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Found a camera and grey beanie two days ago. Contact me at michaelpmcalear@gmail.com if they are yours! Great trail for dogs. Bring spikes!

This trail has a good view of the entire landscape but it’s so plain that it doesn’t challenge me at all. I love it here when I need to walk with my baby boomer relatives or my lazy dog.

Fairly flat so not much of a workout but def pretty. Could be good for mom/dad and also Pam - no cliff faces. You see 14er pikes peak for much of it, set against the foreground of red rock formations

Nice trail if not crowded. Fun to do with a little snow. Amazing view of the reservoir.

Love this trail in all seasons. Snow packed and muddy. I hiked in boots with good tread.

Awesome hike! Went up in November 2018, trail was pretty icy / snowy but could hike it in sneakers (did a lot of butt slides on the way down). The fire tower is well worth the hike and then the climb when you reach it.

Getting to the trail head was very very bumpy and slow moving in some spots.

11 days ago

Great hike. Light cover of snow made the views beautiful. Snow packed trail, no ice. Wore my boots and had poles.

This is my favorite close by hike ❤️

Beautiful views by the reservoir

22 days ago

Pretty much my favorite front range trail. Great, up close views of groovy rock formations.

Fun hike near Denver. With half the population of the front range. Parking can fill up early.

24 days ago

Did this hike on 12/30. Definitely a good choice for a winter hike. Not much ice or snow at all! We decided to make a loop back to the car. We detoured down Alameda Parkway to Dinosaur Ridge and took the Dakota Ridge Trail back to the starting point. Great views on both ridges!

Beautiful setting for sure but difficult to navigate. There is no single trail that goes around the lake but several shorter trails that cut and pasted together get your around.. which would be fine if there were signs. I stopped at two posted maps along the way but neither indicated "You Are Here", so that wasn't terribly helpful. I ended up making it around the reservoir without having to back track but did have to weave through several parking lots and spend a portion on the road. By doing this I accidentally trimmed my expected loop from 8.8 miles to 6.5. All in all, great space for a leisurely stroll or once you learn your way around but a little tricky if you're just hoping focus on your run and get in a nice nearly 9 mile loop.

Easy hike! Only some patches of ice but I was fine without crampons. Super clean trail & easy trail to follow thats offleash for the pups!

Garden of the Gods was not very impressive after doing a lot of hikes in AZ and Utah

Loved it. Great hike from beginning to end. Some icy patches, glad I had crampons on my bag. Next time, I’ll pack a lunch to enjoy along with the view from the top.

Awesome trail for hiking running or nature walking with your dog. Yesterday was very cold, came back with freezing hands and face. hand warmer and a scarf would it helped. Beautiful views specially when you get to the dam.

27 days ago

The Morrison slide switchbacks were enough to put this into the 'moderate' category. It is perfectly flat once you reach the top. The views were fair. I approached from the south and am happy with my choice. I ended up foregoing the last mile down the other side -- it looked open, grassy, and shady (mid afternoon) -- not particularly exciting -- so I opted to turn around instead. Not a bad small trail close to town. Has potential for mountain biking, too.

Great place to hike with the dog off leash. Crampons would have been useful today (mid December) at the higher elevation but we were okay without them. Recommend to dog owners.

First time there and it was beautiful. Flat, paved walk. Great for the family. Lots of people!

long hike but well worth the veiw from the top did it in sept had nice weather

I went to hike this yesterday morning/early afternoon (12/7/2018) and the road we came in on was closed about 6 miles out. I did not try to loop around to the west nor did I head back east to go over and up and see if that pass was open. Beware.

You’ll find mostly mountain bikers on this trail. The degree of difficulty is moderate only because of the “mountain slide trail” portion. It’s 2.9 miles up to the top of the mountain and 2.9 miles back. It starts off as an open meadow, which winds around into a very easily run valley that dips down just before reaching the mountain slide, which traverses around a moderately steep accent to the top. Many people take landscape pictures of the beautiful views at the top which the trail continues to wind around the back end of this mountain peak into a loop, leading back to the Matthew Winters Parking Lot/start/finish point. This land is located adjacent to Red Rocks, Morrison, Colorado.

1 month ago

I love this place

Beautiful and secluded. Need spikes for the upper loop part.

Pleanty of incline and finishes that with stairs that seem to go on, on. You are rewarded with views that go on forever & an old fire tower that is very cool to see. Very nice hike with many photo opts. Did this hike in July/18 and it was very busy but perfect weather.

Very pretty rock formations. Flat walk/hike mostly on pavement.

Great views! Currently the trail is a little icy and snow packed. We got through just fine without spikes, but they certainly would have helped.

Great way to burn some calories on Thanksgiving. A decent portion if this hike is on a gravel road but it was beautiful thoughout. Lovely views and some moderately challenging elevation change. Some parts were quite icy today but we were careful and fall-free without krampons.

Great hike, snowy but very accessible.

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