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This was the most brutal hike I've ever been on. Man it was hard. I was 28 and in solid shape at that time, but everything after 13,500f was a struggle. My dog and I made it to the top, though most people we met who started the trail had to turn around. It's worth it though! On the way down a giant piece of rock went flying between me and my dog - we were lucky not to get hurt. Make sure you get on the trail before 7am.

cross country skiing
1 month ago

A solid intro to back country skiing. Pretty easy-going. My dad and I did this about a month ago and there was just enough snow to ski, but plenty of snow-shoers and micro-spiked hikers did just fine out there.

I was able to summit on 2/17/2018. Snowshoes came in handy up to the tree line but I would not say they were needed, descended with just my micro spikes. Microspikes are a must if you don't have snow shoes. The winds were brutal, 40+ MPH. Manny of the groups ahead of me turned around due to the winds. This is a long day due to the added milage at the winter parking (you can only make it about 0.25 up the summer 2 track road). Views at the top are beautiful and you are the highest person in Colorado!


Hike along the lake and see an old resort, which is being preserved by the Forest Service and is from the 1800s. It took us 3 hours at a leisurely pace and there was 6 inches - 1 foot of snow. Trail is rated moderate, but my husband and I thought it was easy. Our dog loved it as well!

Great hike on a beautiful sunny slightly windy day. Trail had some snow in the shady parts along the first half of the hike along the first lake. Easily traversable. Awesome views of the lakes. The upper lake had whitecaps due to the wind. The InterLaken historic site is really cool. Totally recommend this hike!

I love this trail, we hiked it at the end of September and loved it. The wind had picked up to 30-40 mph at the summit. Beautiful

Such a unique historic site. Nice easy route- great views and close to water.

Tough hike with beautiful scenery!

Starts with a beautiful hike through the woods, with a soundtrack of running water from the creek right along the trail. Above tree line, gorgeous views. A long and challenging hike that requires some endurance. We accidentally got off trail and did some precarious scrambling over boulders near the top - don't stray too far from the sandy trail. That said - the sandy trail/loose rock does get slippery and makes it tricky to keep your footing on the descent. We started at 9am which is too late for this 14er, especially at our slow pace - we finished at 8pm, just as it got dark! Lesson: start at sunrise.
Overall - this is a GORGEOUS and CHALLENGING hike.

Beautiful long and hard trail Bring good shoes and poles lots of rocks and steep going down at the end

My two sons and wife and I did this Trail on eclipse day August 21 2017. We started at 6 am from the trailhead and reached south Mt. Elbert (14,150 ft) at 11 am and trekked over to Mt Elbert (14,439 ft) summited at 12:15. Return took about 4 hours. This was a long good day. Our two Fitbits showed the total ROUND TRIP to be about 18 miles. Trust me, be prepared for a big day of cardio.

8 months ago

Excellent. This was my first 14er, and took me about 8 hours to do. Things I should've done: start earlier (plan to be on the trail 15-30 min before sunrise), and spend an extra day acclimating.

Lovely easy to follow trail. Good recovery after a more strenuous morning hike.

Went with my nephew on 08/03/17, amazing climb. As I have heard/read, it was the best trail for the views and it was amazing. I don't know if I'd suggest this trail as your 1st 14er though. It was certainly hard for the both of us, luckily we met some other guys from our home state of Texas, we all kind of fed off each other and got it done. One of them had done Elbert before on the North trail and said it is much easier.
Before you get to the ridgeline, the trail switch backs and is pretty steep. This part of the trail got a bit tiresome for us. Once on the ridge you get a bit of a boost of energy as it levels out at parts but still is a difficult last 1.5 miles or so. Careful going down as the steep trails you see going up are not too secure on your decent.

Great hike. Loved the InterLaken site. Perfect for those like me trying to adjust to the high altitudes.

Great hike yesterday. Dry conditions. Trail is easy to follow until you get to the last 1500 feet then you need to look for the best route between rock cairns.

8 months ago

The South Fork Clear Creek TH to the Lake Ann trail is one of the most beautiful hikes in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. The terrain is varied, the views of the Three Apostles are spectacular, and there are many gorgeous spots to take a breather and have a snack, including the small falls you have to cross, and the large granite rocks overlooking the creek after the falls. If you take the detour to Lake Ann, rather than hike over the Continental Divide, the hike is more moderate-to-hard than hard. Well worth the effort. The Banker Mine is a fun detour on the way in.

Have done this trail dozens of times for a "warm up". It never gets old. Always great to see lots of young families. Views are spectacular.

Great flat hike along the lake. Good hike to take the kids on.

Definitely a strenuous hike--the elevation gain is tough, but the scenery and views at the summit are unmatched.

Do your homework before attempting this.

Amazing hike very well worth the work. It is a tough one for sure but the views at the top are second to none. Trail is in great shape well distinguished at lower elevations and Marked well with cairns at higher elevations. This is a no joke hike the gain is 4300 feet from the trailhead. I recommend staring early. We started at 6:30 am and summited around 1. The most pica and marmot I've seen on a 14 er yet well worth the work.

Really easy, and popular, but this trail has fantastic views and a great history lesson at Interlaken. We had lunch about a quarter mile past the abandoned resort and made our way to the lake following the old road to the resort.

Not easy - but worth the trek!

An easy hike through the forest, along a lake. Great views throughout the trail, and then leading to a deserted resort! You could go inside some of the buildings, it was really cool. Great for families and beginners.

Climbed on 4th of July 2017. Beautiful weather. A few snow fields remain but no problems simply walking around them. Once you're on the ridge (which is after about 3 miles of steep hiking) the trail can be a little tricky to find but in good weather there is no doubt where you need to go. Not a lot of cairns. Saw Beautiful wildflowers, grouse, and a marmot. This was tough on my 59 year old legs but well worth the memories.

9 months ago

We started at 6:30am and summited by 10:30am. It's quite the hike even for active Coloradans, but worth it. We heard and saw lots of Marmots. If you can start earlier than 6:30am then I recommend it. The trail is nice and shaded on the way up with the angle of the sun but on the way back down the sun was burning hot. Our pup loved all the streams in the first couple miles and then last couples miles. It helped keep her cool. I'm not sure if people every see noise around there but it seemed like a spot they would be found.

9 months ago

End of June and still lots of snow and downed trees which caused us to lose the trail for a bit. The lake was iced over but still beautiful. There was a crew working on the trail and making nice improvements.

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