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What a hike! The views are amazing and the thrill of conquering all the uphill switchbacks and then the final half mile ascent is so rewarding. Crowded, yes, but everyone lends a hand and a “you can do it”. Met sooo many great people. No litter at all. So cool to share the awe and exhilaration with others. Windy at the top. I am 65 and fearful of heights but I DID IT!

Hardest hike I’ve ever done but the view at the top was absolutely breath taking. Absolutely stunning. This is now my favorite hike I’ve ever done. Just amazing.

This is the scariest but most rewarding hike we have done yet. Warning - this is not for those who have a fear of heights at all. There are many steep uphill switchbacks before you even get to the scary part. Be prepared for very narrow, windy passes with drop offs on both sides of you. However, the views at the top are spectacular and make it worth it. Watch the weather and avoid going if there is a chance of rain. It makes the trail more dangerous and slippery. It happened to start raining on our way down and even hailed. I would definitely do this hike again. Well worth it.

18 hours ago

Amazing view from the top but if you are afraid of heights then this trail may not be right for you. The last half mile you will need to hang on the steel chains and carefully watch your steps, the path is very narrow and steep, but once you got to the top, the breathtaking views are well worthy!!

Hiked it this morning 3/15/2018 maybe 10-15 people total until the hike back down. Started at 6 from the museum up to the top and back down to the museum by 11. This hike is not for those afraid of heights and is very fulfilling. I had major knee surgery last June and was able to do this hike with little to no pain even with all the hills, switchback and climbing involved.

conquered it on 10/21/17.. Epic hike.. amazing.. words can't describe how beautiful it is up there.

Fun little none-strenuous hike with an amazing view by a storm shelter.

Close your eyes and take in the sounds of the wind at the lookout into the canyon and you might hear something beautiful like I did!!

Keep an eye out for diving birds in the canyon.

The ancient bristlecone pine is worth the hike!

Did this hike march 14... crampons for the boots were a good idea, however the hike is do able without.

Would be great for kids!

Fantastic trail. Hiked it with my kids. Super crowded because of Spring Break but still worth it.

Excellent hike couldn't ask for more beautiful weather! Not for the faint of heart!

Absolutely loved it. One hell of a hike it is. People scared of heights should stay away from this!!!

4 days ago

I love this hike. Me and my bf went on Friday. It was packed but all in all a nice hike. A LOT of switchbacks and all uphill

While many are saying the final views are spectacular, the experience is what made this a 5-star hike for me. It is both mentally and physically tough, so completing it was incredibly fulfilling. This hike is so unique. There’s nothing else like the journey to the summit.

The one drawback of this hike is how crowded it gets. There are points where I felt a little unsafe, waiting by a drop off along a very narrow path for others to pass. There are many places where only one-way traffic can pass, although there’s traffic in both ways. This hike is not for those with a fear of heights.

Hermit thrush, black & white warbler, downy woodpecker, chickadees, robins, and heard parulas ..... and gators!

Not as hard as you might think. Pick a nice clear day to enjoy the views. Great trail.

Great hike. Awesome views. Easy to follow. Trail markers every few hundred feet.

Trail is very well maintained! For being right outside of Charleston, it’s perfect to get away for the day and go hiking. The trail is fairly easy to walk - some roots and soft marsh spots. Also, love that it’s dog friendly!! We took our two dogs and had a blast. There were quite a bit of people out walking with their dogs and riding bikes, so it gets some traffic on the weekends. Definitely a hidden gem!

INCREDIBLE! Don’t underestimate this hike or overestimate your abilities. This hike couldn’t have been more breathtaking. Lots of switchbacks until you get up to the chains.

Amazing hike, but definitely be prepared! Saw a lot of people without proper footwear and with the ice I would recommend having strap ons.

Just do it. It's beautiful, easy and underwater geysers are just plain cool. Plus---the Colors!

tough hike, but the views make it well worth it.

loved it, except for the dogs behind the fence. ☺

uphill almost the entire way with some rock scrambling ... great hike with amazing views!

Easy for its length. Not even bad in the rain. Not the most entertaining hike though

By far this is my favorite hike I’ve ever done and that’s says a lot because I’ve done a lot of hikes. The view at the top is breathtaking and definitely worth every second of the hike. This trail is not for people who give up easily. I highly recommend doing this hike. It is definitely a trail for a bucket list.

This one was one of the best vacation adventures I've been on. Great hikes and get as close to the water as you want (it is a hefty $10,000 fine to get in though) Lots of rocks to climb and scale if you want (some are inverted so bring some fall protection)

14 days ago

Great, challenging hike. Adrenaline carried me to the top with great views and a sense of accomplishment. Went in late February with some snow and ice, rented some micro spikes on the recommendation of Zion adventure company - wouldn’t have made it to the top without them! I can’t wait to come back and do this again!!

17 days ago

A short touristy walk. Steps are small and can be crowded, but all in all easy to check off the list.

Absolutely loved this trail and this park - made my bad knee absolutely kill me though ! The views are to die for. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

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