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January 19, 2019: beautiful conditions, snow packed and a hard assent but well worth it. Trail was worn so it still sees occasional adventure seekers that don't let the closure warning deture them. You will be the only ones on the hill, we were, but when else will you ever get a chance to experience this mountain all to yourself?
The summit was very windy, felt exillerating pushing through the big temperature change from 2 or 3 on the ground to quite fridge at the peak, dress accordingly.... Some deep snow sections ☺️

2 days ago

Hiked up yesterday. Trail is mostly snow covered so bring your spikes.

2 days ago

Trail is good. It gets handsy when you start climbing around the mountain. Lots of opportunity to go to sub peaks without wasting much time. There was a little bit of snow but not much. Views are awesome! Great weather!

3 days ago

Amazing conditions for mid January. Bring your micro spikes, especially for the downhill.

Would do it again repeatedly.

Great hike! Went on Saturday. Snow is pretty deep when you get close to Lilian lake. Make sure to bank on an extra 45 minutes compared to what you would normally hike it in. Great weather though - all in all a solid 4 hours in total. We used winter hiking boots and that’s it - no poles and no snowshoes

9 days ago

We hiked Tamnuska loop today (January 13, 2019). Most sections were dry. However, spikes are needed to reach its summit.

9 days ago

Clear most of the way, I recommend micro spikes for the last 3 kms. You’re in the forest most of the way but are welcomed with a great panoramic view of the mountains once you hit the ridge. I’d say this is Moderate.

besides the wind at the begining, the conditions were great as of January 12th!

In my view. This was a great hike. First couple km is a bit hard and last 1 km the rest is very relaxing walk. The view at the top is worth every step I would rate it as moderate. Thank you All trails it helped get me started.

11 days ago

Completed this today as my first solo hike. All trails rates this hike as hard, I would say it’s moderate. Nice hike where the foothills meet the Rockies, currently relatively bare, with heavier snow covering the last km or so. Recommend micro spikes for the last 2/3 as the snows packed on the steep sections and relatively slippery. Easy to lose the trail closer to the summit due to snow pack coverage. Took me 4 1/2 hours total with a 35 min break at the summit. Overall, amazing views and great hike! Jan 11/2019.

I want to hike Ha Ling this weekend with the nice weather. is it actually closed or can it stil be done?

This hike is insane. Quite scrambly at the top, so careful on a super windy day! Very difficult, had to stop many times, but great work out and beautiful hike

Several cars were broken into at the trailhead parking lot today.

Have been hiking this for 20yrs, but this was the first time with snow and ice. Bring spikes and decent poles, some gnarly ice latches patches on the backside. Shoulder and front side were pretty clear, unfortunately very little scree left these days...

conditions still good as of Jan 6, could be done without spikes but a bit slippery on the way down

Over 40 km of trails with lots of variety in trail difficulty. Great for trail running and hiking. Dog friendly as well. Was here on January 4th - trails are packed down and icy.

19 days ago

Went up to Lillian Lake last weekend and trail was all good, didn't need snowshoes until maybe 3 minutes before we got to the lake, I'm sure with a little more time there will be enough snow to pull them out earlier. Didn't get to see too much, it got pretty white out but I'm sure its gorgeous! With a little more time we might have made it up to Galatea. Trip for another time but definitely worth it!

Didn't make it quite to the top today because the scramble to summit seemed less than ideal in winter conditions. We made it most of the way though and are looking forward to doing the full thing in the summer!

23 days ago

great hike not too hard.

Great day hike with stunning views. the trail is a bit of a workout with some elevation gained. Went on an extremely windy day so didn't make it all the way to the sharks fin. highly recommend though, great hike

Great trail, wonderful views, sufficiently challenging!!

Hiked May long, steep clear trail to follow and many people along the way.
Great to do as a half day hike as it’s relatively short.
Took us 3 hours at a moderate fitness level and as a first hike of the year.
Curious to do again this spring to see what work has been done for trail development.
As stated by others aim to hike and summit early to avoid crowds. We started at 9, and came across many people on the trails, so aim for earlier and you’ll be coming down as everyone is headed up!
Keep in mind it’s a leg burning up and down as it’s constant elevation all the way up, so bring good shoes and lots of water!

29 days ago

Definitely not a hard hiking. I would rate it as easy to intermediate.
It was dry on December 24. no spike is needed until next snowfall.

I am making this specific review 3/5 only because the trail is absolutely NOT for dogs. When I am looking for hikes that are dog friendly, I am under the assumption they can complete the trail. It is 110% not for dogs. It was challenging to get to the chains and then when I realized we definitely weren’t getting across that.. the challenging high turned to pissed off. Getting us back down the way we came was stressful and dangerous for both of us.
Also, the entire trail once you are out of the trees is so poorly marked that unless you know where you are going or following footprints, you would get lost.
I am pretty disappointed with this hike because of those two issues.
Bring poles and microspikes.
My next review may be better when I don’t have my girl - if I decide to try this hike again.

Amazing hike...loved the Scree...

We did the peak in summer. Steep..best for cardio. Awesome views

Wear good hiking shoes and bring poles if you're planning on going up on the ridge. I hiked this back in September when it was raining/snowing. I tried to make it up on the ridge, but it was way too slippery and dangerous without poles. Rawson Lake is beautiful though so it was still worth the hike.

Was up there on December 16th. Everything was in good condition. Only went as far as Lillian Lake. Spikes were definitely an asset. Snow shoes not required up to that point.

Amazing hike would not recommend for beginners.

Winter wonderland! Completed on December 2nd, no need for spikes or snowshoes. If anyone spots my gray merino knit touque please let me know! :D

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