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Trail was nice. 2.5 miles to a small waterfall. nothing to brag about.

Absolutely love this trail. The trail itself is pretty steep on the way up, but there are views all around, so take your time and enjoy the scenery. Every time I drive through the Smokies I make sure to stop at this trail, especially if it's clear and sunny. Last time we were able to spot a black bear alongside the road as we drove to the trail head. There are also plenty of wildflowers growing along the trail as well.

Nice paved trail. Takes some effort getting up but it’s totally worth it. It is a little colder at the top but so so beautiful. My husband proposed to me up there and it was a wonderful memory I’ll never forget!!

Awesome! We loved it! It’s cold up there and VERY windy so be prepared. Totally worth it though. With the paved path easy for the kids too!

This is an easy hike with stairs. Optional rock scramble, on a piece of interestingly varied geology. At this time of year the scrub oak bears a hearty crop of plastic bags, flapping and lifeless. The omnipresent sights and sound of traffic and parked cars and little boxes made of ticky tacky smothered the natural beauty of this place. Recommended if you're a tourist. If you're a traveler, skip it.

10 days ago

This is a great hike for the whole family but not small children

Not really a trail. A steep short paved path up to the observation tower. A decent amount of people around and some AT-thru hikers starting in early April. A nice little shop and bathrooms by the large parking lot.

beautiful view. step hike, but worth it

I wouldn’t call this a hiking trail by any means, I honestly wouldn’t have walked up if it weren’t for my significant other telling me how amazing it was. Granted the view from the top was amazing and there are real trails that lead up to the same place you can hike if you want the true experience, but honestly the crowds and actual trail makes me want to rate this as 1 star the view makes me want to rate this as 5.

Very steep climb, but beautiful view from the top. Paved trail, and the Appalachian Trail crosses near the top.

14 days ago

Great trail. Saw a young black bear in a tree about 1.5 miles in.

Very foggy that day

22 days ago

For starters- this trail is only 5 miles.

The route to the trail is on Cade’s Cove Loop “scenic driving trail” so there are tons of people, cars, dogs (which are not allowed), stop & go SLOW moving traffic.
Turn right onto gravel road past site 10 & before site 11.

There are so many people on this trail that it ruins it. Very touristy. I recommend checking out other water falls just as beautiful as this one instead (see Conasauga). We knew this going into the hike, so we chose a Wednesday morning and it was still so crowded. Over 100 cars parked at the trailhead by the time we left.

Weather was great,people on the trail were pleasant! Haven't been up in about 7 years and got to take my wife and daughter with me,very memorable hike!!! Will definitely be back to the trail during the summer!!

Paved trail, short hike, easy/moderate grade steepness. The appeal is the sunsets and sunrises, that being said it is luck of the draw to catch a view of either. The fog can stay in the area all day or roll I out of nowhere. Last fall I hiked up to try to catch the sunset and it was actually clear... the sun was sinking and the colors were starting to explode across the horizon and then it was if the good lord slowly blew smoke across the tree tops... the fog started slowly and snakily rolling over the contour of the trees killing all visibility in minutes. In this case the best bet is to hurry down to the parking lot, and start driving down the mountain. There are several pull offs that are below the fog line at times offering amazing views of the sunset/sunrise

My 12 & 13 year boy and girl kept the pace up as we completed this hike in 2 hrs and 20 minutes with 10 mins at the falls and 1maybe 20 mins along the trail. We went March 25th after a rainy night. Volume of water alone made hike worth it. Our 5 star hike is Alum cave to Mt. LeConte we did two days later.

30 days ago

I hiked all the trails on Saturday in Cloudland with the exception of Bear Creek Backcountry Trail because it was closed. If you are looking to have a good 15 mile day this would be a good park to hike. All the trails are well maintained and easy trekking. The most strenuous place in these trails are the stairs that exist to access/exit Sitton’s Gulch Trail - about 600 or so. This was my first time at this park, and I was blown away at the beauty of the canyon and the falls. Aside from the stairs these trails are not hard, but offer a good day of beauty and exercise. I would suggest the following “loop”: Park at the Trenton trailhead for Sitton’s Gulch Trail and begin hiking. This trail is 2 miles one way; make your way up the stairs (congratulations you just made it through the most strenuous part of the whole day). Keep going up to Overlook Trail which is up and beyond the Waterfall trails which I would save for last just because who eats dessert prior to the meal? Hike the Overlook Trail all the way back and up to the Two Mile Backcountry Loop. When you get to the actual loop which is about 2 miles or so after you reach the start of Overlook Trail, then, I suggest taking the left road and loop back around to save best for last; after loop make your way back through Overlook Trail and down to hike West Rim Loop which is 6 miles - take the left road for woods and the loop will bring you back around for canyon views and much needed breeze to cool you down. Head back down and see Cherokee and Hemlock Falls and make your way back out to the trailhead at Sitton’s Gulch. Wonderful day!

Lives up to the hype. Absolutely beautiful view. Worthy of a tougher than expected 1/2 mile jaunt to the tower.

Really enjoyed it!

Closed Dec 1-March 31. Wish the app told me this after I drove 2 hours to get here!

1 month ago

Beautiful trail with great waterfall at the end

1 month ago

I found this trail to be easy going down and hiking along the paths at the bottoms of the canyon. Coming up provided a first class workout as you climb up 600 stairs. But the beautiful views, the scenic river, the gorgeous waterfalls made it all worthwhile. The sights and sounds were amazing and beyond what I was hoping to find there. Loved it and will be taking friends back to visit this trail again.

Worth the hike to get to the falls!

If the tower (knew it was closed) was open a 4 Star. Used the Dome pathway as a start for my hike to Andrews Bald. Up to the tower base, across the short section of the AT and down the Dome bypass to Forney Trail.

The reward of the Dome pathway is the VIEWS coming (4 Star) back!!!!!! Even the views from the parking lot are 4 Star!!!!!!

on Abrams Falls Trail

1 month ago

This is a moderately difficult hike with lots of ups and downs on the way out and back. There are some scenic views along the way, and the falls are well worth the effort to get there. The amount of water flowing over the falls in March was impressive.

Great hike with great views!!! Would definitely recommend!

Love this place! Amazing views!!

great hike with a rewarding view !! would definitely recommend.

1 month ago

kayak there a lot

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