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Really surprised by the negative reviews. Yes, it’s rustic. Isn’t that a good thing, once in a while? It’s quiet, and there are many places to stop and enjoy the view. It is rarely blocked off for walkers. If vehicle gates are closed it is quite easy to see the well worn paths that go around fences and gates for the hikers. If you like something that is highly developed, I guess you won’t like it. But if you like natural, rustic beauty, just the sounds of nature, and long portions of the path that go by the Bay or Severn River area, you can’t beat it. Some don’t like the view—when you’re not by the water you are walking by natural areas with brush and grasses that attract certain kinds of wildlife.

Great trip with the dog a little hairy in some spots so be careful.

Really nice trail that isn't too crowded. Shade is in short supply in Spring, but had a nice summer canopy.

15 days ago

Good trails, maps and portopots provided

Nice paved path for bikes, trail was pretty empty on our early spring ride

18 days ago

Loved walking next to water! Will definitely be back to run this trail.

nice walking, paved paths so I wouldn't call it hiking but still a good walk with the dog. aviary and gardens are pretty cool as well.

Several areas were blocked (I’m assuming because of recent storms) but this trail was fun for my girls! Not a trail for younger kids or strollers....some areas are quite close to rock cliffs. The trails were a little difficult to navigate in some areas but blue paint on the trees helped us to stay on track. The app was also a great guide tool.

Nice easy trail, wonderful views, will be going back to this one for sure....kids loved it.

1 month ago

I live in Annapolis and wanted to get in some quick exercise so I figured why not try this. It would have been nice if the website told you when it is closed to public parking. There was a roadblock for a rugby tournament so you could not go to the parking area. After reading other reviews on here, I am not even going to try to go back on a different day.

I went on this trail as a brand-new-to-Great-Falls person and was expecting a walking trail. The River Trail is DEFINITELY a hiking trail that requires frequent use of your hands for navigating hills and over rocks, and includes very steep inclines that will leave inexperienced hikers (like myself) out of breath and physically strained. You will spend most of your time looking at the ground to watch your footing and very little time enjoying the beautiful scenery around you. Early March 2018, there were downed trees on the trail that were difficult to pass without being extremely nimble. A wet patch of mud on a slope caused me to tumble; I cut my palm on a rock trying to break my fall. I do not recommend this trail after any amount of rain. I cut this trail short and took a shortcut over to the Old Carriage Trail, which can be classified as a walking trail... very smooth and only slight inclines.

This park was listed as an Audubon Hotspot for birding year-round but we hardly saw any birds at all (early March). We saw the most birds near the parking lot (and just common birds). Disappointing.

Great hike with beautiful scenery and nice trails

1 month ago

A beautiful paved trail that is a great option when the others are muddy or snowy. Had a great time.

1 month ago

Trails were clearly marked. Beautiful park. The rangers were very informative and kind. Lots of families. So many beaches! We will definitely return.

1 month ago

It’s more of a moderate trail rather than easy because the walk back up is terrible

1 month ago

Good parking. Trails are well marked. Maps are usually available at the information board. No fee, however donations are requested. Port-A-Potties at the parking areas.

Nice trail, very flat and wide with gravel. Great path for a jogger stroller and kids.

This was a much better hike than I expected it to be. I’ve been to Great Falls Park a number of times to look at the falls but wasn’t aware that there was a loop with some elevation and rocky parts and more challenge than I expected. It was also beautiful - a warm winter mid-week day with few people and great views through the bare trees. I highly recommend it for a good hike close to downtown DC.

Has some great hills for running.

This trail is wonderful for bird watching and views of the water. The main oath offers numerous water access points where you can spot herons, hawks, and eagles. Black vultures have become quite populated in this area and their numbers can be overwhelming!

2 months ago

Very enjoyable trail year round. I am normally a earthen trail hiker and generally in the woods at Patapsco Valley State Park. I have been recovering from Plantar fasciitis so I have been limited to easier terrain. All the trails here are flat and paved. The whole park is very well maintained. I see wildlife here all the time so it helps me from getting bored. I always come here if the other locations are muddy. Lucky us, the weather gets nice from time to time. This bear hates being in a Cave all winter.

Super easy to get to and dog friendly. Can get muddy during the winter/early spring thaw/freeze cycle. Also bit frustrating to run into several folks allowing their dogs to romp around off leash, especially when a couple of these dogs were not friendly and barked a lot. Would try again in the summer without a dog.

Great hike, especially with the dog

Clear paths by ponds and beaches. People kite sailing along the beach, lots of dogs and kids. Mellow scene.

Nice easy trail. Like the open and shade it offers. Can get busy in the spring with bikes.

3 months ago

Great Hike. Saw some tundra swans.

amazing as good as it gets beautiful waterfalls

Great views of Annapolis and the bay, but not a very picturesque walk.

on White Trail

4 months ago

This was a decent trail overall but not super exciting or unique. The signage isn't very clear- we missed a turn and did not get to the overlook or the peak the first time around so we did the beginning part of the trail again. If you want to see an overlook you have to go follow signs towards the "East View Parking." From there you can either turn back and continue on the White Trail or take the Orange Trail up towards the peak. To get to the peak from the East View Parking, follow the Red Trail, Green Trail, walk along the road a bit, then you can get back onto the White Trail. This was much better than doing just The White Trail alone. The part walking on the road was fine because it was a weekday but I can see that being a busier road on weekends so be careful. I believe the last time I hiked Sugarloaf I did the "Sugarloaf Mountain and Northern Peaks Trail" which was much better, but more challenging. White Trail is a good choice if you want a more easy-going hike.

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