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once you turn off the Indian trail and head South (not marked) you pretty much are going up, up and up. The valley is peaceful and you won't pass any other hikers. Lots of animal tracks in the mud and snow once you are in the canyon. Totally worth doing, but be prepared to climb.

4 days ago

This is a double win! there is a mine right before you get to the flag that is well worth checking out. Its called Patsi's mine and is only a minute off trail.

4 days ago

The mine is cool and worth the hike. I wouldn't take my children past the mine to the flag. I recommend going up farmington canyon to get to the dirt road then hike from there.

Fun trail, we took our almost 4 yr old and 18 month old. Pretty steep sections, but worth the hike!

Great trail. Steep but worth it!

Not well marked. Enjoyed the steep incline to the top.

Trail was pretty snow packed - I had coils on but you probably could have made it without. View at the top was unbeatable. Took me about 3 hours round trip!

It was absolutely beautiful! There’s quite a drop off at the beginning but super worth it to see the stream. My pups loved every bit of it!

1 month ago

My husband and I did this hike with my little sister on March 4. There was a decent amount of snow, but my little sister made it without spikes or snowshoes. We only went in about 1.5 miles before turning around.

Great little day hike with family. Hiked this with my five year old. We hit the mine first and then continued up to the flag pole. The road to get you close to mine is easy if you have moderate ground clearance.

So beautiful in the snow!

It’s kind of hard to find, I used a local blog to get good directions (girlonahike). But it was worth it to find it, the grotto was fun to play in. I went to first week of June and didn’t see any hornets luckily, because I would have high tailed it out of there if I did. I didn’t see anyone else on the trail.

This is a hidden gem! There’s a lot swing about a mile up the trail, and a couple decent waterfalls as well. The trail is definitely moderate, you get your blood pumping but nothing too hard.

I absolutely love this trail it is one of my favorites, but it is really hard but totally worth it!

2 months ago

Good stuff did this at sunset, bring lights for the trip down

2 months ago

The trail is well maintained other than just a couple areas that are seeing erosion. Those really weren’t an issue and I felt confident on this trail with my kids. It is a good climb with a great payoff at the end. There is a bench to rest and take in the views about half way up and at the top. Not much shade, so I imagine that it could be a hot one in the summer, but in the cool of an unseasonably dry February, it was very pleasant.

Great easy hike that’s good for anyone of all ages. Out and back in about 3 hours and it was a leisurely pace. Spikes were helpful today in some parts but given the weather you could have made it without.

2 months ago

If you go during winter, wear your Yaktrax. Beautiful hike with great views.

The beginning of the trail is a little boring, and it is kind of hard to figure out which trails to take because there aren’t any signs. It’s a pretty hike though once you figure out which way you are supposed to go. It gets really narrow once you get close to the top, but if you pay attention and go slow, you should be fine. I would not recommend taking small kids.

Nice hike. To get to it you park in the parking lot for the Davis creek trail and then jump in the BST and hike toward steed canyon and from Steed canyon onto hornets canyon. First part of the hike is open without trees no shade and then when going into steed canyon it starts to get a bit shady until you’re fully shaded. Trail is visible and easy to follow but there a couple of places with forks and if you don’t have the map to know where to go you go into other trails. Up toward the top the trail’s shoulder is really soft and has eroded and somewhat steep to climb, be careful walking through there. Once you get to the weeping wall falls it is beautiful and tranquil. Loved the sounds of the falling water.

Very little snow on the trail right now. Muddy in some spots. Fun little hike!

great trail, but icy towards the end so need shoe spikes. when you are about 0.5 miles in the trail seems to disappear, you just need to continue over the jagged rocks and the trail picks back up. dog loved the trail.

2 months ago

The trail is dry right now. No mud or snow.

Don’t be fooled by the first part of this hike, the second half is quite difficult. What makes it difficult is the terrain, steepness, and the lack of a defined trail. Watch out for poison oak and cacti on the actual path, I had to go off the designated trail to avoid these in some places. When I was avoiding those factors or I couldn’t find the trail I hiked up the creek bed. Be sure to have steady feet and the will/ability to hike a hard terrain if you want to do this hike.

My dog loved the hike and wore her out pretty good. Bring water for sure for your dog. This hike is completely exposed and will be extremely hot in the summer.

Gave this hike a 4 stars because it was a great/hard hike up with some great views. Almost gave it 3 stars because the view at the top was just okay. But sometimes it is the journey and not the destination that makes a trip, right?

2 months ago

This was a good trail. Lots of cars over the cliff and was sad seeing the beat up cars on the mountain and tires in the river. There were at 3 waterfalls the highest one still covered in ice.. very beautiful in winter. Up higher snow shoes or spikes on our shoes would have helped but no prob with just running shoes on. I’m sure summer there are too many ppl. Will stick to going in the winter.

During winter the main road is closed so there is a 20 minute walk to the actual trail before hand. But it is a beautiful wet hike. Bring some warm clothes in case it snows like it did with me. A great easy/moderate hike with no music needed, just listen to the sounds of the creek and you’ll be sure to lose yourself among the trees.

This is my favorite hike. So close to town but you feel like you are miles away. This was the first time hiking it in the Winter. We had trouble getting up to the trailhead since the first part of the dirt road was icy. We just parked at the bottom and hiked up. The first half mile of the south trail was pretty icy and I wish I’d brought my traction spikes. Then the next 1.5 miles was pretty easy with packed snow conditions and we made good time. The closer we got to the waterfall, the narrower the trail and the more powdery the snow. It wasn’t impassible in just boots, but snowshoes might have kept us from sinking in so much. Overall still a great hike.

Loved this trail!

3 months ago

It was a good trail and I loved it! Such a cool place to go.

4 months ago

One of my favorite trails. So much beauty. Will kick your butt!

This is a great trail to get your heart rate up. Close to town but once in the valley you can’t see civilization. One of my favorites!

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