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Not paying $10 to go on a hike.

21 hours ago

It was a nice hike. Lots of “stairs” and a few steep inclines. Going early in the morning was a very wise decision. It started to get warm by 11. Even at 70 degrees, we were sweating.
Definitely will do this again.

a good exercise hike not so much for adventure due to it being paved the whole way up but overall a good workout! and great views

I really liked this trail, less people than the trail in San Carlos!

Really enjoyed this trail. The actual “potato chip” was cool to see but surrounded by a ton of people. The trail in itself is I think the actual draw as it had great views and a nice amount of incline. Couldn’t find any bathrooms here but there are facilities four minutes up the road at the Iron Mt trailhead.

Hiked this trail on Sunday, Jan. 6, at midday. The weather was perfect: about 55 degrees and sunny, no jacket required. This is a great trail. It’s very pet-friendly but dogs must be on a leash. We took the less crowded route that starts in a residential area and it was amazing. The trail, while very rocky in many areas, is very well maintained. Make sure your paying attention to what’s coming up so you don’t trip. There are some steep parts that make not a good first hike, but it is doable by anyone who’s hiked steeper, longer trails. It took an hour to get to the top with stops along the way for photos. I’d do this trail again.

6 days ago

We did this before sunset & it was really enjoyable from the top. It definitely can be busy, especially during the weekends, but it’s do-able. It was pretty easy. The incline wasn’t bad at all. Just watch footing for slippery rocks.

Great hike, we unfortunately did not get to see any of the bighorn sheep. There was water in the river and great weather, all around good hike and the kids loved it.

Did this hike on Sunday, January 13th 2019.

I’ll first start off by mentioning that you should pay no attention to those who say “you’re not really making the effort if you don’t hike the long way”. I’m calling all you out.
This was a good SOLID leg burning, heart pumping hike. This said after hiking down and back up out of Havasupai. Hats off to those I saw jogging it. Going to use this route to prepare for Whitney amongst others.
Do your research here. 1200’ over 2 miles = don’t be silly and try to take your kids up it after church on Sunday unless you know they can do it.

Great views await you at the top, from the Coronado Islands, Downtown, Cowles Mountain and up to Oceanside/Camp Pendleton even with the cackle of folks waiting, posing and trying to get that perfect photo on the “chip”. Would love to come up here to see some of those late summer sunsets.

If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing, back to nature hike, THIS IS NOT THE ONE. Go somewhere else to enjoy yourself and if you do decide to hike here and are looking for that, then don’t complain.

Dog owners: pick up your damn dog $h!t and haul it down with you. No one is going to do it for you, and as the signs say, there is no “poop fairy”. I was completely taken back by the lack of respect and endless baggies of crap tossed and conveniently placed for “pickup”. Respect the spot and the outdoors, or you might end up on the wrong side of a flying turd. Karma’s got her eye on you.

this is a great trail, went last weekend and made it into a weekend backpacking with my pup. wasnt bad until it started sleeting and the wind picked up so there was pretty heavy cloud cover.

9 days ago

My first San Diego area hike. It was tough on my legs, but the views were fabulous. Folks on the trail were friendly. It wasn’t crowded, but we went on a Wednesday late morning. Puddles towards the top in the shade were frozen, but there was plenty of sunshine most of the hike.

Great easy hike! Well maintained trails. Popular hike for area - lots of people.

Too many people!

Less crowded than the main train, beautiful views.

My father and I went on this hike on January 6th 2019 and we enjoyed it.
There are many steep hills, hence breaks were taken when necessary. But it pays off to do the hike because once you get up to Potato Chip Rock you can get the best pictures there.
I would also recommend to dress warm if you are planning to hike this during the winter.

This is my favorite hike to take family and friends from out of town. It’s a nice quick 3 miles and not extremely difficult plus there is a lot less traffic than the main trailhead side.

13 days ago

Great trail to prepare yourself for some of the more difficult hikes throughout the east county.

Great view and awesome hiking. We had some snow what made our hiking even better. Be prepared with gloves, beanie and a warm jacket because it was very windy and cold.

Went New Year’s Day and it was trafficked as expected for a cool morning. Get hike for a challenge and felt great to accomplish it. Stay hydrated

but it's hard when you go up the hills and it gives you a leg work out and makes it a muscle

it was so fun we are good hikers cause of hiking

The most beautiful hike I have taken so far. This loop is real long at around 10.3 miles but you dont have to do the full 10. I finished it all the way and was really glad I did. I took this hike on Jan 5, 2019 it was a rainy and chilly 35 degree day but It felt very nice for me. This is not for beginners there are some steep inclines and danger areas. Also be careful not to get mixed up with other trails in the area it can be confusing at times but if you use the AllTrails Pro version you can easily download the map and use it to navigate even offline. I will deffinetly do this hike again some day.

I would actually rate this is as "Hard" than "Moderate". I attempted it with a friend in September around 10 am and could not get to the top. Although concrete, there is a significant incline that takes your breath away (literally).
I went back on Jan 1st by myself, a little more prepared, at 8 am in the morning. Strong wind and biting cold aside, if you take stops along the way and enjoy the beauty of the Poway area, you will finish this. Took my about 2 hours to reach the Potato Chip and back. Did not spend much time up at the Potato chip as my fingers had frozen beyond feeling. Recommend an early start in general as parking is also easy. If going between Dec-Jan, cover yourself up like you would in snow. Otherwise, hiking gear with lots of water, sunscreen and a hat. Planning to do the 8 mile hike and compare as that's rated "Hard".

awesome hike! there was water in the river and we saw 2 rams. beautiful palm trees at the end!

Awesome! We saw 2 rams and lots 9f water flowing.

This is a good hike. Challenging and not many areas to stop and take a break. There aren’t too many people on the trail, which is great since the trails is pretty narrow in some spots. Seems like the rain has washed lots of smaller boulders onto the trail, so be ready to step over those. Shoes with good tread are a must on the rocky trail.

A bit uneven with it's trail in some parts but a good leg workout you'll definitely be sore. Can get crowded but manageable.

One of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done. Temperatures were cool...48 at the bottom and about 34 with the wind chill at the top. Lots of snow at this time which makes for a magical, serene experience. Breathtaking views at the top. Uphill trek for approx 1.5 miles then some flat land. Five oak trail on the way back- slippery and muddy be careful. Poles would h w been helpful! Great for dogs and there is a local friendly mountain dog named Alice who went up the mountain with us. Don’t be alarmed and enjoy!!!

Not terribly crowded for New Years Day - great somewhat challenging hike

As advertised: a steep rugged trail with an unspoiled summit. The views are 360° with all the peaks of San Diego gathered round you like a host of witnesses.

You might consider hiking boots as my ankles took a beating in trail runners. I highly recommend this hike. Took me 2 hrs.

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