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17 hours ago

Great hike all the way through, started off with plentiful parking in the top parking lot. Went through the gravel/dirt road to the first metal sign which I passed...then looked up to my right at a different trail and saw another metal sign...then turned completely around and saw the #622 sign. Walked closed to the metal sign and there it was Seven Bridges hike! So yeah just keep a lookout for those metal signs and the #622 and make a right upwards. Its all uphill from there and being a non-native to CO it wasn't too bad but once I passed the 7th bridge and started upwards to Jones Park...hoooo I definitely needed to take a couple of breaks. So I'm not sure whether or not I reached Jones Park - but I'm assuming it was that one side (where the trail is on) that has a vast opening where it was ALL loose gravel and giant rock formations while the other side is a complete full grown forest (or in today's case completely covered in snow). So one side was like a hot desert while the other was a snow covered forest - pretty cool. I only went up maybe 0.5 miles away from that point and it just kept going up, so yeah I called it quits and went back down to start the St. Mary's Falls Trail.

1 day ago

Great quick hike right on campus! Just enough to get your heart rate up! And the view is sooo good!

great hike, beautiful creek, flowers and views
starts going up, there's no shade but the views are breathtaking. you can see so many lakes and reservoirs

Love the Incline. Does anyone know if Barr trail is clear or if it has snow and ice? (I know it snowed yesterday, but am hoping it’ll melt off this afternoon. I don’t want to slide down Barr trail on the way back!)

The trail was easy. I wished I could have done the old trail for a better challenging workout. We started about 8:30 am. Weather was nice and cool. When we hiked back our if was a bit warmer. Heard some rattle snakes so be careful! Overall, great hike for anyone and kids no younger than 9-10 years of age.

I did Angels landing as an extra loop to the West rim trail/telephone canyon. Angel landing itself is great, but a little too crowded. From bus stop to top, then back down, it took me 2 hours. Go as early as possible (went there with the 4th bus of the day, and already starting to be annoying). The trail is NOT hard - more like moderate - but there is a 1500 feet gain so you need to be ok with that. Although it can be narrow, the holding is always extremely easy. The biggest danger is that it is too crowded and people are impatient. The view is great, so do it! Definetly in the top hikes in the area. Otherwise do observation point via east mesa trail is a good alternative overlooking angels landing.

Jump in the water

1 day ago

Love The M! Great view of Missoula!

trail running
1 day ago

A big too busy for my liking with many dogs off leads giving an added trip hazard to the runner.

1 day ago

Impressive! Much of the trail is paved and offers gorgeous views! After Scout Lookout it gets ridiculous. Many places you cling to angled rock feeling for a foothold in the rock; hold the chains and pray you don’t misstep and plummet 1500 feet to your death.

1 day ago

Go early. Awesome hike.

2 days ago

Great hike! There's a lot of incline both ways, but the view at the top of the mountain is worth it. There is also no shade so make sure you load up on sunscreen and wear a hat.

Great hike, good amount of switchbacks but plenty of level ground to catch your breath. Would definitely rate this hike more on the easier side. Really enjoy the view once you get to the top! Would have given it 5 stars but the trail is very busy at all times of the day and the people on the trail tend to keep to themselves without a smile or "hello". We can't control the popularity of the trail, but a little smile or "hello" goes a long way to making a trail more enjoyable.

had a great time with my lady on the trail definitely will go back!

My husband and I have been on soooo many hikes. Not only inside the RMNP but all over Colorado. This one is by far my favorite one! Make sure you go during the summer time, last year we tried going up there several times,as early as April and we lost the trail under about 6 feet of stiff snow! We thought we were on the trail until we checked in AllTrailsApp... we were way off. The trail itself is pretty moderate. A little rough at times, so not so many people once you get up there. Which we actually love, we take our lunch up there and enjoy the quietness. It’s definitely not crowded like the surrounding lakes (Bear, Emerald)... the water is so clear you can see the bottom of the lake no matter where you stand! It’s so beautiful. Can’t wait to be back this year!

Great views. Enjoyed the views from here more than at Cowles. Well maintained trails. Was able to hike alone and feel safe. Very well trafficked.

Very pretty!

Got started before the first shuttle got there since we are staying at the lodge. Left the cabin at around 6:45 and we’re one of the first few people to the top. Recommend going in the morning as the way down had a lot of congestion.

2 days ago

Did this hike 4/22/18. Got there pretty early around 8a and was pretty much the only one on the trail during the ascent. Trailhead is tucked away about a .25 mile from the sign for it - just follow road up to the left and you’ll see the beginning of the trail. Lots of switchbacks and pretty steady climb throughout, so it was definitely a good workout! Conditions - snow coverage throughout, but lots of melting happened just from the time I started to when I finished, so it was a little slick coming down with slushy/wet snow. Had some pretty nice views along the way though - best being about .5 mile from summit there’s an area at the turn of a switchback that overlooks the canyon.

2 days ago


I've heard various levels of difficulty about this trail, since apparently there used to be an alternative route to the falls. going down, I followed the blue ribbons placed along the trail to help you stay on it. a few points where it became rocks/ climbing, I had to look and for the trail, but for the most part it was pretty easy to follow. a lot of the trail is right on the edge of a drop-off, so I wouldn't recommend bringing children. I was the only person when I got to the falls. slipped off my Dusty shoes and socks and enjoyed the water, and got to lay down on the rocks by the water, just enjoying the sound of the falls. on the way back up- which is steep in some parts, I passed 3 people. I brought 3L of water, drank 2.

on the way down I had complete shade, trek back was maybe 25% shaded. beautiful change in scenery throughout the hike. A few areas I had to slow down and focus on my steps.

awesome hike! I started at 645am. made it up in just under 2 hours. I went on a Monday morning, and had the rock to myself for 20 minutes before someone else came up. Going down I passed tons of people, so definitely get there early if you don't want to wait. The whole thing took 3 1/2 hours, and was definitely a workout. Can't wait to do it again! I brought 3L of water, and drank about 2.5

Killer view at the top...

Great hike! The falls were beautiful! I wasn’t sure what to expect with the new trail. My 11 year old son came along and made it. Coming out was a little difficult and made many stops. It was also pretty warm, about 80 degrees and only had an occasional breeze in the canyon.

Heard some rattle snakes right off the trail in the rocks so be on the look out this time of year.

Over all it was a great hike, taking us about an hour to get to the falls and about 1 1/2 - 2 hours coming out.

Pack water and a snack and start early and your sure to have some fun!

great trail plenty of spots to rest awesome workout

This hike was decently steep but very enjoyable! I went up while it was snowing which added another element to everything! The snow on the trees was very peaceful but made navigating the trail with the rocks a little tricky! You have to park at the bottom by the park as there is no parking for hikers allowed in the neighborhood so there is a bit of an extra walk up the dirt road to get to the trailhead. There's a gorgeous alpine meadow after the major part of the incline and you follow the creek for a bit as well where you see some waterfalls! The trail ends at the reservoir (not a waterfall like I thought for some reason :p ) but the reservoir lake is gorgeous and I'm sure there are great mountain views when there's not a storm brewing! No facilities at the trailhead (there might be some where you park) and the parking area is decent sized!

I wasn't planning on coming out for this trail but I'm glad I did! From the parking area (equipped with a bathroom!) it doesn't look like much but once you get down into where the formations are it's stunning! It would definitely be great during sunrise/sunset rather than in the blizzard I got but the trails are pretty easy and it looks like you can make your own loops! I just went to the formations and back but the trail intersections were marked and there was a little incline but nothing super difficult!

3 days ago

Great trail. It's pretty crowed unless you go really early.

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