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Very pretty nature trail, both dirt and paved paths, the Conestoga River is very peaceful and there is a trail that runs right next to it with lots of hamocking oppurtunities

nice trail..great pics to come

Could be so much better. Trails, when marked at all, are confusing due to graffiti. There’s no signage to denote where each trail leads and the blaze color. If you hike with a dog be aware that there are no trash cans at the trailhead or in the immediate vicinity so be prepared to drive with a smelly poo bag. At the least the county needs to step in and clean things up. For a nicer time, head down the road to Warwick Park

Mixed terrain, rocky in certain spots, one down hill that could be a little difficult with small children or pets, part of the cockscomb loop is not marked so well, but it's clear enough if you just avoid the 'No Trespassing' signs from the quarry below.

Personally, I liked it a lot. Not terribly challenging, but interesting enough. We hiked around the cockscomb trail, up to the money rocks and it was a great little 3 mile loop. The money rock overlook was neat. Not much of a vista in the summer when the trees are full, but a nice spot all the same. The money rocks have interesting rock carvings of names from the 1870s, which were cool to see. They're a little covered by graffiti now, but I think it added to the charm.

Definitely would hike again.

Love this hike. Second time doing it Nd we went backwards which made it so much nicer. Great for the whole family (fur babies too) and lots of water for hot days!

Great place to hike during the hot summer!

Great day hike. Enough to work up a sweat but enjoy a nice loop and some great views of the river along the way

This hike is really special. Just a beautiful walk along rocky hills, plunging (though small) waterfalls, and through lush forest and meadows. The “difficult” rating by the County Conservancy is probably accurate, but the trail is not too challenging; you probably want to be in decent shape if you expect to enjoy the entire loop, however. Lots of stream crossings and wet, slippery rocks, so bring proper footwear.

this is a great place to hike! I've gone here a couple of times with my family and had a great time every time!

This was a great place to talk and hike. Without the rocks, it would be an ordinary trail. The rocks made it so much fun. It is not well marked but it’s such a small area that you really can’t get lost.

This was one of our first hikes, we loved it, especially the multiple steam crossings!

Considering it’s just a few miles outside of the city it’s an amazing place to get away and go for a 3 mile walk or so. Actually ended up going fishing one time and had a great experience. Beautiful place to visit

The trail and scenery are beautiful. I was a little taken aback by how many people there were wearing flip flops and carrying pool floaties though....I guess that's what I get for going on one of the hottest Saturdays of the year so far!

This was a beautiful hike. It's a little challenging at spots around the creek. I would suggest going through the meadow first and then looping around to the creek especially if it is hot outside.

One of the best in the area!

Nice trail. We will definitely explore more!

Rocky but good hike. Trails hit and miss on blazes at times. Some steep hills. Did I mention rocky? Dog did great, we did add on a short connector to make it longer.

Amazing views and cool birds and bugs to see!

Second time on this trail. Got a bit confused at one point. A lot of different colored trail markets at a creek crossing. Needed to turn right instead of left.

Great trail. The terrain is moderately rugged in some spots. One trail marker was on a felled small tree by the stream and I missed it. Ended up on a dead end trail but backtracked and got going the right way. This is a must-hike trail!

A truly awesome trail on a beautiful day. We seriously underestimated the waterfalls and the stream, which were the gems of the hike. The simple beauty of the open spaces, fields of wild flowers really, added to the experience. A great day!

Been going here for over a year now! It’s a blast and usually isn’t too crowded! I usually follow the yellow trail to the white trail. This trail follows beside the water and then takes you up for a decent view of the water in fall when the leaves are fewer and more colorful. The white trail will take you back to the beginning of yellow trail and parking.

Mind blowing!!! Worth every second, I’ll be going back soon!!!

2 months ago

Awesome trail!! Your feet will get wet! Took about 1.5/2 hrs!! Muddy spots and some slippery rocks! Totally not a stroll in the park that’s what hiking is though!

Beautiful little trek down to the river and back.Theres a few different trails to take, so you can do something different each way..It trails what to me is a trout stream ..tiny waterfalls..I love taking my children. It's a mini adventure for them..There are some part of trails that are steap and at times slippery.. Overall, be going for years. And I definitely recommend checking it out!

2 months ago

Definitely a quick rocky trail to a small overlook that is blinded from trees. The rock formations make up for the little view as you are high in the sky just inches away from a very large drop. Highly recommend for a quick and easy hike. Not a usual sight you would see on a normal hike so that’s dope.

horseback riding
2 months ago

very rocky.... would not go again. this is way to rocky for horses even with shoes.

There are several spots where you can go into French Creek. It’s fun to explore all the rocks people have painted. While others complain of this taking away from the beauty, I think it adds a fun aspect to a hike. At the trailhead (3 way split) go straight, if you have a few hours, and make the long hike to the quarry. It’s beautiful and good swimming spot.

Definitely a challenging trail but was awesome! Can’t wait to go back!

Beautiful. However lots of fallen trees and very steep in some areas. I always fall when I come here. There are also some narrow paths near the edge of the cliff so please be careful. Downfall is there’s very little parking.

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