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Lots of people. Beautiful view!!

Beautiful trail, great views

So much fun...the sign at the bottom rates this hike as extremely difficult and I would agree with that as you are bouldering for most of it. Challenging but totally worth it...our GPS indicated 10km round trip.

Definitely a good workout climbing boulders and straight up in spots. Worth it once you are at the top. Parking at trailhead is a challenge

7 days ago

No hiking staff needed! You'll need both hands to help negotiate many areas, though you're not really "boulder scrambling"... it's more like climbing steep stairs for most of the hike. There are hand rails where you need them. I was glad I wore low cut, light weight hiking tennis shoes as it allowed me to flex and extend my feet for longer strides from rock to rock (ankle supporting, leather boots would have slowed me down on this hike, though that's what I usually wear for hikes). A Camelback (go figure) style hydration backpack is the way to go... keep your hands free!

Great hike with incredible views. It’s a challenge but definitely not as hard as the signs suggest. Most of the steep areas have hand rails. Parking is difficult, do it on a weekday if possible.

Gorgeous. Didn’t find it as hard as the trail head signage suggests. Lots of climbing, rock scaling, bouldering type hike versus just a walk.

9 days ago

So more rad when you get to the very top! Valley views and city lights. Such a great local trail!

11 days ago

Sweet trail. Good scrambles and lots of hoping around lol. Ran some, climbed some and walked most. A good wholesome trail!

trail running
12 days ago

Great light running and jumping and scrambles. Good movement on this one. On the let’s do it again list!

Great hike, the top looks amazing, bring water.

12 days ago

Constellation loop trail was an enjoyable hike through the granite formations of the dells. There was enough change in grade, trail contour, and view to keep the hike interesting. It took moderate effort to complete the loop.

This trail is not for the faint of heart. Marker 27 after the Helipad was all I could do today. A good tip is to not attempt after leg day at the gym. Will be back!!!

Best urban hike I have ever done. Pretty close to the airport and difficulty level will not disappoint you. It's a trail testing your endurance. Short but strenuous. Beautiful views from the top. Do not expect to see any wildlife, unless you're too lucky.

Beautiful views at the top. Definitely a challenge to get up there though. Difficult hike with lots of rock climbing.

A challenging rock scramble at the top, but definitely fulfills bragging rights when you safely return down...enjoy!

Went up echo trail and down this way! It wasn’t as well marked and less trafficked. At one point I was scaling a rock bc I thought it was part of a trail before someone saw and told me I was on the wrong part. Haha. I’d do it again, although I heard going up this trail is easier than going down.

Harder than I anticipated! I think it’s hard bc it’s basically vertical. Views cool but mostly city views. We went up echo trail and down the opposite way which most of the locals said doing it the opposite was would have been easier.

15 days ago

I love this trail. Great birding and it’s easy to follow with enough friendly foot traffic and cell service so I don’t mind doing it alone.

Hardest hike in Phoenix metro and parking is challenging. I love this hike and it has the best views of all the hikes in central Phoenix.

CamelBack wasn’t what I expected, I expected a moderate hike with some terrain but I was wrong, I love the challenge and the view is worth it once you get to the top!

Amazing hike!! Totally worth the climb at the top. And when I mean climb....I mean CLIMB! Went before sunrise to skip the crowds. On the way down, more people were definitely showing up. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Make sure to wear the proper shoes. Lots of loose gravel. Overall had a great time with amazing views.

great hike !!! amazing views..plan on doing this one every month

Nice trail. Not for beginners.

Cool trail system in the middle of town though not very expansive.

A good, easy trail that can be done in an hour with pretty views.

Who wants to see houses for scenery at the top of a mountain? Go hike the real outdoors! :)

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