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Nice trail. Too bad that they fenced off all close access to the art. Protection is of course needed,, but part of the fun hiking there in the past was finding a hidden and unexpected treasure

11 days ago

Just the 90 minute hike I wanted today! Headed the wrong way to cross the “bridge” to get across the creek before I headed back the right way. There was only one trail and it was mostly packed dirt with some loose rocks at a couple points. I loved hearing the rushing creek as I hiked and after 15 minutes it was all mountains! A good workout, I was even able to run a little on the way down. It was well populated so I felt safe as I single 54 year old woman. Can’t wait to make it to the falls when I have more time.

13 days ago

Nice trail. The grade is very gentle, so not really steep at any point. The trail is initially just a spiderweb of social trails until you cross the creek, then pretty easy to follow until the waterfall.

Gorgeous trail and the waterfall was stunning. No snow for most of the trail but a few slick spots towards the end. I really enjoyed this hike and the changing plant communities.

great wide trail with spectacular views on the mountain side

16 days ago

Incredible year round

Trails along the lake and hills offer great views of the lake. Enjoyed the birds nesting in the grasslands...ducks, woodpeckers, herons, etc . Trails are great condition. Oak trees on the hills offer a bit of cover.

Go clockwise! Otherwise the hard part of the trail is at the end. Beautiful trail in the winter. I think this would be super hot in the summer. We had a great time.

Took my dog for a walk here today. Dog waste pickup bags are at the start of the trail. There were several filled poop bags left by people on the trail. C'mon people! Dispose of the waste you pick up rather than leaving the bag on the trail! No wonder dogs aren't welcome places!

The trail is marked with arrows. Easy footing but it is sandy. Saw several rabbits. Petroglyphs are visible and really stand out when the sun is right. It was an enjoyable, easy walk.

A bit muddy and icy but worth the snow trails at the top

1 month ago

Flat and sandy, bring binoculars to see the petroglyphs that are far away.

Beautiful hike but more amazing in the snow. looks like a winter wonderland.

One of my go to trails. Not fun when it's muddy though.

Ran this trail a couple of times. It's a bit grueling but worth the downhill.:)

Great hike. First mile or so is slightly difficult. Took us 3.5hrs with probably 30 minutes of breaks included.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. Moderate hike even with snow early on the morning. Terrain became a little more difficult as sun came up and the snow turned to mud and ice. Waterfall is currently partially frozen but beautiful. Cannot wait to go back in the Spring.

I love this trail!

Awesome hike. Agree that this is moderate in difficulty as elevation gain is very gradual. My tracker reported 7.2 miles (Map my fitness) so not sure how this is 5.7 miles on app.

great for short training runs! over 1000ft ele gain, moderately technical, a couple nice fairly smooth lightly downhill and flat combos for some speed, great for interval and hill work! basically just a lot of fun to run! go by 6am,you'll be back well befor 8 and not many hikers then...some days none, I see about 3 other regular runners around that time. single track, u hafta walk to pass hikers, tho most step off to side politely, few dogs, all well behaved.

Beautiful trail, nice easy walk to Stampede. Be aware this is a well trafficked trail. Lots of families and dogs. If you are seeking solitude this may not be your trail. Otherwise, very pleasant, an easy stroll with rewarding views.

Great trail that is close to town. Not many people on there until you get around to the keystone side so that was nice.

Very easy and enjoyable. The hill to the big N is steep but offers a great view.

Great trail for beginners, but I wouldn’t say it was lightly traveled. There were quite a few people including families with young children. Dog & kids loved it, easy access to the creek. Very beautiful

1 month ago

What a beautiful hike in the fall.
Moderate is a pretty accurate rating given the length and terrain. Not hard even for my out of shape butt but definitely going to feel it tomorrow.
I mapped just under 6 miles from the parking lot round trip. Please keep that in mind when heading out.
had a few people ask me if they were almost to the falls when they were about a mile in.
Cant wait to go in the Spring!

2 months ago

Kicked my butt, but it was a beautiful hike.

2 months ago

Neat trail at a neat National Monument. Lots of petroglyphs to look at. Easy walk in sand and no shade.

2 months ago

We have done this hike several times and had a great experience today! Learned a few new things, namely how to cross the creek without getting wet! I have heard about an alternate crossing and finally found it today, excellent day as the rocks at the inital crossing were covered in ice.

From the paved parking lot at the top of the access road down to the creek, take the single track trail to the left that skirts the hillside and follow it instead of going down the gravel road. There will be several paths down to the river from this single track including a set of steps down to a thick log crossing the river. This would be stable enough bit we chose to keep following the trail up a bit to a small, white water tower with a metal grate bridge across. This was completely stable and safe for us today and I recommend choosing either this bridge or the log for a safer initial crossing. Thanks to the hiker that told us about this!

The other crossing that has always been problematic for me was the dam just below the waterfall. Apparently, I am the only person who did not know there is a huge log to cross just below the dam! This would have saved me a lot of wet shoes! Just in case this is a problem for others too: off the main trail, just below the dam and waterfall is another well-worn trail to the left that goes down to a huge, stable log that makes for easy creek crossing.

Hope this review helps and many others can enjoy and care for this beautiful area! The waterfall was icy and spectacular today!

Beautiful trail and nice hike. Only downside is that they seem to have put new "No Parking" signs at the trailhead, so we were not sure where to park. We parked about a mile away on the road where we could pull off. Maybe someone else can provide recommendations on where to park!

2 months ago

I walk slowly and totally spend 3 1/2 hours. The view is really amazing. Only one thing bother me is- crossing the river. Water still is so much. My shoes get wet. On my way back, I try to take off my shoes/socks and cross by my bare foots. The water is freezing cold! ! however, it is still a great experience.

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