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off road driving
7 days ago

My buddy and I took our trucks up here. Had a great time. I’d say the trail is moderate but there is one section that is very technical. Right next toe Quartz Hill. The right side was tough for my friend without lockers. He ended up breaking an islet arm. My Raptor did just fine.

Hiked this in spikes on 10.21.18. Great workout and spectacular views from the top. A hidden gem that isn’t heavily trafficked in off season.

off road driving
28 days ago

Road this trail with Atvs. Difficult at times but keeps you alert! Narrow and winding trail does cross other trails so take map/GPS. Douglas County Mountain Rescue was in the area. Good to know!

Amazing and breath taking view

This was a great hike! Didn’t make it to the peak for a couple of reasons. The main being there was way too much snow on the ground. My lifted Jeep made it up until we started sliding back on the ice. Also, we started at about 3pm, so obviously we were losing sunlight. It’s doable if you start early and wear snow boots. Hiking stalks would’ve been a plus as well.

Beautiful trail. A little tricky in some spots. Very rocky. Nice fall drive.

1 month ago

This is a beautiful trail that gets increasingly more difficult. Most of the trail I traveled was slow going, bumpy and rocky with a few sections that had me wondering but wasnt bad after doing it. There are little off shoots and trails that look fun but not many places to park and enjoy. Up until Pisgah Spur most 4x4 vehicles will be alright, however, right before there and at that section you will certainly need a more serious jeep. I could not get past that section and had to back up down the hill and thats when I got in trouble. I got stuck and had to be rescued. I was very lucky to have cell service and called Co 4x4 Rescue. They are life savers. 2.5 hours later they showed up with a convoy of jeeps in the dark and bailed me out. Needless to say I felt really stupid that day. Lifted F350. Keep this on you... 4x4 Rescue... 720.722.1204.


-I dont know if I managed to miss all the obstacles, but I would rate this trail easy

-i wouldn't go unless you are in an ATV, so many of them already. I was worried about hitting them as they flew around corner.

- there are better trails close by

Such cool trails. Amazing views, nothing super technical but good all around. I'll just let the videos speak for themselves.

Deer Creek:


Saints John:


2nd gen Xterra, 33" tires, 2" lift, no sway bars

Now one of my favorite 14ers!
If you have 4 wheel drive and high clearance try to go as far up this road as you can! It will help eliminate you hiking up the whole road to get to the trail head! If you can make it far up that road, you will thank yourself on the way back down

Trail was in great shape. Parts of the trail were technical and def need a well equipped vehicle to make the boulder field and few other rock sections. First time on the trail and will make sure I hit it again the next time I’m in Denver! Drove a 2014 JKU with 3in rock krawler lift and 35’s.

Loved it. First time off road with a Jeep and wasn’t to bad.

on Yankee Hill Road

off road driving
2 months ago

Been doing this trail for years. Rough and smooth riding at times. Continued to the Rockhouse via different trail. Take map, numerous trails intersect.

off road driving
2 months ago

Great trail for the views, and the off road challenges. In my side by side the Webster pass road was a lot of fun. Radical hill and Red Cone , not for the faint of heart or un skilled drivers. Had fantastic day and only had time for half the trails in the area will definitely return again and again.

2 months ago

There's little on Crystal Peak - that's what I'll concentrate on.

As you are hiking toward Upper Crystal Lake on the single-track trail, you'll see a cairn on the right and a dirt trail. At this point, you're about 0.5 miles from the upper lake. The AllTrails recording reflects the trail with the dashed line.

There is a trail part way to Crystal Peak - to the saddle. You can also see it on google maps satellite.

Turn right, briefly hike up, you'll see one or two more cairns. The trail temporarily disappears as you head left and cross a few rocks - maybe 10 - 15 yards - and you'll pick up the trail again. Trail takes you to the saddle - left is Crystal Peak, right Peak Ten.

As you head to Crystal Peak, there is a semblance of a trail in the beginning. Eventually, it's all rocks - class 2 scramble/limited exposure. Your choice - stick with poles or put them in the backpack and put on your gloves as you climb to the peak.

Gloves came in handy for the rock scramble. Beautiful views!

Favorite 14er so far

off road driving
2 months ago

Sep 4, 2018 rode a stock Honda CRF 250L to within 1/4 mile of the upper lake and stopped. Great ride overall. Saw a sheep near the end and stopped to let him graze right to me. Fun! After that I turned around. The upper lake section of trail becomes increasingly difficult for a so-so offroad bike. I was glad to turn around and in fact had some difficulty doing even that since the trail was traversing a steep rocky slope and offered no wider spot to use. Fine FINE ride though to high alpine area. Getting to the lower lake was a piece of cake (and I saw a decent mule deer buck on the way there). I went early on a week day and there was no one else there.

off road driving
2 months ago

Fun trail with some challenging obstacles. We had light rain at the first big obstacle, so winching was necessary for both of us. The Rock Garden was aptly named, and was a lot of fun to go through. The added bonus of the Aspens starting to change colors made it a great day. Bring your lockers and some ground clearance for this one.

off road driving
2 months ago

This use to be a nice trail to take beginners but over the last few years, so many ATVs go there its gotten very over crowed, then you got the ATVs that think this trail is a race track, we even watched, as one doing donuts rolled is new ATV lol.. 3 other groups watched as he rolled not one person helped,, they was being stupid, and it cost them....
I wished the Forest service would patrol this area before someone gets really hurt.

off road driving
2 months ago

This was our first real 4 wheeling experience! Moderate seems like an accurate description. It was a busy trail.

off road driving
2 months ago

Thought it was a great trail and my '15 Tacoma TRD Sport DCLB w/ 3" lift and Cooper Disc STT Pros felt right at home. Couple sections seemed technical, but was able to do them with no problems. Had plans to disconnect sway bar, but ended up leaving it on.....Thanks to B Roll Offroad for his youtube videos which helped greatly since I am not from the area. We camped right at Columbine and went on a Friday... The campground filled up on the weekend and we opted not to do Yankee Hill again because of the traffic of UTVs, dirt bikes, etc..... Great trail with great views, would def do again....

off road driving
3 months ago

This trail was great first trail that’s gave my Jeep Cherokee a little challenge since I’ve been in Colorado. Lots and lots of ATVs and dirt bikes watch out because they will fly around the blind corners like no body’s business. The trail was great once you get a little over 300 yards from the top there is a great view of the saint Mary’s glacier. There are two spots there that I wish I would have had a bigger lift on my Jeep but we were able to get through it no problems. The trail was a lot of rock I mean 85% rocky roads and 5% dirt and mud 10% boulders. You don’t need to go there and back if you just go out on Jeep road to mine road to Fall River road you will be back on I70. Over all had a blast would definitely do it again and explore more of the trails around it. Make sure you bring a map or down load the map from here you will lose service most of the trail.

98 Jeep Cherokee 2.5 lift 31 grabbers open diff
Been off roading over 10 years across AZ

Hardest hike/climb I've done so far for it's distance (started 6 miles down), amazing view at the top, well worth it.

It was an unending stairclimber until it became a climb instead of a hike.

Have you ever heard of the boy who cried wolf getting eaten?
Don't try to take your 2wd low clearance rental car up this one, you may have to back up 50ft straight.
Class 3 scrambling? It actually exists and you can learn what it is on this trail. Some very exposed maneuvers, try to stay on the shale going up and don't trust any rock regardless of size.

Remember the dirt roads you took up to the actual trailhead sign, you'll see many options going downward.

Somehow the waterfalls were ignored by nearly everyone. They made the area way more than just a crowded 14er for me.

Start early to avoid the crowds renting Jeeps. 8:30am summit, a few other people. 9am summit, a dozen with more on their way up.

I saw a medium-small dog make it up, but he had to be passed between group members at the very top section (Larger dogs probably wouldn't make this section either). I heard him bark a good amount on their way down, I'm assuming out of fear.

This was not difficult. We did Baldy Peak the day before and that was difficult. I’d put this in he moderate side. This trail spends a lot of time on a Jeep road with decently packed rocks. I always forget we can drive up much higher to the Trail head than getting caught with all the traffic at spruce lake to Mohawk Trail Heads.

Crystal lakes gives you jeep roads, thru the forest, above tree line to the truly crystal clear lakes. Now I understand how they get their names. They are beautiful lakes. We went up to the second lake. Once at the first lake, take the trail to the right to go tot the second lake. Don’t be fooled by the trails you can see on your top left, it’s just a turn around.

Going up to the second lake took 46-51 minutes more. We had our 11 and 12 year old with us. There was one part up to the second lake where we slowed bc of elevation. But you’re soon there and it well worth it.

This was definitely a tough hike! If you don’t have a high-clearance vehicle be prepared to hike about 7-8 miles in & out. Once you finally get to the actual trail, there’s a deceiving sign that says 1.2 miles to the summit—it’s pretty much a straight incline up the full 1.2 miles and there are rocks/boulders that fall while you’re hiking up. Since the hike is so steep, the rocks slip constantly so we recommend a helmet, like some people had, and possibly hiking poles for the trip back down. Heading back down was honestly the hardest part because it puts a lot of stress on your knees. There are several false summits so be prepared! When you finally reach the top & are close to the summit, you’ll have to scramble through a tight notch to reach the actual summit. Get someone to help you because that part can be tricky—especially if you’re hiking alone. All in all, it’s a beautiful mountain & I promise you’ll remember the hike forever.

Challenging hike/ climb, but one of my favorite 14-ers ever. Beautiful views and totally worth it. Be prepared to climb/ scramble.

This is a TOUGH hike with a short bit of Class 3 climbing required. Straight up the steepest face of boulders and scree I can recall.
Nearly everyone had trekking poles, and I found myself very jealous of that as I scrambled down excruciatingly slowly. Bring poles. Lean on them every step of descent. Get down to the upper trailhead in 1 hour instead of 2 like me.
The summit was worth the effort.

Steep elevation gain after trail sign. Had to park at lower trail head (upper section is a legit 4wd road. Saw a Tacoma get stuck and towed out). South slope is steep but solid when we did it early morning. The gully is fun bouldering on the right. depending on which side you take it’s fairly stable rocks. The v notch has solid hand holds and is mostly a mental game pretty easy to get through depending on your size. Final push has some exposure but nothing that is extreme. Strenuous climb but views are amazing.

Amazing views and great stops for lunch!

Views were simply amazing! Makes for a great loop. Not congested. Very few truly technical spots.

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