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BE AWARE ICY TRAIL!! Wanted to hike larch mountain trail on 12/8/18, but signs at multnomah said it was closed from here, then I attempted to hike to the top of the falls, which I've never done and again the trail was way too icy... I think it was at switchback 2 or 3 out of 11 long switchbacks that I gave up, with every step even with my trekking pole I was slipping with each step. I'll have to try another time. There was also freezing rain when I was here.

Visited 12/8/18. Beautiful area to stop at for hiking, sightseeing and a great lunch spot with a couple picnic tables next to Viento falls. Paved trails look very new. Bathrooms were flushing toilets and very clean inside, but only have air dryers, no paper towels for drying your hands. I've seen this place a bunch of other times while visiting the gorge and have always wanted to stop by and check it out. I came here to hike mt defiance trail. The trailheads are easy to find. Mt defiance, starvation ridge and a couple others are on the 14 going west when you walk on the paved path. Starvation ridge from historic trail paved path is closed but you can reach it on mt defiance trail. I did not complete trails because there were creek crossings on both mt defiance and starvation ridge that had no bridges, I was wearing my summer hiking boots (not wanting to get them wet in the water), it was cold out and I was hiking alone. This area is a must stop if you have the time to check it out. I will definitely be back to hike again. Counted 4 waterfalls.

on Angels Rest

6 days ago

I went hiking with my friend on 12/09 , and it was so cold, windy and the road was kind of slippery, but we enjoyed our hike. it's really beautiful place to go hiking.

7 days ago

Hiked this 12/9 - great views but strong wind gusts. Slippery spots on the way up had turned to straight ice on the way back down coupled with 50mph gusts. Looking forward to doing it again come spring, but wouldn’t recommend in this weather without spikes or poles

Gorgeous views

10 days ago

Great sunrise hike 12/6, very windy but so happy to be able to enjoy a clear day up there again. Trail was frozen hard, so not muddy, minor ice sections.

12 days ago

Great hike this past Sunday! So glad this trail is now open again. Slippery going up but trekking poles made it easy in the fudgy mud on the way down! HUGE thanks to everyone involved in getting this trail back open. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

13 days ago

Went on 12/1/18, was awesome to see all the people enjoying the trail since it just recently opened again. The trail does look different due to the fires. Make sure to bring good hiking shoes and a hiking stick, the trail is extremely muddy!

13 days ago

We had a great hike today. The trail is muddy in spots and very muddy near the top. We also experienced very high winds at the top. I imagine the trail conditions will only worsen as we have more rain.

13 days ago

So so happy to be back on this trail again! The fire did its thing, but this majestic trail will live on. Thank you to all of the volunteers who restored the quality and made it safe.

Hiking on the second weekend after re-opening, there were a TON of hikers on the trail. And it was muddy as heck. Standard hiking footwear and trekking poles will provide the safest passage during the rainy season.

Even though it’s re-opened, I would like hikers to observe leave-no-trace principles. I saw litter and during my 3 hour hike n rest, about 20 people furnished walking sticks from downed branches to help them with the mud. I know it may seem innocent, but multiply this action over days and weeks and the landscape is unnecessarily being altered by unprepared hikers.

But overall, such a positive experience to be back on a missed trail! Happy hikes everyone!

14 days ago

It’s an amazing view and a fairly easy hike.

However this trail needs to be closed this time of year. The trail was an mess about a third of the way from the top due to overuse and mud. The risk of falling down the side of the hill is very real if you are not wearing the appropriate foot ware aka running shoes.

Did it 12/1 and the top had 2-3” of snow. It was incredible. Followed coyote tracks for a while. Fog blew in and out. I actually loved it.

This is one of my favorite loops for a scenic, slightly challenging day hike. It’s not too muddy yet, but high traffic areas around the Pool of the Winds are getting there. Be sure to pack a coat, as well as some gloves and a hat for the summit; there’s already some snow accumulation, especially on the north face of Hamilton Mountain.

17 days ago

Hiked on 11/29: no fee parking, nearest bathroom.8 miles, trail is well-marked. Go early, parking is limited & fills fast. Muddy in spots and poles are helpful. Amazing how quick Mother Nature replenishes the charred trail- lots of beautiful yellow foliage. Very windy at the summit-45 mph winds almost knocked me over. Beautiful views of the gorge all along the trail.

Hiked this trail on Monday 11/26/18, the trail re-opened Friday 11/23/18 after the recent fires last year. This trail is not 9.4miles long, but close to 13 miles round trip with a portion of the devils rest trail being unmaintained. Trail workers did a beautiful job restoring this trail. Beautiful views of the gorge at Angel's rest, if you dare brave the blow you over wind. Saw coopey and upper coopey falls in the beginning and fairy falls in the middle. Forrests are gorgeous with some really dark ones on devils rest trail after the summit end. Nice parking area with no bathroom right off the old highway looks kinda small in the dark. I arrived just before 6am in the winter when it was still dark. There is no fee here. I saw over 30 people and 5 dogs (of course non of them were on a leash) hiking most of them after 9 or 10am and on my descent. The closest bathrooms for this area are at bridal veil falls. If you are wanting to hike this trail it is super helpful to have a pre recorded map as the devils rest trail is half unmaintained.

Great hike! Beautiful views. My 7 year old daughter was able to hike it, but she is a pretty determined kid.

20 days ago

I did this as my very first solo hike! A little belated birthday present to myself, too! Had an AMAZING day up there! The weather was perfect, though the chill of winter was definitely showing up! The trail was wet from rain the previous day/night, so there were a few moderately slick spots, but my hiking boots were more than enough to get past it. Had the trail mostly to myself! Took the new, scenic trail up, and the west trail back for some variation. So different-looking than in the spring! I have been on Dog Mountain I think 2 or 3 times before and the wind was the calmest I’ve ever experienced it up there. I wanted to go back as soon as I left! I think I left my heart up there! Love this hike!

22 days ago

Extremely crowded. Otherwise felt similar to going there previously, there were areas with notable burn

Absolutely wonderful hike. I loved it. It’s amazing.

Awesome hike today - took about 4 1/2 hours . Waterfalls early on awesome - and Vistas at top are killer . Howling winds yet could find reprieve along the way. Nice workout. Had to use hands bit for balance along some rocky switchbacks - very doable. Nice side shoots to explore - especially up near the rocky parts.
Very repeatable hike - will come back in spring.

new favorite for sure! definitely plan to take 3 to 4 hours in order to complete the full loop. fall is my favorite time to hike in the gorge and so long as it hasnt been raining heavily for a few days prior to your hike the paths should still be easy to navigate. love the view from the top, absolutely incredible! worth every step!

A friend of mine and I took a few of our children - 9,12 & 14ish and they all did really well, with minimal whining. There were a couple of steep switch backs, but not quite as steep or intense as the nearby "Dog Mountain." The views from the top were not as incredible as Dog Mountain, but they were nice. I do agree with some commenters who brought out, there is really no good place to sit and have lunch at the top. The "saddle" or ridge of the trail was super windy and pretty fun for our kiddos. There are a couple of pretty awesome waterfalls and "The Pool of the Winds," which was pretty cool.

Nice little workout to the summit. If I did it again I wouldn’t do the loop, just out and back to the false summit for some decent views.

False summit view is incredible on a clear day, but the view from the top is terrible. This is my least favorite hike in the Gorge.

Such great views of surrounding areas of the Colombia River Gorge! Did this a few years back with 2 Cocker Spaniels and they did great besides all the barking!

1 month ago

This hike is on the tougher side! The loop on this trail map includes the "most difficult" section (left) and the "difficult" (right). We opted to do the "difficult" as an out and back, which is actually just a bit longer than doing the loop. Some areas are super steep, and there are rocks on the trail as you get up towards the summit. The views are amazing, and the wind whips pretty wild up top. Our dog was fine the entire way, and we ended at 7.6 miles in 3.5 hours, including a 20 minute break at the top for snacks and photos.

Great hike. Leave early! Long and rhythmic. Pretty cold up top (Nov.9). Bring gloves if going all the way to the summit.

Still closed as of 11/7/18

is this trail still closed??

1 month ago

You have the choice of taking either the, "difficult" route or the, "more difficult" route. I regret to tell you I took the, "more difficult" route. It. Kicked. My. Ass. It was relentless. Constant climbing. Zero breaks. I recommend taking the, "difficult" route. Some parts of the trail, especially towards the top, are rocky. Wear legit hiking boots/shoes. I saw quite a few people wearing tennis shoes, which seemed really dangerous and stupid. The views are gorgeous, and even though I felt like jello by the end of it, it was worth it. This hike took me just under four hours. There's a $5 fee and a bathroom at the start of the trail.

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