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Excellent after a rain, especially for the full experience at the falls, but be aware that it makes it super muddy and you'll have to cross the creek several times - bring waterproof hiking boots to protect against the water and all the rock climbing you're going to have to do. Lots of dogs on the trails, both big and small, but I saw plenty of dogs of all sizes who needed to be carried through some parts, so keep that in mind when you bring your pooch! The hike itself is GREAT - one of the best in OC! though because it's so popular it gets super packed.

53 minutes ago

Fairly well kept trail with moderate hills. Good hike to do early morning or evening; would definitely do again.

10 hours ago

Beautiful waterfall at the end of a great hike! The first half is a flat walk, and the second half you’ll be climbing over boulders and rocks as you follow a stream to the waterfall. Super fun!

One nice viewpoint but a lot of fire damage. Easy trail

Very fun trail especially after a rain. Although it gets crowded later in the morning, there are lots of paths to take to avoid the traffic jams on the trail. I think the trail continues on after the first major waterfall

on Skyline Drive

18 hours ago

Took the challenge to go to the Doppler radar. Great hike, geocaches along the way! Sad to see the burn areas!

19 hours ago

Black Star Canyon

this is a great trail - lots of variety, ups and downs, and beautiful views. I'm taking a star off because there is NO shade anywhere on this trail: you'll be in full sun the entire time.

1 day ago

Because of the recent rain the waterfall was flowing. All uphill from parking lot to waterfall. It's definitely a medium difficulty hike going up. Very pretty views all around. No shade going up but there is shade at the waterfall. Limited parking

The trail was awesome! It rained all last week so there was lots of water in the creek and falls. The water made it a bit tricky, but it was worth it to see a waterfall in this area. Glad I wore waterproof hiking shoes.

All trails are closed to the public due to “unsafe conditions” ): We will be back to try this trail soon!

off trail
over grown
1 day ago

Pretty difficult hike for clumsier people. There Are a lot of rocks to climb and jump off. If you’re shorter that may present a difficulty. The trail meanders a lot so it seems like you’re jumping from side to side a lot. You will have to eventually get your feet wet so plan accordingly. Don’t forget your socks like I did -_- came 3 days after the heavy rains we got on 1/15/19. Mud is still really slippery, and the rocks themselves are slippery too. Saw a lot of dogs so it is dog friendly. Be prepared for a long hike it took about 4 hours round trip.

Great for sunsets with your boo

This was a really cool gem hidden in a residential area. Super colorful and interesting. There is a lot of trash and broken glass, though.

2 days ago

Did this hike with my two dogs. An easy Sad and Depressing portion of the PCT. The great views are disrupted by all the graffiti.

Super trafficked around 7:30ish but go earlier and it’s a must nicer walk. It’s less of a hike and more of tourist spot. Buts it’s a nice way to get away from the city and get your heart rate up.

3 days ago

Easy hike, just slightly above what you might call a walk. Mostly residential and some parts along some major roads, but there was some natural elements to it which seemed like they'd be very good for birding. Went the day after a rain and it was fairly muddy with lots of puddles. Brought a small dog and it was an easy trek for him. Doggie bags and trashcans along the trails, but the trashcans were overflowing so I'm not sure how often they empty them. Parked at the restaurant and started the hike there, as others have suggested. Nice hike for a quick, middle of the day nature break. Took us a little under an hour to finish.

Super fun! Great first hike or easy get out of the house! Take a trash bag and collect some trash on your way back!

The lake is really really low. You can’t even see water until the back half of the trail and then it’s more of a swamp. The vegetation is still recovering from the fire. It was still a great hike to do!!

Loved this trail. Completed Jan 2018. Snow covered in areas and waterfall was frozen. Very beautiful and great views!

Easy trail to follow. Was pretty slippery and muddy when we got down into the falls entrance. People were friendly. Trail was clean. Would do it again. Easy one for the dog too. :)

Watch out for horse poop! Was not too busy and the people that were there were friendly. Pretty view of the city. Would do it again. Easy hike and the dog handled it well. :)

8 days ago

This was a really nice hike for my wife and myself. It was a little muddy in places due to rain yesterday. We really enjoyed the beautiful views!

8 days ago

Definately a place to check off the list & a unique site as the 2nd tallest waterfall in the NF, but go with expectations. This is NOT a hiker's hike. You will encounter grafitti, trash, sewage, loud human noises, partiers & the trail inexperienced (read: don't know trail ettiquette). While it's rated moderate for the rocks & a short hill, it's fairly easy. Kids & small dogs could make it.

8 days ago

Great and easy trail,lots of beautiful views of water and the mountains

Nice sunset view, I suggest parking up at the Summit House restaurant upper parking lot.. I parked at the bottom lot off the Blvd and my car along with another had smashed in passenger windows.

It was cool to see the biggest tree in the world, but it isn’t really a hike. It is sort of one of those things that you do to say that you have done it, but aren’t dying to do again. Would recommend going when it is not busy (early morning or offseason) so that it is easier to take pictures without worrying about other people being in it.

Sucks there is no parking beautiful scenery but you have to park really far to even get close don’t know why they don’t do parking spaces up there.

Fairly inexperienced as a hiker, but this hike was a great way to spend a morning! The main trail was fairly challenging and there were lots of side options to try. Enjoyed it a lot!

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