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Very fun trail… Boulder scrambling super fun unfortunately all the graffiti takes away a lot of the beauty but still worth the hike! A little bit of water in the creek bed but not at the falls!

Hiking with friends. A little bit of water along the way. I really enjoyed the hike. Good workout. A lot of rock climbing

The best way to go is ride a bike to the trail head hike to the to the water fall and back and then it’s nothing but a down hill ride back to the parking lot.

1 day ago

I liked it a lot.

This trail is so much fun, you have to climb over stones but it's not super difficult.

not really a good trail for taking a photo..

Love this trail so much. Unfortunate there's so much graffiti. Looking to start a cleanup group to get rid of the graffiti/trash if anyone's interested...

Great go to trail. Nice views of Riverside. Always packed, but a good workout.

Very busy, paved hike. We always take the “off the beaten path” trail back which is down the mountainside rather than using the pavement. Good hike for kids and beginners.

good trail. Took my dog and all went well. Hiked up to where you start climbing over some rocks to get the waterfall, but decided to turn back after a family said there wasn't any water. hopefully that changes soon, definitely want to come back when there is water

Nice little workout. Always busy. Nice views of Riverside on a clear day.

Great views great hike

This hike was a little more challenging than I thought in that the boulders were vertical but it was so worth it. Haven’t rock climbed like that in a long time. I definitely recommend hiking boots and pants as my son wore running shoes and shorts and his ankles and calves took a beating. I wore hiking boots and pants and was very comfortable sliding down boulders on the way down. No waterfall but still a lot of fun.

13 days ago

Nice enough to give it a shot. But please don't advise people to go "after a rain" without giving some head's up that means a good day or 2 with no chance of more rain. Most of the trail from the road to the falls is in a creekbed canyon subject to flooding. I worry since most hikers in the area only really know drought conditions. Too much road walking and too many inexperienced hikers for our tastes, but a nice hike nonetheless. Especially if you read up on the haunted history of he area beforehand.

Park opens at 7am on the weekends and 6am on the weekdays! Really pretty views from the top and it was very well maintained. Depending on where you’re starting, there’s a bit of an elevation increase. It was hard but, it’s pretty doable. Then after that it becomes a leisurely walk. Only a few shaded areas and the rest are mostly open, so I suggest going in the morning! Moderate amount of foot work.

The trail was extremely easy due to it being well maintained. A portion of it was a preserved habitat for California Gnatcatchers so there are no dangers to it. I ended up taking multiple different paths and ended up at the "Top of The World" just in time for a beautiful sunset. Total trip was about 7 miles and almost 2 hours.

Recommend for beginners or casual hikers.

Relatively flat first half followed by creek bed uphill climb progressively getting steeper with some bolder scrambling. In a wooded canyon. Pretty overall.

Great hike

Easy trail. You should go earlier than not because the tide gets high the closer to sunset you go! Awesome things to see :)


nature trips
17 days ago

Great for the pups! Easy parking. Less crowded during the week. Best after a rain.

This is a fun quick paved trail with great views.

easy hike, great difficult jog.great place to jog. took approx 111 minutes avg per mile to get to the top.

all jogs consist going uphill approx 400ft gain. (fitbit)

day 1- 1.1 miles, 12m 4s
day2- 1.2miles, 13min 13s
day 3- 1.5 miles, 15min 42s (right side)

21 days ago

Busy but pretty hike

21 days ago

Not sure where the hike is or why it is rated as moderate with less than 1000 feet of elevation (I didn't see the latter until now). I didn't see any mountains. Just flat dirt trails. Perhaps I didn't go far enough but I got bored. Good for biking, walking, running. Not good if you're looking for a real hike. The trails are wide and there is plenty of people. I didn't get to hike so I ran.

I hiked this for the first time and it was a nice hike! I ended up doing 8 miles because I took a few wrong turns

Easy flat hike on dirt road surrounded by tall trees and lots of shades at the beginning of the hike.

Nice, easy hike or trail run. Can be crowded on weekends particularly during late morning hours. On Easter Sunday there is a pre-sunrise mass hike with a sunrise non-denominational service offered at the hilltop. Local Boy Scouts light the trail on Easter and help repair the trails that are not paved.

Great for kids.

trail running
28 days ago

Signs were poor, but trail was great.

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