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$10 entrance fee but you can walk right up to the overlooks from the parking lot. It was a bit too crowded for my liking but beautiful views. The trail was pretty easy. Really cool experience if you have never been here before!

Nice cement trail around a beautiful lake. Lots of activities for all ages...definitely gonna be frequenter at the park.

beautiful views, the overgrown nature gives a feeling of being enclosed in a sort of forest fairytale at some points. Amazing view of baybridge, the eastern shore, tankers, annapolis, and the naval academy.

I'd like to note that biking this trail is super fun too.

Very nice,clean and clear paths some hills but then some levels

Fun but definitely very rocky!

Great views maintain trails marked areas a lot of historical points

16 days ago

Nice, shaded walk. It's a loop, so half of the hike will be pretty flat/downhill/easy, while the second half heads back uphill and is challenging. Picnic tables along the way for lunch, and not heavily trafficked. We brought our dog and she loved it.

17 days ago

Great hike, some of the beach was closed, but enough space for everyone. 4 stars because it's not 4 miles in a loop, you have to backtrack and do certain parts of different loops over to get up to the 4 miles, but the scenery is beautiful. Would give it an easy instead of moderate. Also, 4 stars because of ticks- and yuck, ticks.

excellent trail, well marked and offers woods, lake and beach. my dog loved it!

A lovely gravel trail that’s perfect for walking, running, or biking. Very flat and wide trail, definitely should be rated easy instead of moderate. Also if you’d like more views of the water I’d recommended going right when you get to the split in the trail.

loved the serenity at 7 AM and the views from the river trail. explored all trails a little. by 9AM it gets very busy and yet it's still peaceful. The 10 dollar entrance fee is a bit high but i am glad i visited.

This park is a gem!

I loved this loop, there was the perfect mix of rock scrambles and easy trail hikes that I never got tired. Beautiful things to see and for going on a Sunday afternoon it really wasn't too crowded. Great hike!

it is more of a walk. when sunny, it is very crowded.

Great for newbies! it is flat and paved trails. We did the entire loop and it was well shaded in summer. I will not call this hiking, but a nice walk at the park!

great trail, a bit rocky but me and the Roscoe had a ball !!!!

I traveled this Aug 4th, 2018. Bring bug spray, Mosquito's were moderately bad. Trail was outlined with an obviously cleared foot/bike path and the only confusing part was a fork for blue and red. The red had a big tree across it but seemed to be in the direction I wanted so I took that route, it ended up being correct. Lots of little side trails to go down to the water. Only a couple other hikers, mostly secluded, ends at a peninsula on the river. Decent hills at about 45 degrees but nothing crazy. By crazy I mean climbing with your hands to reach the top. Small gravel parking with plenty of room away from the road and the trail begins right there at a small path at the southern corner and is about 2 or 3 people wide. You have to go around a small cable locked entrance.

trail out about a mile in due to the rains, blew out a culvert

Love the rock scrambles. Easy enough for novice hikers that are relatively active, as well as our small dog. Started on the river trail which had the most of the scrambles, then to the ridge trail, then swamp. I think we were on the Difficult Run Trail as well at some point.

1 month ago

So once again my Local State Park Patapsco -Avalon is closed due to flooding again. I loop this area a few different ways which averages from 2.5 or 3 miles. It's all a flat paved path around the lake but it also has a few earthen trails too which takes you along the lake for fishing It's designed for All people, pets and bikers. There is shady sections but also quite a few areas in the sunny, so beware of the heat and carry water if needed. Today, It was super crowded but there is plenty of parking in a few different locations. You can also park at the Sports Complex. Best of All ( IT"S FREE )

1 month ago

Solid trail. Intersects the trails that lead to the overlook at the top of sugarloaf.

Really beautiful stream and trail was marked really well! First trail I walked downloading the all trails app and wasn’t disappointed at all!

2 months ago

Easy and short trail but there are 1-2 steep areas where heavier set individuals may have trouble with footing.


Completed 07/11/18

2 months ago

Pretty easy trail, wonderful views of the river and even some spots that you can get down on the banks. I guess people can swim there since there were a lot of sandals and trash thrown around on some areas. We took the trail further down than what was on the app and found some nicer spots to view the river from. Overall my 6 year old had no problems. The way back up was a little rough since we were so hot but it wasn't to bad. I don't know how easy it would be if it had just rained as it seems like it would be hard due to the steepness of some areas so it probably gets slippery.

Sorry to see all the negative reviews. As pointed out in the description there is an active range on some days. When the gates are closed you should not go around them. It’s an active range.
To see if the range is active check https://mobile.twitter.com/NSAAnnapolis.
Yes it is overgrown. MWR doesn’t take care of it. More folks should complain to them. www.navymwrannapolis.com
There is an Contact Us link on the page.
Hope this helps.

2 months ago

Very short trails but nice for a quick jaunt with the pups. Mix of wooded areas and meadows. Bubbling streams and a small river make pleasant sounds while hiking. And the "hidden pond" was alive with croaking frogs (toads?). And the berry bushes were a pleasant surprise! But beware a LOT of poison ivy so use common sense and normal safety precautions.

Fun 4.6 mile trail. The swamp and ridge part of trail has a lot of tree cover and stays cooler even during summer days. The river side of the trail is rugged and can get hot due to comparatively less tree cover.

As good as it gets on a calm, clear sunny day (87F).

This was an after work 4-mile out-n-back, where I posted a 2-mile waypoint turnaround. Great 50-60 minute workout.

Good trail but you can easily add more distance by adding additional trails. The swamp trail is nice because I rarely see anyone else on it. It is perfect for avoiding all the crowds of the towpaths.

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