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1 day ago

Great hike, lots of trees, can do just this hike or add Indian Trail into it.

on Indian Trail

1 day ago

Beautiful trail, take your time and really enjoy the views.

Great trail wouldn’t recommend taking dogs on This trail it get really narrow and especially hard when people are trying to pass up and down the trail. Very pretty and shady. Inclined become more aggressive near the end. Good for older kids. Plan on hiking out with little ones on shoulders or packs

It was a really challenging trail for me. It’s a good trail to overlook the city, but not much of an escape. I would recommend it for fireworks watching. The traffic, planes, trains, and emergency vehicles are audible all the way up the trail. The work you put in doesn’t feel like an equal output.

3 days ago

Nice hike. Steep in the beginning but evens out. If you’re
scared of heights you might want to reconsider, a few spots were on the edge, don’t look down!

This was a great hike. It is correctly labeled as "hard," but only because of the distance. The trail is a steady climb up switchbacks for a few miles, and then several miles of ridge-walking, before a strenuous climb to the summit that lasts approximately one mile. By the time that I was done, my joints were aching and I was very tired, but only because I had hiked 17 miles, and not because of any particularly difficult section.

We saw moose and mountain goats, and we signed our names in the log book at the summit. It was a great day.

Enjoyed the challenging hike during the cooler temperatures. Very peaceful at the end to relax.

one of my favorites especially in the fall. beautiful colors and views. I start at 27th or 22nd.

Beautiful trail with fall colors this time of year. The trail is dirt packed and slightly damp from the cool weather with lots of fall color leaves on the ground. Getting to the overlook is fun with some pretty easy switchbacks, but be sure to keep hiking till you get to the wooden bench and don’t stop early despite the trail map. The views from the overlook are gorgeous with a great mountain view and city scape. The dogs and I had a great hike!

This trail takes you through beautiful pine forest. The view from the top is also nice.

Trail is a nice trail, packed dirt. Went on 10-5-18, and fall colors are amazing. the view at the end is well worth the hike. stunning overlook views throughout the hike. Took parents who are in their 50s and not acclimated to the elevation and they were able to make it the whole hike (they are in decent shape though). Took us 1.5 hours to get to the top at a slowish pace and 45 minutes to get back down at a quick pace. From car and back, my phone tracked the entire hike at 5.59 miles.

trail running
16 days ago

I came across the cabin and used the trail as part of my descent from Thurston Peak. I decided to make a detour and see the cabin while I was in the area.
My thoughts on the cabin? Meh. I would definitely not have made the trek up this trail just to see it, but that’s just me. I didn’t look inside of it, nor did I care to. As for the trail - I only descended it but man was it unenjoyable. Scrub oak impeded the trail the whole time, loose rocks, sandy, washed out in some areas. I wouldn’t even say the views would be worth the effort, but I didn’t look up from the trail for fear of tripping over roots or rocks. It’s uphill the entire way so if you want a workout, here it is.
The real problem is that not enough people use the trail to keep the oak cleared away. I wouldn’t recommend this route as you will get beat up by the terrain.

Good hard trail to hike. Beautiful views!

19 days ago

Starting at the Cold Water Canyon trailhead for this hike there was a large congregation of wasps blocking the trail about 0.75 miles in. They were attracted to the water that flowed over the trail and there wasn't a good way around them. We decided to turn around and hike a different trail in the canyon instead.

Such a nice hike up with the dogs and family! Such a beautiful hike and love the creek for the dogs!

Found a geocache right at the point where the trail starts to go uphill more steeply. Utah has some cool looking rocks! The grotto was worth the narrow path, which was slippery dirt at some points where someone had even left a rope for people to grab onto during the most tricky part. If you wear the right shoes (which I didn’t) this hike shouldn’t be difficult at all for an adult. It almost seems like the path was a game trail originally.

Great time of year to hike (late September), some shade, autumn colors, cooler temps.

Lovely hike with the right amount of up, down and traversing the mountain. Also it is largely in the shade. The down is a bit steep in places so hiking sticks are nice if you have sensitive knees.

It's very steep steep towards the top which can be a challenge. Overall great trail though!

crazy elevation... coming from Phoenix AZ...loved it.

1 month ago

Great hike! I would suggest having two vehicles. One at 22nd Street and one at the canyon trailhead.

1 month ago

Fall colors are showing. Great in the early morning.

1 month ago

Did approximately 3 1/2 miles round trip. Nice climb

1 month ago

Love this Hike I like to go up there from 22nd Street and look at the beautiful scenery.

1 month ago

This is awesome and was a demanding hike which I will not forget

first time hiking this trail. wow, 70 foot drops on sandy unstable slopes. rock walls. had to turn around, sketchy!

I hiked with my Boy Scout troop up to the pipeline, which I believe is about 2.5 miles in. According to another group of hikers we met, the trail gets very overgrown past this point. As previous reviewers have noted, the trail is shaded most of the way by scrub oak, maple, cottonwood and tall pines. Overall, it was a beautiful hike, and a good workout.

This was a very awkward hike. Kind of confusing on which trail to follow the further up you go. Trail isn’t well maintained, and is very dangerous in some parts. A lot of wasps on the trail where the trail is wet from the creek. Wasn’t all that scenic either. Only pro I can think of is you get a workout from it and it’s shaded. Won’t be doing this trail again.

1 month ago

Such a fun hike! It was pretty steep for the first little but and then it evened out. The views were beautiful and I would recommend this hike!

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