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Beautiful short and steep hike with amazing views! The rain was a tad bit muddy, lightly rained the day before, which made climbing up/down a little more difficult! I would classify this trail as a scramble, with use of hands and provided ropes. Parking is just past the trailhead on the other side of the road (make sure no valuables are left in the car!)! The trailhead can be found by looking for the ‘Do not enter’ signs! The trail is marked sparingly with orange ribbons tied on trees.

Great Views.trail is always packed so recommend to start in the morning. We walked all the way up, starting at Honolulu zoo, so you don‘t have to pay for parking nor worry about getting a parking spot. It‘s an easy trail. But stay hydrated.

2 days ago

So the views are to die for. The hike up although short is a super workout. It’s just too busy and getting too touristy.

Like Koko Head, which is also getting too crowded, this is the type of hike I would do a couple times per week as a workout if I lived closer.

It actually takes more time to drive to it than do the actual hike. Plenty of parking.

Tip: water, baseball hat, and sunscreen! There is no shade until you actually go into the pillboxes. Oh, and keep your dogs on leash! There are a lot of dogs on these trails.

3 days ago

Straight trail all the way up on the old rail track. Little areas on it where you can stop and catch your breath on the way up. Great view on the top! A little bit harder going down since steps can be a bit wide.

3 days ago

Easy hike up to the ridge line. But once you reach the ridge line it is muddy and narrow hiking. Be sure to wear shoes that have good grip and be prepared to get muddy and wet. Started raining once I made it to the top which made it very dangerous and slippery on the way back down. Make sure you are cautious of your footing on be way back down. I found it very slippery and hard to get grip. Very beautiful views on top when the clouds move. Took about 3 hours out and back but I was stopping to take pictures. Would not recommend kids or dogs on the top part of the trail. Requires a rope to climb the steps at the very top.

trail running
3 days ago

Fun hike. Most people stop around the 1.5mile mark where there’s a table and rest area. Make sure to get out of the airfield before they close-otherwise security has to let you out after you go and find them.

trail running
3 days ago

I’ve done this trail a few times and it’s really fun. MAKE SURE YOU GO ON A CLEAR SKIES DAY. If there are low hanging clouds or you go early in the morning you can’t see anything from the top. Trail can be pretty muddy sometimes and if you’re hiking in the dark there are low hanging branches that you can hit your head on.

In the middle of the trail there is a covered picnic table to take a break at.

Very short trail. You have to pay to park here and the trail is always busy. At sunrise there are nice views

Very short trail. Paved the whole way so it’s good for strollers and/or people who need easy hikes with good footing. There’s whale watching spots and ocean lookouts.

Towards the top of the trail there’s an unmarked trail down to tidepools-but be careful it can be dangerous

3 days ago

All-time favorite hike. It’s very fun and challenging. Trail is clearly marked and it’s hard to get lost.

Fun trail to run. It can be pretty crowded and parking can be hard to find due to the proximity of the beach. The trail itself has multiple ways to the top so every time can be different. A few small places to rock climb. At the top there is a beautiful view of the beach and at sunrise it’s indescribable!

3 days ago

Very busy trail. I’ve done this trail a dozen times and have never seen it empty.

Trail is muddy so bring towels or extra shoes to protect your car

3 days ago

Short and easy with a great view at the top! It's currently fairly overgrown in a lot of areas, but the trail is still very well defined, so there are no issues in finding your way. You might be rubbing against tall grass and brush though since the trail tends to be narrow almost the entire way up.

Very fun and challenging hike, you will feel like a baby deer walking down it though!

Beautiful views at the top and the military history is neat. Had a guy feint from heat at the top who had to be flown out by helicopter. Not a long hike but stay hydrated with the heat and stairs.

This trail should be rated moderate. It is wet and rocky the whole way. The falls are pretty but not too much to see on the way to them. Extremely crowded.

Beautiful views of the ocean as you like . Cool lighthouse and view at the top. fairly crowded but that is typical of most trails in Oahu.

Easy for the first half getting harder for the other half. But when u reach the top is feel so great

Pretty easy but fun. Nice view and beautiful beach for sigh seeing

if you are out of shape this hike will kill you lol

I did this when I first got here. There’s better views out there that involve an actual hike

I appreciate this spot only as a workout. The view at the top was good, but other than that nothing really to see.

easy. little walk into the ☁

A fun workout hike! Views make it worth it

I do this hike weekly. Nice and easy a lot of people usually stop at the pillboxes but the hike continues on I say stop enjoy the view get pictures and then continue on.

So many stairs! But a great view and sense of accomplishment.

Busy, but awesome views!

6 days ago

Hiked on 4/18 to stretch our legs during vacation. Temp was perfect at 8:30a. Tall grass on the shoulder of the well marked path. We both wore shorts and had no issues. Took approx 25 mins to get up and 20 down. Perfect place to share a lunch or a beverage. Recommended for anyone who brought trail shoes. Mahalo.

on Olomana Trail

8 days ago

I just did the first peak. it took about an hour up and an hour back. pretty empty trail starting at 6:30 on a Wednesday morning. I only saw 4 other people the whole time. The trail was a little muddy, but not as bad as I expected from other reviews....not sure when it last rained hard. I wore my old running shoes and did just fine with them.

8 days ago

Easy walk, but usually very crowded, which isn't fun IMHO. The views are pretty, but doesn't make it worth freaking with the amount of people.

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