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Lovely at sunrise!

Very easy hike with some cool rock formations that provide great picture opportunities. Completed with a 1.5 yr old and 4 yr old without difficulty.

Great trail. If you want to do the loop I suggest going up the rocky switchbacks.

Great causal trail :)

Hi Danielle. From the parking lot, you go on the path away from the springs. You walk that path as it forms a "u". keep going until you see the abandoned tunnel. after that, youll go a little more and see a trailhead on the right. The sign has St. Mary's falls on it. Have fun!

Love this trail. Its hard, but I love it!

Hi folks, I'm wondering if you can help me out. I'm confused about which dirt road to take. On one end of the parking lot, there are two options--one is called High Road or something, and the other is Lower Gold Camp. I walked a ways on each of these and didn't find the trailhead. I then tried the dirt road on the other end of the parking lot (directly opposite these two roads). I passed the turn for trail 622 on the right, but I had to turn around because it was getting dark. Was I on the right track? The dirt road made a near U-turn around some private homes and then continued upward. If I'd kept going, would I have found the trailhead on the left? Ugh. Thank you in advance for your help.

Very beautiful. Easy terrain. Limited parking.

great trail! not too hard not to easy. clocks in as 5.8 miles

Parked and hiked a bit, walked back and drove to the next parking spot. Hiked a bit again. Gorgeous, paved trails.

A bit more difficult trail with not much foot traffic. Great mix of scenery and trail conditions. Perfect with our dog!

Great trail!! We would definitely go back. At the top of the trail you get to switchbacks to get to the falls. This part is not marked and there are several offshoots in the area. Be on the lookout for the correct one to get to the falls. Beautiful scenery and nice hike with the dogs.

Combination of paved and gravel trails surrounding and through the park and gorgeous rock formations. Not terribly crowded on a chilly February morning, but the views would be worth a visit even in the busier summer months.

Beautiful hike although we started out to do Seven Bridges but couldn't find the trailhead. Nice uphill and vistas overlooking CS and Front Range. Waterfall was of course frozen and not much to see so end point was a bit disappointing, but hey, it's winter. Should have expected it. Will definitely return in the summer!

I've written a blog post about this hike @ www.break-trail.com
If you'd like to read it, follow this link: https://goo.gl/iNLkBN

Great trail! Love this app, it helped to keep us on the correct trail, following the creek. April, I think you guys went left over the creek, we stayed on the trail to the right of the creek and made it to the falls! 6.8 miles!!

Popular area. A good climb for some exercise. Nice views at the top. Didn't like walking paved road for just a short jaunt, but otherwise a nice trail. More info and pics here: https://etbtravelphotography.com/2017/12/30/road-trip-denver-to-dallas-and-back/

Great hike. Counter clockwise makes for an good heart rate increasing climb with a gentle 4 mile cool down.

1 month ago

Random trails everywhere. Some litter. Kinda sketchy in some places.

1 month ago

I was confused about whether the trail itself was 6 miles or whether it was 6 miles round trip from the parking lot (you walk for quite a ways on a dirt road before getting to the actual trail). Now, having done the hike, I can confirm that it's the latter. Hope this helps anyone else who is wondering!

This is a beautiful well maintained trail; however, thieves smashed my 4Runner’s window and stole whatever wasn’t bolted down in my car, along with several other vehicles in the area. The local police did not investigate or follow-up on my complaint.

1 month ago

Great trail for walking with a stroller!

Nice moderate trail. The view at the end is much better in the summer time I’m sure (the waterfall was frozen solid). Looking forward to doing it again!

Hiked this route on 1/13/18 - really enjoyed our time! The first half of the climb is uphill with switchbacks; nothing to complain about, was a great workout. Scenery is stunning - there’s a place about halfway through the loop to sit and take it in, recommended to sit for a while and enjoy! Depending on when you get there parking can fill up, but there are a few lots down the road to park at.

First mile is pretty much incline but the rest of the route is comfortable.

Great hike. Moderately trafficked, not bad at all for a Saturday. Well marked, but know your route for a few of the initial intersections. Beautiful views of the springs and into the hills. Cold in the shade. Light patches of snow throughout. Great length/difficulty level for a short morning hike.

Good loop. Lots of people but plenty of parking

Fun trail with a good incline start and all downhill till the end. Cross a stream and some nice views. Use the map as the trail does have some forks and can get a little confusing.

trail running
2 months ago

I take this trail regularly during the summer and fall. It's my go to running trail. Smooth path with some ups and downs but nothing too crazy. Nice run with amazing views in high altitude, can't get much better.

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