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9/22/18 No longer closed. A small portion of the trail was closed last year for maintenance but now is open.

loved this trail! will be using it for training!

I was hoping to see a few spring flowers, but I guess it's too early. Trail is mostly flat. The loop back is rather steep. I'd recommend a walking stick.

4 days ago

Great trail. My dog had an amazing time

Lots of fun to take the kids on. Part of the trail was closed due to construction. But, we still got to hang out by the creek and have a fun easy going morning. Not to busy on the trail, only saw a few people along the way.

Did it yesterday! Just beautiful hike! Really enjoyed it and the lake is breathtaking. A must do.

trail running
7 days ago

This is such a beautiful trail to run. You can tell though that there are so homeless people who live in there but they didn’t bug us during our run or anything. There wasn’t anything about it being closed during though.

8 days ago

Great trail along the creek. Some pretty good inclined but manageable. Didn’t have time to do the whole thing but will hike again.

very nice and relaxing walk, beautiful beach great first dogs that like to swim!

15 days ago

Nice little trail following the river! Scetchy parking lot, but that is just part of Tacoma! Once you get passed that it is a fun adventure! Could have been a quiet relaxing walk enjoying the soothing sound of the river, except that I had 6 and 8 year old boys narrating their adventure! It was sad to see so much trash about, but otherwise well maintained walk ways.

A moderately difficult hike in a lush, dense beautiful forest. The trees provided plenty of shade that made the hike all the more pleasant! Make sure to bring plenty of water since there is no refill station!

I was going to try the trail with my dog despite the tweakers in the parking lot but the trail is closed until sept 15th! Maybe next summer I’ll try again.

Great trail for all ages, shapes, and sizes. Great signage and mile markers. Scenery is calming. Destination on the bay worth the short walk.

Central Peak was a very disappointing ending. most of the Creeks are dried up but it's summer. Trail markers get worse the higher that you get some splits aren't marked at all.

I loved this trail. Easy and beautiful!

21 days ago

I went here yesterday and it is absolutly beautiful. I would definitely go again.

22 days ago

Cigarette butts and broken glass everywhere, Will never go back!!!

Definitely need the app to track where you’re going as this is a hike made up of several smaller trails. Great hike. Quiet. Relatively easy/flat.

Easy to get to. Straight trail. Nice to see the rocky beach. Not a fan of the straight hike, where it’s not a circle, I prefer circle hikes. The trees along the way are pretty and the terrain is mix of rock and cement. Easy for kids too!

very rewarding. cool historical info along the trail. awesome hike!

Didn't think about the creeks drying up when we went but was still a good hike! Ended up going a bit farther and doing around 9 miles. The trail wasn't too busy, long for younger kids but saw several families over a few hours.

The hike was very enjoyable. Nice trail and not very busy for a Sunday hike. We did spot a mama black bear and at least one cub foraging in the brush. We reported to authorities and others on the trail. If you are a trail runner consider this!

1 month ago

just made it to the end and its beautiful!!

total great! my first hike in Washington state

1 month ago

I don't think I can count the number of times I've actually been to this park, I feel like it exceeds 10, 000, perfect nice easy walk for elderly and kids and strollers if this is too easy for you just Veer off the path into the hills and woods or the monument to the original Western State Hospital, Dog park, drone flying Zone, playground and fields of plenty. I hope nothing ever makes this place go away!

tweakers living in their cars in the parking lot, the trail was nice once you get allot further in and pass the tweakerdom of the beginning of the place.

1 month ago

Super pretty trail! Harder than I thought it would be but it was a great hike

love this trail

My first time walking through this park: I'm very disappointed. the only exercise is a long walk to & from the parking lot. There is a very short "trail" not even one mile that I went down. In that short time I saw drug paraphernalia as well as an open bag of drugs right next to where children were playing.

Great trail right in the middle of town! The trail is marked with signs, so very hard to get lost! Part of the trail is closed due to construction but I loved it! Lots of old growth gives you plenty of shade but remember your bug spray!

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