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fell into a large puddle of water. still a good hike. Beware of the Crack

The app tells me it's 9.4 miles, 3,205' elevation gain, moving time of 3:52. 4:01 total time. (But if you look at my recording its all over the place.) I did do a little wondering along the way but not that much. The trail can be hard to locate at times, but it will only take a minute or two to figure out which way to go. Its challenging but not impossible. Like the description states...one of the ropes is a bear especially on the way back. and with wet boots. Which is almost a 100% chance.
Once you get to the river its worth it. The water was low so there was plenty of room to walk around.

Also....I challenge everyone to pick up at least one piece of trash along the way.


5 days ago

Shapes of big rocks are very unique.

Just a note on distance. You see a wide range of distances recorded for Gold Strike Canyon. Some over 10 miles and some at 8 miles or less. From near the new parking area, the total distance, round-trip is 5.2 miles, according to the Park Service. At a brisk walk, I can make it down to the river in about an hour. Even on a flat surface, I would not be able to do 4 or 5 miles in an hour. Why are the distance recordings so varied? If you look at them, the data points are bouncing all over the place. Even if a person moved only a short distance, the GPS data point might be 100 feet to the right of you one moment and then 30 feet to the left and 20 feet up the next. This makes it appear you are going a lot further than you actually are. I suspect this is because of the high canyon walls bouncing the GPS signal before it reaches your phone, giving your phone wrong information about where you actually are. Even though it is shorter than you might think, it is still incredibly beautiful and a great workout!

This was just an amazing hike. Doing some reading of other people’s reviews, we tried to go the proper AZ Hot Springs trail first and then finish the loop through the White Rock Canyon trail. The split wasn’t obvious to us, and when we noticed we were going through a pretty prominent slot canyon, this app revealed that we had indeed went to White Rock instead of the Hot Springs, so make sure to check to see if you’re on the right track.

White Rock Canyon is a very pretty slot canyon with lots of shading and colorful rock formations. We made it to the river in decent time and spent our time looking for the trail to the hot springs. That water feels absolutely awesome on your skin after a nice hike. We even met the guy who re-sandbags the dams every fall.

Based on others’ reviews we decided to loop back via White Rock instead of the springs route, and we realized it’s a lot more of an incline than when we came down, so prepare for that. Can’t recommend this enough

only do this trail if you're a sado-masochist!!!
my husband and I went on this trail last weekend. My husband likes challenging trails however this trail was not even remotely fun it had multiple areas of little and big loose Rock making it hard to navigate through some parts of the trail actually 90% of the trail.

9 days ago

Wow! What a beautiful hike!
It’s pretty advanced and requires a decent level of fitness, as there a several areas with ropes where you have to use them to help yourself get up or down. After the ropes begin, you will soon discover the hot springs that will lead you down to Colorado River just south of Hoover Dam.
The entire hike took a little over 5 miles and about 5 hours for a group of 6 of us to complete - worth every minute and every scratch I got!

LONG HIKE. Love going here. For the first half it mostly walking. The second half is a lot of defending boulders which take a lot of time. The hots springs are nice just avoid getting your head wet because there is brain eating amoeba (naeglaria fowleri) in the springs. The walls of the trail are very nice. Reaching the Colorado river is nice. I would avoid going when it’s hot because I’m the walking portion of the hike there is no shade. Brings SNACKS and ELECTROLYTES because it is a workout!

19 days ago

We have done this hike three times in the last year. It is definitely our favorite. We were surprised this last time (first week of Nov) that we encountered water about 9/10 through the crack. It had rained the week before. We were going to turn around and we encountered a man that had gone through the week before when it was chest deep! It had receded enough so that it was only waist deep for about 15 feet. So we kicked off our shoes and socks and walked through it, no problem. Nov 22 it was about knee deep.

I preferred the ladder to the rope that is now in place at the 12ft drop, if we were to go in reverse, hefting up with a rope is more difficult.

Highly recommend. Have fun!

This is a fantastic and beautiful hike.

Getting There: For a more knee friendly route, I recommend taking the right fork following the wash down thru the slot canyons. Take plenty of pictures. You will know that you are at the end of the canyon when you see a rock formation on left that looks like a knight from a chessboard. Take a left here and follow the yellow arrows painted onto the rock. When you come to a place where the arrows point in opposite directions, look up! You have to go thru that ridge above you. The rest is easy-peezy. Follow the trail back into the second slot, climb the ladder and you will be at the bottom pool. This is the coolest pool and the most social one too. There are 3 pools and they get progressively hotter as you go up. Enjoy yourself.

Return Trip: To continue your hike, exit through the upper pool. Follow the slot canyon until it begins to open up. Start looking for the trail that follows the right wall with established signage. There is a Y soon. Be careful to follow the trail up into the hills on the left. If you miss the turn you will still end up at the parking area, just more mileage. Watch carefully for wildlife. I saw 4 bighorned sheep just after the saddle. Beautiful and docile, but don't get too close. They're well known for their ramming speed.

All in all this was a beautiful hike and would definitely repeat it, no problem. Temps were high of 60, which made for the perfect weather for this hike. Leave only footprints, take only memories... and plenty of pictures!

Awesome hike, ended up doing it twice in one week. Enjoyable walk through the canyons before hitting the river, and some of the hottest hot springs I’ve been in.

Loved this hike! The beginning seems mundane but quickly turns into a winding canyon with awesome views. The way down seem like a long time but the hot springs are so worth it.
The first spring is so hot you can’t even sit in it. Would definitely come back and spend a day here.

Hiked on Nov. 26, 2018. Dogs need to stay on the trail because of cactus. Rocky, not easy walking. Not great scenery. Trail easy to follow. Nice amount of up and down. OK trail, would not repeat.

Awesome hike! Very well maintained with some beautiful views. Everything is very clearly marked.
The first part of this hike is fairly easy. Once you begin the ascent to aspen peak & dean peak it begins to become steep & rocky.
After me and my girlfriend reached the rectangular marker for aspen peak we went north past the bench and continued up narrow trails to a street sign nailed into a tree where a beautiful view is! But keep going past this to get to the best view! The very top takes a lot of rock climbing and is somewhat dangerous if you aren’t careful. Definitely worth the view!

This was one of my favorite hikes because it really involves climbing rocks with some locations requiring rope. there's a half point where water and other goods(clothes) can be left for others in need. definitely heavily trafficked.

22 days ago

Nice hike but I was expecting a different look at the liberty bell location. I would like to do the hot springs part of this hike next time.

Someone gave 1 star to this review because she didn't read it before she headed out. It is NOT open during the summer. And I can tell you this is such a correct information as there's no shade(maybe 10% of the time) and perfect cool weather to enjoy the Hot Springs. I recommend you to bring a sandal(not for a hike since I saw a tarantula right next to me!) for the hot springs and the river. Breathtaking! This was one of the BEST hikes I have ever done! Have fun! P.S. Some people were completely nude at the Hot Springs, just a heads up..

24 days ago

Yes, the 3rd tunnel was closed, but we run into a local and she told us we can climb up the side of the tunnel to go over to the other side. Yes, we made it! Although, we saw people just go through the tunnel even it had a "closed" sign. Take your own risk and go to the 5th tunnel. But again, the gate was closed to go further. we gave up from that point. It was a bit of disappointment but got to do a Hoover Dam tour after that instead of looking at it from the hiking trail.

Amazing hike! Definitely alot of physical work climbing rocks and ropes. A must try if you love hiking.


Good trail

26 days ago

I hiked this yesterday to evaluate for my wife, I am 68 and in very good shape but my wife has problems stepping down (knees) on steep step type grades. I went in on the south leg and back out on the north leg. There was a steep pitch down near the beginning that my wife would have trouble with. There are a few 4 and 5 ft smooth rock drops that require you to skid on your butt and boots. There is one 4 ft drop that you have to sit and jump down off the rock. These drops and jumps down are lower down in the canyon as you get closer to the 3 hot pools. Water temp was great but I walked past those soaking and climbed the 15 foot metal ladder down into the wash for another 1000 yards to the Colorado river for a lunch break. The north return trail starts about 20 yards above the fire rings, with only a small sign on metal post. As in the photos you will see yellow arrows pointing the way in confusing spots. There is a bit of steep up and down at the beginning but then becomes a smooth walk in the wash most of the way north eastward out of the canyon. When I return with my wife we will go in the opposite direction. This hike is a real gem !

Definitely a good workout and the risk is well worth the reward in the end!

great place to hike

Great hike at night. Plan on 8 miles down to the lower spring. Well worth it.

I am a long-distance thru-hiker. This is my training loop when I am home in Havasu. I hike to Balance Rock Cove on the lake, eat lunch, and hike back. I hike it four to five times a week in winter.

This trail is amazing from the start to the finish. I found the obstacles with ropes and ladders to be a blast! Got wet as the ladder had collapsed into the water but not too deep so it was just all fun. The canyon is gorgeous, going in between the canyon is surreal, views are beautiful and the lake was spectacular. We took the yellow trail to the lake and the blue trail back. Will be repeating this often!! Winner!

It was a nice hike. Hard to follow the trail though as it isn’t maintained. Loved seeing the petroglyphs.

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