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Had a wonderful morning hike to Lily Pad lake. It was easy to take my dog (leashed) and there were some moose in the first pond on the trail.

2 days ago

Amazing views and we got to see moose who were out and about

Was absolutely beautiful today as the aspen are perfect

We snowshoed and it was a lovely hike, as described.

Hiked this trail on a Thursday. I saw only two people and that was on my return. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the gold leaf aspens on the side of the mountain were beautiful. The lake was great and trail around it is a single track trail that gives you great views of the lake. I thought this was a nice and easy trail. Bring a lunch and eat it on a rock by the lake.

11 days ago

Some steep sections, but by the time it starts to wear on you, you're already at the lake.
Made it up to the lake in about 40 minutes with a handful of quick breaks to catch my breath.
Beautiful views, especially with the fall colors in full swing!
Saw about 8 other groups of people, including some folks camping on the lake.

14 days ago

Great easy trail, all the elevation is at the trailhead. Nice pines and watch for the chipmunks.

nice trail but on the high side of moderate. Not for old out of shape guys like me. I had to turn around about half way because it was too steep for me and my pug.
make sure your app is active as the trail could be better marked.

15 days ago

super easy trail with great view of Dillon lake. took my dog up and had a great time. aspens are slowly changing right now which makes it even more beautiful.

Absolutely gorgeous hike! Starts off flat, with very steep last 0.5 miles or so to get to the lake. The end was a bit too difficult for my parents, who are not experienced hikers/do not live at altitude. Rocky footing on the trail throughout that can be slick when wet. Your shoes will definitely get wet if you plan on walking around the lake.

22 days ago

Lots of different things to see and changing landscape. Long range view, meadows, woods, small ponds, streams to cross, and two beautiful lakes at the end. Lilly pad covered lake is first, then the larger lake right after. Perfect place to stop for a snack or lunch. We didn’t get to see any moose, unfortunately. I would also say this is a moderate trail due to the inclines and lots of trip hazard areas with large rocks and roots, but I was able to hike this with a 3.5 month old in an Ergo carrier, plus a 6 year old.

Great trail, good for the whole family. A little steep part in the beginning but then easy.

Perfect for a short day, always beautiful and green!

flat for 1.5 miles then really steep for .5
we backpacked mon- tue and saw about 10 groups going up the trail and 10 going back but only 3 sleep overnight. the lake is so big that I did not see that many people up at the lake

bring big repellant but they are not that bad.

it is beautiful

Fun hike through the beautiful fragrant forest of pines. Trail is a somewhat rocky ( not scree) and has a nice but steady incline to the lake. Few stream crossings but we were able to cross without getting our feet wet. The trail around the lake gives several different viewpoints.

Some steep sections but well worth it.

Really enjoyed the hike.... lots of forest and open vista. Views are really nice al no the way and the lake did not disappoint! We took trail around which gave views from above the lake... always great perspective!

Great hike with rocky trail... be sure to wear good hiking shoes! Well worth the full trail around the lake...great views from different angles and to get above the lake is nice!

Easy trail through the woods to the lake after a steep climb at the trailhead.

Well we woke up late but had originally planned a 14er so we had that mentality going into this hike that we chose super last minute without much research, just to put this review in perspective. We got to the monte Escondido road around 9:30 and got hiking up the road around 9:45 due to us driving a corolla we knew we wouldn’t make it up the road. Definitely requires an suv. Hiking up and back down the road was the worst part for us. Once we got to the clearly marked trailhead there’s a while where it is relatively flat and shady which is a nice break from the uphill and sunny road. Soon after the creek crossing you start heading straight up the mountain that is steep and almost completely rocky. We took plenty of water breaks and had the same amount of water we were planning for the 14er. Hiking poles also helped a ton. At the Colorado wilderness trail you go left and within a short distance you see a small lake on the right and then a little further down the trail you get to the large lake. We walked around to the far side for our lunch break which offered beautiful Mountain Views and shade. We set up our hammock - bring one! We made it here around 1, remember we were taking plenty of breaks and I was fighting a chest cold so if you hauled straight up it wouldn’t take you nearly this long. Headed back down around 2 and made it back to the car at 3:15. Very steep and slippery heading down on the rocks again hiking poles were super helpful. Overall, we enjoyed the trail. A lot of comments about it being dead and boring but we saw plenty of aspens, birds, even some wildflowers. Recommend and would do again!

The hike up to the lake is beautiful, there is a variety of terrain and the change of surroundings which keeps it interesting. It goes from an all forested area to more open spaces with better views of the mountains. There are a few creeks to pass over so wear shoes you don't mind getting wet. The pebbles on the trail can be slippery in some places too so be careful when coming down.

1 month ago

Great “1st Backpacking” trail. Elevation profile is a little deceiving as you do most of the climb just before the lake. Around the lake you will find several “developed” camp spots with fire rings and logs to sit on. Absolutely gorgeous. Rained all morning so plan appropriately. Most people know it rains in Colorado in the afternoons but at this altitude and locale it can rain all day in late summer/fall.

Trail is an old Jeep road so it’s wide most of the way and easily passable with a pack. Lots of people frequent this trail but it’s a great hike with a gorgeous payoff to reward your hard work. Camping around the lake is recommended!

Hiked this trail as a kid with my family and now as an adult it is still a favorite. Such a great combination of tree cover and open space with a couple little water crossings. You can make it more difficult by picking up your pace but it’s great for all levels.

1 month ago

Always a family favorite. Great for little ones. Saw a big bull moose about 20 feet from us. Amazing!

It says easy, but it was a little tougher than easy. The beginning heads straight up, makes you wonder early, stick to it and keep going. Nice view of Dillon Lake near the beginning. pretty Ricky in places and tree roots along the way make it more difficult. If you are a novice pretty tiring. The lake is very pretty with nice mountain views. The trek back in was easier.

1 month ago

Not "EASY" unless you're acclimated! Still very beautiful, but I feel this is mislabelled in the AllTrails

1 month ago

Fun with great views and solitude on a weekday afternoon. Cool mining cave on the way up, too!

1 month ago

Decent trail. Hiked it again after previously hiking it about 6 years ago. Lots of dead trees around the trail which had hardened the beauty of the trail, but still a decent hike.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike!! Not too hard and goes through several types of terrain.

Fantastic hike and very doable for kids. We had ages 3-13 with us and all had a great time. I do think it’s important people know this isn’t an easy, flat walk through the woods- it does have some pretty good hills throughout.
We are also up from the front range and are acclimated to the elevation. If you are visiting from somewhere lower this could be a bit tougher for you, although if you’re in pretty good shape I still think very doable

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