers, mountain bikers, and trail runners. There have been recent black bear sightings according to one sign. The mountain bikers are way friendlier on this trail than the Cherry Creek Trail, they are cautious if they are coming up from behind or turning the corner fast - I was with my dog and didn't have to worry about being hit by a biker. They also don't yell at you to move or get off the trail. The trail gets more rocky as you ascend and would recommend something sturdier than sneakers. Great place for families and for walking dogs. Lots of dogs in the creek and on the trail, highly recommend!

Perfect hike to take anyone on. So easy and ridiculously scenic. You could easily spend an hour or more enjoying the views, eating a meal, or watching the outdoor weddings that seem to happen all day long.

Love this park for a fun walk with my doggie

nature trips
2 months ago

The highlight for my four kids was feeding the chipmunks. The views were also spectacular! Next time I’m bringing lunch as there are picnic tables at the top. We went on a Sunday so there was a lot of traffic and a lot of kids feeding the chipmunks. Please remember to approach the chipmunks quietly as to not scare them all away from others who are enjoying the chipmunks. This was a favorite and highly recommend for families.

Great hike!!!

Nice, well maintained trail with some great views near the top. Great for beginners or children.

A couple good lookout points and overall great hike. Went with 5 children (15,13,10, 2 and 6 months old).

A good light hike to get acclimated! Pretty views and lots of adorable chipmunks.

Great place for dogs. Almost which I were one to enjoy it as much as the dog I took. She absolutely loved it. She ran around exploring and jumped into the pond. She played and played and played until she couldn’t anymore! It was a joy watching her enjoy herself. When it was time to leave, she refused. She didn’t want to get in the car. She plopped herself down on the ground and refused to budge. That’s a testament to how much she enjoyed herself. The fees, $8 day pass- $70 year pass, $2 dog day pass- $20 dog year pass.

Nice easy hike. Somewhat busy but it was a Saturday morning. Would be a great easy trail for running!

Easy hike, great views! Fed chipmunks and found geocache.

Nice walk and picnic

3 months ago

What's not to love about this dog park! My Husky loves coming here and it is a great spot for off leash training! It's well worth the $2/day ($20/year) pass (plus park admission.)

Completed this trail went on to lair o bear the creek was easy the second harder to navigate unless you remember exactly where you turned it’s easy to get confused coming back down. The creek and surrounding was beautiful. Easy trail I would suggest taking pictures of where you turn. The signs say it all hikers get lost and injured that wasn’t my experience and I would hike it again.

Not bad. Some nice views of the hills and trees. Weaving out of shade and sun and some switchbacks with elevation gain. Very short hike of about 1-2 mi and a photo opp at a pile of rocks (bruins bluff?). Fun for kids and dogs by the creek jumping rocks. Fairly crowded for a CO hike but nothing compared to the crowds found in Silicon Valley trails.

Nice little hike, very close to the city. A little elevation gain makes it a good workout. The views are nice but mostly I liked the trail which weaves in and out of trees. Would definitely do again when I'm looking for a short walk.

Easy, even if you are out of shape. Beautiful views, but they all have towns and/or roads in them.

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