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Best hike in Michigan

1 day ago

Hard and scenic trail.

new county policy you must have a reservation to park booked in advance. also they charge for the reservations. they pay park rangers to stand out and collect the money.

2 days ago

great trail to take the kids on.

5 days ago

I just got off the trail and it was amazing! Gorgeous scenery and jumping off the falls was extremely epic! I will be back for this trail, for sure!

Simply unbelievable. The moment when you leave the forested area and see the pictured rocks for the first time is breathtaking.

First part follows the bluff and has Unique rooted paths. First third is the most scenic and challenging. Second third is just a nice stroll in the woods. Last third he’s just a walk up the road back to the vehicle.

5 days ago

My new all time favorite trail in Wisconsin. Not easy, but so worth it. Check it out.

6 days ago

Beautiful trail with many amazing rocks and caves, lots of things that I had never seen before.

The falls are beautiful

mountain biking
7 days ago

Very nice trail with great beach and cliff views on Lake Superior. Make sure you are prepared when you get on the ferry with a map, water bottle and BUGSPRAY. Mosquitos are no joke, even when moving at 10-15 mph.

best views, after the boardwalk overlook it continues on a narrow sand trail. the best trail i’ve ever done

mountain biking
8 days ago

Incredible! Starting with the extremely nice and helpful staff at the boat dock and outfitter to the amazing views to the thrilling ride overlooking cliffs. Definitely recommend going clockwise (starting on the west trail). If you like solitude start early and hit the North Beach before the pontooners roll in. Did this trail with the whole fam (age range 47-18-16-14-11). We are all novice riders and managed to finish in 3.75 hrs of ride time. Hanging at North Beach was my personal favorite.

While I have been living in Chicago for the past year and am completely nature deprived, I believe this hike to be one of the most scenic I have done, and that is saying a lot! It had everything I wanted in a hike - dense forest, moss, ferns, mushrooms, cliffs, clear blue water, gorgeous views, sandy beaches, etc....I would highly recommend. We started at 1pm and finished at 7:20pm due to stopping and taking so many photos! It was foggy and spooky starting out then the sun broke through and all the landscape could be seen! I also liked how flipping quiet it was on the trail! While the parking lot was completely full, we were by ourselves the whole time. Yay! Hike this trail.

It’s pictured rocks...it rocks!

9 days ago

This is a great, short hike through the woods to a scenic overlook. We were able to take a stroller up most of the way. Once you reach the top, there are some more challenging, hilly trails in the sand (not technically part of the Empire Bluff trail) that we continued on for about a mile before turning back. You can’t reach the beach from this trail FYI.

Awesome trail! Has it all - woods, waterfalls, cliffs with gorgeous views of pictured rocks, beach. We were fans of the clockwise path. Only complaint is the crowds, everyone wants a piece of the action. We clocked in at 12.4 miles on this loop, not sure if all our sidebars for pics adds the extra mileage.

An easy trail. Be cautious with young kids along bluff side. Well worn trailhead. No blazes. Ran into a couple who claimed we were hiking on private land but we followed exact route on app, so this was somewhat confusing. Pretty forest and bluff views. Trail surface dirt lots of roots along bluff edge.

So many amazing views. It was about 10 miles and over 5 hours. It was worth every minute. It is Very hilly.

13 days ago

Not too challenging but not easy enough to be boring for people who are looking for something difficult. There were tons of kids and older people there when we went. Gorgeous falls. Really liked this spot and will definitely go again

This trail isn't hard to backpack and the views are breathtaking. The mosquitoes were not bad and we saw a deer.

trail running
14 days ago

Just did the 50k race on July 21st and I will say it was pretty hard but gorgeous views!

Incredibly gorgeous with more varied terrain than I’ve seen even in mountain country. The climb up the dune is a challenge but will reward with beautiful vistas of Lake Michigan. Heavily trafficked? We saw no one on the trail on a Monday afternoon.

mountain biking
18 days ago

My husband and I biked the Rim Trail on July 31. It is a well used trail, although not busy on a weekday. Mostly double track with periodic elevation gains and drops as you drop down to several beaches and climb up to cliff top overlooks. Not technical, but requires a mountain or fat bike and riders need to be attentive in some sections for rocks, tree roots or sand. There is also a central road/trail option that is mostly gravel. The beach at the island’s north side features beautiful sandy lake bottom.

I clocked the round trip as 23 miles and it took us 4.5 hours including a lunch stop. Bring bug spray and water. Drinking water sources are located at the ferry dock and group camp sites and are marked on the maps provided by the Forest Service. No water on the north end unless you carry a filter to get water from the lake (at beach access).

Beautiful hike with stunning cliff top views. Huge bang for your buck as this trail is not difficult and offers a huge array of scenery. Winding forest trails, waterfalls, clifftop views and vistas of the lake and pictured rocks, time on the beach, and some gorgeous young growth forest.
I recommend LOTS of deet, and packing a lunch to eat on the cliffs.

18 days ago

Lovely trails. Would be helpful to have more signage!

Took the ferry and mountain biked the loop counterclockwise around the island. Challenging, but only one semi- steep slope. Beautiful views, beautiful woods. We didn't have any bug spray on. A few horse flies and mosquitos, but none compared to Wisconsin!!! We biked late July.

Beautiful trail with diverse scenery. Did the loop in about 5 hours with some stopping to take pictures. The road to the parking area is terrible however, be prepared to have your entire car shake for about 3 miles.

20 days ago

Great views, tons of roots so be aware and muddy/slippery in some spots! We loved it!!

Beautiful trail that covers diverse terrain. Waterfalls, forests, cliffs. Beautiful sandy beaches. We took about 7 hours to hike this trail. That included several stops at the beach and breathtaking views of the pictured rocks. This trail has it all.

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