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Great hike. I prefer to do the loop. If you take the wash to the river it’s not super difficult to locate the hot springs. Buts not clearly marked either. You’ll need to go up and over going “downriver”. You can not follow the bank. Bring lots of water and a snack. Takes me about 4 hours. I always try and pick up at least one piece trash that’s sure to be laying around.

love love this hiking trail it's my all time favorite place helps get a workout and take all your stress away its beautiful place to sit and relax at the end of the hike

2 days ago

Beautiful at sunset in January

2 days ago

Its a pretty chill hike and you can see Lake Mead as you go on the trail. The trail is pretty flat, and there are some things to read on about the history of the trail.

2 days ago

Beautiful at sunset in January.

The only hike worth doing over and over again, so many new ways to hike it, especially if you’re a climber.

Cool hike, I recommend hiking it from the BLM area.

8 days ago

The hike was enjoyable. There is quite a bit of loose rock in places so proper footwear and a walking stick are definitely good ideas. I saw lots of rabbits and I am sure one will see more wildlife during the mornings and early evening hours. I will definitely be back.

I love the trail! Its a bit challenging but at the end of the trail, you can see a bridge, and there are a hot tubs to get into. Along the trail, you have to do like 4-5 rappelling.

This trail is absolutely great and its hot springs a must have for everyone who wants to stay in - the surrounding area of - Las Vegas!
We hiked the trail on a nice, sunny but chilly day in January and were pretty amazed how warm it got nonetheless while walking in the sun. So definitely not to recommend for hot Summer days!
We walked it counterclockwise, starting with the Arizona Hot Springs and returning via White Rock Canyon. We enjoyed it pretty much, especially the relaxing bath in the hot springs - which are indeed very hot :D
Definitely worth it! We will come back when we are in Vegas again :)

This is a MUST for anyone who enjoys real hiking. This trail is difficult but certainly doable for anyone who is even barely athletic. My husband and I traveled to Las Vegas in December for a little getaway and did this trail in about 4.5 hours there and back. We go to the gym occasionally but are by no means pros. My biggest piece of advice is invest in some gloves that have plastic ridges on the inside to increase your grip on the rocks as you are climbing over them and trying to hold on. Your heart will definitely race while on some parts of this trail, making it down and back is not an easy task. Your feet will probably get wet and you will definitely come away with some scrapes and minor bruises but don’t fret too much, the experience of this hike will leave you in awe of nature and your own ability to do this hike. The view at the river was beautiful but the springs were too shallow when we went there and we were chasing the sunlight so didn’t have a chance to swim. If you are slow like we were start early by at least 10am to make it back by 3-4pm. It gets dark quickly by about 4:45 it is already dark in the canyon.
FYI there is another canyon called white canyon just on the other side and it has a much easier trail and apparently deeper hot springs.

Pretty steep, doesn’t actually loop around like the pretty little 2 mile loop it says it should be (maybe if you do some rock climbing and extreme stuff it may) We took the first turn in on this loop and never got to the picnic table because of the rock wall. Now the lizard rock formation view was super cool. Make sure you take time to pause and enjoy the views. I learned how to read elevations on this ap after this hike.

Such a great hike! I was confused why with this little elevation gain and distance it is ranked difficult, but there’re like 6 spots where you can only get down/up with the help of those ropes. And yes going back up with wet shoes after a chill hot spring session is less fun, but gosh it’s pretty!

LOVE this trail! My sister and I started at the beginning at the wash and made our way down. The crack is the jungle gym I didn’t know that I was missing in my life! Plan on making this hike at least once a month until it get’s too hot.

Excellent hike that gets the upper body involved more than most hikes. Perfect day in early Jan with clear skies and 50 degrees. Lots of college age hikers but was never crowded. If solo, keep in mind that anything you climb down you will have to climb back up, possibly with wet boots.

Incredible Scenery!!

21 days ago

This was so much fun!! I was hesitant because of the rope but went for and WOW it was totally worth it. The rope climbing was super fun and much easier than expected. We made it to the water portion with the ladder and turned around because we weren’t prepared to get wet. We came back the next day to do it all again with family!

Easy, flat walk through tunnels with nice views of Lake Mead. We were there on Christmas Eve and only three of the tunnels were open. Seems like a nice place to take the dogs, too.

22 days ago

climb the fence and continue the trail all the way to the dam its worth it.

Great trail and fabulous Petroglyphs

This is a nice picturesque desert hike to the hot springs through gravel and sand. The spring is definitely worth the trip. The very top of the spring, where the source is out of the rock, is hot. The center pool is very warm and the lower pool is warm. Coming or going, you will get periods of shade from the walls of the canyon. I had been planning on doing this hike for years, and finally did it today. Glad I did! Took the canyon route out and the mountain route back. The canyon route is gradual, while the mountain route is steeper, yet shorter. I may reverse the direction next time, as the hot springs are really relaxing. Word of caution if hiking with kids: some people might be naked in the hot springs.

25 days ago

Such a fun trail! Once you hit the crack, it is such an adventure! Using the rope and scaling the rock walls to get down was such an awesome twist on my “normal” hikes. I met a family and we all helped each other through a puddle that was a couple feet deep and like six feet across.. but taking the boots and socks off helps and it is so worth it. You get to an opening where it takes you straight to a little bay of the lake and let me tell you... the peace and serenity of the water, the mountains and all of the ducks swimming was well worth the trip through!! Definitely recommend giving it a try!!

Fantastic! Like a jungle gym or obstacle course. Worth making it to the bottom. I’m 57 and did this with my 23 yr old son. Needed his hand up or down a bunch of times but it was a blast!

There are two ways down to the hot springs. One is the White Rock Canyon route. It is down into the canyon on the right. The other is up over a mountain. You will see the trail go up and left about 10 minutes into the hike. The White Rock Canyon is much easier but longer. It is fairly even going down with only minor rocks to climb up and down. Almost the entire trail is gravel. To get to the hot springs this way, you’ll have to climb up a 20 foot ladder. If you have a severe fear of heights, you’ll want to take the harder southern route. The southern route over the mountain is shorter and takes you right down to the hot springs. It is much harder and there is the possibility you might get lost. If you take the White Rock Canyon route, head to the left when you see the river. You will have to go over a fairly steep hill. Just follow the yellow arrows until you step into a stream. The hot springs are on the left. Public bathrooms are on the right.

We did this hike on Christmas Day and it was beautiful. Very little water, definitely no waterfalls. We went a little beyond the trail and climbed some larger rocks and sat on top for awhile to take it all in. The petroglyphs were a bonus. I would hike this trail again.

Like previous reviewers had mentioned, it’s best to have good, sturdy shoes with ankle support for this trial. The trail was pretty rocky with different sized gravel throughout.

Also don’t be startled if you see people hiking in their birthday suits. Apparently it’s a thing to dip into the hot springs nude? But anyway, this hike has stunning views, slot canyons, hot springs, and cool wild life!

took this hike in dec 2018 with my 12 yo niece. was worried about the “hard” level, but it was nothing for her. she was able to handle the boulder climbing and ropes no problem. seen a whole family with a 8 yo hiking too.

Easy hike until you reach the points where you need to use the ropes or scramble through the boulders to pass. Still not that hard but it’s a busy trail and we ran into a few bottlenecks where we had to wait for groups with younger children or older adults to get through. The hot springs were great, especially if you’ve never seen hot springs before.

This a great hike, not quite as good as gold strike, but this one has better hot springs. Discovered recently that it is a loop so that was nice.

29 days ago

The trail is very washed out and rough. The left side is not as steep and is somewhat better but either one has a lot of loose stones due to the recent heavy rain

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