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Great Views.trail is always packed so recommend to start in the morning. We walked all the way up, starting at Honolulu zoo, so you don‘t have to pay for parking nor worry about getting a parking spot. It‘s an easy trail. But stay hydrated.

1 day ago

My wife and I enjoyed this hike. Some nice water along the way and small waterfalls along the way.

2 days ago

So the hike to the falls is pretty easy-family friendly really.

The real fun and adventure begins past the falls as you climb a steep (extremely muddy this past weekend) incline to get to the Secret Bridge which I have since named Sketchy Bridge. It is not for the faint hearted to cross. I was pretty damn scared on the thing-it even shook a bit when I was on it but man it was exhilarating!

Moss slides past the bridge are super fun! It would be cool to hang there with some beers (pack out what you pack in) and slip n slide.

Tip: spikes are a good idea after rain; mosquitoe spray AND always be considerate of the neighborhood you’re in.

Very short trail. You have to pay to park here and the trail is always busy. At sunrise there are nice views

Loved the hike. Beautiful views all hike and great trail conditions. Only issue was a few people had dogs off leashes but it didn’t take away from the hike. Will definitely be going back!

Love this trail and the surrounding trails.

Great trail

Beautiful views at the top and the military history is neat. Had a guy feint from heat at the top who had to be flown out by helicopter. Not a long hike but stay hydrated with the heat and stairs.

Really enjoyed this hike. Switchbacks along the Western face provide great views all of the way up and down. Note that AllTrails will lead you astray on trailhead parking. Parking is left on Cerro Gordo Road. This is the left just before Canyon Rd becomes dirt.

It has a little bit of everything. I look forward to going back.

I did this when I first got here. There’s better views out there that involve an actual hike

4 days ago

Challenging but a fun trail. Hiked this with my wife and daughter, neither have been hiking for some time but still made it. It still has burnt trees as a reminder of the terrible fires from 2016.

Done this hike several times Easy and fun muddy but very rewarding at the end for a dip in the waterfall it’s a most go!!!

My out of shape friend from Texas did it and so can you. We had copious amounts of cured meats beforehand! And a banana cream pie.

Busy, but awesome views!

mountain biking
5 days ago

We love biking out here! Great views for little work.

A little difficult for an easy trail but well worth it.

6 days ago

Beautiful hike today on 4/19. Packed snow and ice almost completely covering entire trail up to the end of the trail. Definitely helped to use my yak tracks. I didn’t slip at all or have any difficulty while using them (besides the altitude and the entirely uphill trail-lol). Not too much of an elevation gain but the altitude definitely makes it more challenging. I was truly surprised by how many other people were on the trail and the fact that 95% of those people were very ill prepared for hiking. I’m here were people in shorts and almost everyone else was wearing either tennis shoes or casual shoes. No wonder I saw so many people falling. Please be prepared for the ice/snow and weather

Great trail! Great views the whole way with a really good cardio workout. A lot of incline trails the whole way up so be prepared !

7 days ago

Easy walk, but usually very crowded, which isn't fun IMHO. The views are pretty, but doesn't make it worth freaking with the amount of people.

Hiked this 3/17. Little Challenging but the views are incredible and completely worth it.

Hiked yesterday. It poured with light rain throughout the entire trek. Beautiful misty waterfall at the end, at the second log bridge (you can't miss it). Saw very few other hikers thanks to the weather.
This is a great hike if you want something slightly more challenging. However, anyone can do it if you just go at your own pace.

Justhikedthis trail with my buddy from Dallas. I flew in from Austin yesterday. We hiked trails 29,30,31 and 32 for a total of 3.2 miles. It was a great day and the trail was well maintained.

A fun quick hike, the stairs at the topi are killer but well worth the view from the top!

Short easy hike. Go early to avoid large crowds.

The trail is extremely muddy right now. I would keep an extra pair of shoes/towell in your car for the ride home. Bug spray wouldn't hurt.t was a very beautiful hike.

Good hike for beginners. Nice view at the top.

9 days ago

Beautiful place and very relax.

Would recommend starting via Flatirons North instead of South. Otherwise you turning back on flatirons when coming back around in the open space.

Personally, I love this place. There are many different birds out there, sometimes deer. Good views of the city and if you're wanting to challenge yourself you can follow the paths up to Gold Camp road and take numerous trails upward from there.

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