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tougher than moderate in my book. was very wet with leaves made it more challenging.

3 days ago

I loved this trail! I went on a rainy/windy day in November. There were a couple fallen trees to scramble around near the end and waterproof boots are a must, as there were plenty of puddles/mud. However the rain resulted in gorgeous waterfalls running off the cliffs and the ocean waves were breathtaking. I hiked with my dog, we only saw one other group of hikers. This hike was incredibly fun, highly recommend.

I went up the north ridge and down the south (no roads go near the south trail down, and you can catch a shuttle). Actually went up and down barefoot, and still did it all in under four hours. If you’re in half decent shape it’s a breeze.

On the way up cars pass very close by several times but that didn’t stop a deer from running across the trail! It’s really crowded on top, and as you get nearer there are lots of people who walked on from the road. It’s a bit lame, but not enough to take away from the hike and views.

I highly recommend going down the south side rather than doubling back. The scenery changes, I passed less than 5 people (and about 20+on north ridge), and it goes straight into one of the campgrounds.

Beautiful hike. Great views in the way up. the summit was surrounded by tree unfortunantly. But very worth the hike for all the views!

Beautiful hike! was a little rough in places, but had a lot of beautiful stops to rest my legs in the way up. followed the blue markings and a beautiful stream. had to be careful because of the leaves and rocks were a tad slippery. amazing view at the end, very much worth the hike. ended up watching the sunset later on. amazing views!

Well marked trail. Very rocky and filled of roots. Definitely suggest spikes. Nice views and plenty of Gray Jay's on the trail! Would definitely do this trail again in nicer weather!

Did this trail in the evening when it was extremely foggy, I'm sure there would have been great views if it wasn't for the fog. A great trail otherwise, wild blueberry bushes are everywhere. You are following blue arrows painted on the rock

Great trails and very clean! ☆☆☆☆☆

Great hike with amazing views and lots of elevation changes

This was a beautiful trail with so many awesome views at each level. Perfect for fall leaf peeping and photography. Not a difficult hike. The only disappointment was the road was next to the trail at points which took away from the nature. This is a”must do’ hike.

Great hike! Short, sweet, easy and great views. Tried to loop over to Maiden's Cliff and that was hard to find, but gorgeous hiking all through the park.

A wonderful hike. Mainly over rocks. We did it together with my family incl. a 20 months old in a carrier. Stopped many times. Made it up in 2 hours and down in about 1.5 hours. The gift shop up top sold hot chocolates, which we loved as it was cold and windy on this October day.

26 days ago

The only annoying part was the long dirt road to get to the trail head ! I was the only one hiking, and it was very peaceful. Although I started it later than most would recommend (4:15pm) in mid October I was back down at the car by 5:30pm. However, I did run most of the way down because I wanted to catch the sunset on my drive by Mount Blue State Park on the way out. Great hike overall. Stunning views at the top and very windy.

Really easy hike. Takes about 7 minutes to the top if you go the direct route. Kids, families and dogs enjoy the views from the big granite ledge on top. Fall is a great time of year to view foliage.

Started our hike at 5.15am and got to the top by 6.30am to watch the sunrise. It doesn’t get light out till after 6am so make sure to bring a headlamp. The hike was exciting! All uphill and made it more adventurous in the dark. Not challenging but definitely long and can be tiring at some points. The view is absolutely amazing and sunrise is not to be missed.

29 days ago

From the summit going to Dorr mountain summit is rewarding. (then going down from Dorr mountain north ridge trail, Hemlock trail, and Gorge path)

1 month ago

The woman in the visitor center recommended this - thrilled she did or we may not have ventured out. Hard but not strenuous. Very well marked. Cold and windy at the top. Very easy to add in Parkman peak (adds less than .2mi).

Great hike with beautiful views! Wouldn’t recommend going up / down in rainy conditions without proper shoes.

We didn't do the whole trail, but the views were lovely.

1 month ago

This old lady took 4 hours to get to the top on a very cloudy/overcast/foggy day. Some of that time included my son stopping to take pics and the two stop-offs on the way (recommend both) . I liked this trail as it was variable terrain. There were a few level spots where one caught their breath and hard spots that you had to climb by hand (near the.top). it was very pretty. It was cold and windy at the top which was a relief. bring bird seed for the friendly grey Jay's. Benefit of going on a cloudy day was that we only saw about 8 people on this typically busy trail.

Started trail around noon, completed trail around 5/530 Dog was able to do it but needed to be assisted up boulders and down boulders. 75 lb dog but his feet were beat up after. Reallllly muddy, recommend waterproof boots. 3 decent waterfalls/rivers. Awesome view. But very windy on top.

So beautiful! Finished the sunrise hike this morning! We left the trailhead at 3am. It took us 1 hr 15 minutes to ascend. We are relatively in shape but not technical hikers. Follow the little blue marks and the cairns! Only twice did we almost veer off course in the dark. Have a good flashlight. We each had either a headlamp or flood-flashlight. It doesn’t start getting light until almost 5:30am. Happy hiking!

1 month ago

This was a tough hike to do yesterday, Sunday, October 7, 2018, but the feeling of accomplishment was worth it! I am 56 and my husband is 59, and we just started back on the 4000 footers. Why tough? It was rainy, foggy, muddy, slippery and steep - sometimes all at once! The slick ledge scramble at the top was a bit scary- both up and down. We took 6h to get up and down. Others seemed to sail by us both going up and going down, though, and we saw plenty of four legged hikers enjoying their hike, so it might just be we are still out of practice. Still, I'd recommend doing this hike on a day without rain when you the rocks would not be so slippery and you would get the benefit of a summit view!

Hiked to the top of this mountain with our kids. Summit trail is only .3 miles and not difficult. We then took the longer North Loop Trail on the way down. The North Loop Trail is about 1 mile and is very easy. This is a great place for families! Also the view from the top is great. Highly recommend.

on Tumbledown Mountain Trail

1 month ago

While this app is helpful, the Maine Mountain Guide should be everyone’s go to for info before this hike to avoid any surprises. The Loop Trail is very strenuous and dangerous if wet. Having said that, my son and I did Loop Trail up, then the Brook Trail down, only because of the “Chimney” portion, and I think climbing up the metal rungs is easier than coming down. I would advise no dogs on the Loop Trail because of this spot, but that just my opinion.
Once you reach the Tumbledown Boulder (which you can’t miss) you start to gain most of your elevation. This is were it starts to get strenuous. It stays that way until you reach the “Chimney “ The blue blazes in spots were sometimes hard to locate but the beaten path helped guide us. Once past the Chimney, it levels off shortly, then it opens up to the metamorphic rock that you can see at the top, then eventually you can look down on Tumbledown Pond. This hike can get very crowded so we left the parking lot by 8:30 am, and were at the top by 11:30, seeing only 3 others. At the top there were a few people scattered about but didn’t feel crowded. After 1/2 hour or so taking in the beautiful views, we came down the Brook Trail. A lot of boulder scrambling at first, followed by some rocky and muddy spots, then what looked to be like a dry riverbed. Then it eventually turned into a tote road. We made it back by 1:10. 4 1/2 hrs round trip. Once back on the road, it was evident at how busy it can get with the amount of cars along the road.
Don’t let the elevation fool you. This is a very strenuous hike no matter the trail to the top. Read the guide, plan accordingly. Don’t just rely on this app as evidenced by others who were “surprised” at what they encountered. Also, have fun! This hike has amazing views!

Great Hike! We took Parker Ridge Trail up and came down Brook trail. Lots of cars at the parking lot, but only saw one group of hikers on Parker Ridge as they were coming down. Got to top, lots of people and dogs. Beautiful views. Roundtrip mileage with these two trails came out to 6.29 miles which is longer than the mileage noted on any trail info we had seen. It was a bit challenging at times because we had our dog with us. He did great and we've renamed him Mountain Goat!

Beautiful hike. A little slick on loose gravel spots so have good shoes! Challenging for sure!

Super tough
Great hike
Wasn’t expecting the ‘chimney’ with my dog
Carrying a 70 lb. lab up that wasn’t fun
He made it
Not super dog friendly unless you have a harness and a sling for your 4 legged friend
We used a sweatshirt as a sling. Loved the pond at summit - did this with two kids, 11∧13, and my husband. Will def go back

this is a hike almost exclusively uphill, so make sure you have the fortitude for it.
I hiked it after a rainstorm the day before, so there were slick spots and the path was a creek for a 1/3rd of the way.
However, it was a very rewarding hike and the experience of climbing up is far and above driving up.

1 month ago

Nice short hike with big views.Can get up bit over crowded

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