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5 days ago

Beautiful hike! I would definitely do it again, but in the summer. My car could only make it within 2 miles of the trailhead, so we walked up the road to get there. We had to stamp through the snow the entire time, which made for an adventure! However, I definitely recommend snowshoes if you hike in the winter months. The views from the top were stunning and made the trudging worth it in the end.

Hiked this trail a number of times, and it is one that is relatively easy at most points but has a few rough spots if you're not careful. Great view of the Gorge.

9 days ago

Did an overnighter last Saturday. Great trail for snowshoeing. Spent the night in hammocks. Fun times

One of my favorite hikes! Done it many times and it's good in any season! Amazing views of Mt St Helen's, Mt Rainier, Mt Adam's, Mt Hood and Mt Bachelor from the top!!

22 days ago

Did an overnigher to Packwood Lake 2 weeks ago. 4.5 miles one way. 1.5 to 2 hrs each way. First overnighter this early in the year. Normal hike in with snow the last mile to the lake. It was cold, in the low 30's hiking in. Setup camp, started a fire and had dinner. Beautifully calm lake with an orange Johnson Peak in the background at sunset. It got down to the high 20's overnight. We were greeted with a warm sunrise as we had breakfast and tore down camp. Only saw 3 other people doing the same thing we did. Left around 10:30am. It's amazing how much elevation gain you loose on the way back, yet the elevation gain hiking in is so gradual you don't even notice it. This was my first real winter overnight and something everyone should try, with the proper cold weather gear of course.

Did this back in July 2016. Walked east and north on Summit Lake Trail #4014 past Square Lake and Booth Lake, and tent camped at Jack Lake. Most of this whole section of the trail was burned in the B an B complex Fire in 2003, but the resulting abundant wildflowers are striking through here. Also notable were large populations of mountain bluebirds using the dead snags for housing and resting. After Jack Lake we continued northwesterly bypassing the tarn spur and continuing on to Wasco Lake. North of Wasco Lake the trail makes a quick scramble to meet the PCT. Continued on the PCT south and back to the parking area. Thanks to whomever uploaded this!

Climbed a few routes on the koala, loved the trail. spectacular day for February. came out under cover of headlamps with zero problems.

So much fun. Easy enough for my 6 year old to hike as well. We took the upper trail in and the lower trail on the way out.

Fun trail. Hiked on 1/20/18. Needed snow shoes to get to the top.

1 month ago

Hiked Packwood Lake today. 9 miles RT. 1.5hr each way using the upper trail and started at 11am. This is the earliest in the year I've ever hiked it. The parking lot was empty. 3 Cars counting mine. The weather was excellent, sunny and no snow at trailhead. The temperature was in the high 40's and low 50's. Perfect. I ran into snow about 2 miles from the lake and spotty in the beginning. It was steady snow around 1.5 miles from the lake and oddly enough...the last 1/8 mile was virtually snow free. The snow was about 1-2 feet deep and well tracked. Pretty crunchy so you didn't sink or get too wet. Beautiful though. No snow at the lake but a thin layer of ice over top that made beautiful breaking sounds with the wind. One the best times to go. I had the lake to myself and easy travel even in the snow. It's still early. Not sure the amount of snow after this weekend. Snow or not...a must do.

We only visited the lower part of this trail because we were on our way to Multnomah falls and made a quick pit stop. The waterfall is strong and powerful and if it's windy you'll definitely get some mist on you. It's a very nice area to stop and look at scenery and to hike if you're aiming for this hike. There's a huge pond at the bottom of the waterfall that you can walk down to but don't expect to not get wet!

Absolutely stunning views from the top on a clear day!

The parking lot at the bottom has limited spots, but you can also park along the road if the lot is full. I chose to do this hike later in the day in the middle of July so I could get some shade along the way. It's uphill pretty much the whole way, with some climbing required over these gnarly rocks. Lots of room along the path at the top for people to sit down, picnic, and just enjoy the view.

I'm so glad I toughed it out and did this hike before the Eagle Creek wildfire happened. I don't know who much the fire took away from the view. But the viewpoint at the top provides a beautiful vantage point of the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon side. Honestly, you could get a view that's just as breathtaking by driving to Vista House at Crown Point. But the view is so much more rewarding when you have to work for it.

4 months ago

This is a great hike that is just about the right distance and difficulty for me. The trail surface is mostly good except for a couple of short stretches. The views of the Cascades from the top of the Burma road are awesome. It is a good trail for the trail runner also.

4 months ago

Beautiful hike on a nice sunny fall day! Where the trail lacks in elevation gain, it makes up for in the length and diversity of the trail. Numerous mini streams running across the trail, so bring an extra pair of socks in case you slip on the rocks crossing them. Also, a few fallen trees across the path but easily gone over. All of it makes the trail entertaining! It is starting to get a little muddy in areas but that is to be expected for fall. You can continue for a longer hike, but must register at the posted spot to go farther than the 4.5 miles.

Headed out early on a Saturday morning in hopes for a sunrise summit; unfortunately mother nature had other intentions. The hike started wet and ended frozen, with snow and slush for a good portion of the hike.
The fall colors were in full bloom and by having snow on the ground we were able to identify animal tracks (cougar, bear, dear).
My only real complaint is that hunters were in the area which left me unsettled while hiking but all in all it was a great hike with lots of uphill and what I'm assuming would be spectacular views on a clear day. Total mileage was 6.7

5 months ago

I tried to do the Loop option about a week ago and was really looking forward to the scramble. Signs warned me that logging companies were at work, but also stated they'd be finished by September 30th (I hiked on October 6th). I naively assumed that they "must" be finished then, and attempted the Loop, but near Sturgeon Rock trees around me started collapsing. The company was still working and clearly didn't see me, so after 2 and a half miles, I had to turn around. I was really bummed but when I got back to the trailhead, I hiked to the mountain anyway. I'm glad I did because even though the Loop was unsuccessful, the out-and-back was stunning enough.

Loved this so much!!

This goes without saying, but don't do this hike in December like I did. It's a lot of work for a foggy view!

5 months ago

Nice day hike. Easygoing kid friendly (+5 and up) trail with little elevation gains. Great picnic hike. Took about 90 minutes to get to the lake after some quick stops for pictures along the way. Went October 6, 2017. Was raining but stopped when we got to the lake. Fall foliage was in full color.

Incredible loop trail.Hiked clockwise. Got a late start yesterday from Santiam Pass and camped at Jack Lake. Headed down into Canyon Meadows once descended the three switchbacks. Trail is pretty easy to find down but we lost it in the Meadows. Just kept heading east until reached creek and crissed to trail and then to Jack Lake. Lots of snow and exposure on PCT above 5500. Wind and ice this morning and wide open views thru Booth and Square lakes. Overall a great hike....loved it

5 months ago

I have not hiked this trail yet, but it is very obvious that many AllTrails users are confusing this with the other Eagle Creek trail in the Columbia River Gorge just off of I-84 east. There are many reviews that need to be house cleaned/reviewed and moved to the correct trail or deleted. This type of misinformation could lead to someone having a very bad experience. Tighten it up people!

5 months ago

okay so alot of people are getting this hike confused with the eagle creek that is off of I 84 with all the waterfalls, these are two separate trails and should not be confused.

If you try to follow the trail as laid out here the first section of it will be a broken up road that is kind of technical to walk through if you want to make good time. I wasnt even sure if any trails were going to be there when i got towards the end. I spent several hours carefully picking my way through the tore up road looking for a trail and eventually you come to a section where the road was left paved. If you look directly to your left you will see a east bound trail marker for the douglas trail. If you keep walking the paved section of road to its end and there is a sign for the douglas trail to continue to eagle creek. According to this map eagle creek started further down the road and i wanted to see if it was there. the road was broken up again and i walked it another half mile or so and never found the start of the eagle creek. So i hopped back on the douglas trail that headed towards eagle creek and hoped to run into it then. Douglas trail is very overgrown in places and i never found where eagle creek hits it. So essentially you have broken up road and the small section where it is paved is douglas trail and i do believe if you take the west bound douglas trail it leads you down to eagle creek. But as far as eagle creek trail. I never saw it. I believe where douglas trail hits the switchbacks was combined with eagle creek trail because i did get that far on the douglas trail before turning back due to time.

Was still a fun and different hike. Hope this helps the next person.

GPS on my phone says this was 10 miles. Loved the views from the top!

Didn't. See a single person. Beautiful rewarding hike

The beginning was intense for me. Steep uphill with lots of rocks. Once you get past that part the trail isn't bad at all. Some great views and dog friendly. Mostly shaded so nice on a hot summer day.

Forrest fires made the view less impressive and it was a bit windy at the top but a lovely hike all together

It was straight up right from the start. It was hot in the afternoon sun on one other the hottest days of the summer, but the view at the top made it all worth it. There were not many people on the trail, so it was peaceful on the way back down.

the loop took my brother and I 6 hours, but we took a wrong turn and took our time with the views. Awesome waterfalls and seeing the spring was super cool after seeing the waterfall that it forms. It'll take you some time, so bring water and food!

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