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Although unmarked, I enjoyed the trails :)

Awesome hike! Went up in November 2018, trail was pretty icy / snowy but could hike it in sneakers (did a lot of butt slides on the way down). The fire tower is well worth the hike and then the climb when you reach it.

Getting to the trail head was very very bumpy and slow moving in some spots.

The mapped trail was wrong in a few places.

This is a fun hike to do with the kids. It isn’t easy but our two little ones can still manage MOSTLY on their own. There are a couple places where you may need to spot the kids if they are young like mine (5,6) due to needing three-points of contact at a drop-off. The views are great and there is plenty of room at the summit to enjoy a picnic. The dogs can manage well too. We’ve done this hike twice because we enjoyed it so much.

Took my own route to get to Pulpit Rock so I haven't taken the entire trail. beautiful open space, easy path, but wasn't impressed by the view of the town. It was really fun to climb the rocks though!

Beautiful hike! Steady incline to the summit but not very hard at all. Awesome views. Please pick up your dogs poop! I’ve done this trail multiple times and have always found people just leaving their dogs poop bag along the trail. There is a trash can at the bottom, it isn’t hard to do. If you find a lot of bags littered, consider picking it up and disposing of it yourself. Let’s keep the trail clean!

View was great, however getting up and down was a challenge. Tons of off trails that are easily confused as the main trail, it was really frustrating. I tried to follow the directions on this app, but it was almost impossible. It was an ok hike that I probably won’t do again, but like I said, the view is dope.

off road driving
3 days ago

Went out here today, it was a lot of fun.

Snow was approx 8-12 inches deep on much of the road making it quite a challenge. Several people needed pulled out after getting stuck

Views on this road are amazing, but I did not encounter anything that would make this anywhere near “moderate” without the snow.

Excellent hike that had me peeling layers as I gained elevation. Heavy snowfall was nicely compressed by the hundred or so people who must’ve gone before me. Couple of spots were slick and required three points of contact due to ice, rocks, narrow trail, and steep canyon sides. Not too many people out. Great views along nearly the entire trail. Agree that this is on the easy side of ‘moderate.’

Ahhh, this luxurious park seems to have it all! It boasts trails of all levels, off leash dog area, and some fantastic views. I cannot remember which we hiked, as I feel we meandered between a few, but the experience was one to cherish. We hiked with our 7 year old and small dog among the red rock landscape. Coming up over a hill to take in the view of The Garden of the Gods at golden hour was nothing short of magnificent. I will certainly return to this open space to explore the remaining trails we were unable to complete.
(Hiked: March/2018)

Very close to the house and a good place for a quick escape from stress.

Directions were accurate to TH. Starts in the burn area but quickly drop int the woods along Goose Creek. Good trail conditions all the way to the historic buildings. Just as much up and down coming and going, good training trail. Links up with other trails in the wilderness.

Beautiful hike, but difficult for sure (its all inclined). It was so slippery, we had to slide back down almost the whole way. The only reason I give it a 4 star & not 5 is because you cannot hardly tell where the right trail is. We ended up going off trail & freestyling up for a good 20min of steep shrub & gravel. I will do it again when its nicer outside. :)

Super easy trail. I parked at the first parking lot (there's 2). The trails aren't marked so you just have to work around them. I ended up heading straight towards pulpit rock and climbed up for a challenge. There is a trail that goes all the way around it for an easier climb up to the top. Went during the week around 2 and it was moderate traffic with drones and selfie takers. Took about 20min and less to reach the top. Easy Hike, not very peaceful, but the overlook is cool

Easy trail with a great view!

Fun, easy ride bike t watch out for loose sand and hikers.

good quick spot for a hike in the city. nice view over the town. could be a little steep getting to the top for some.

Nice views, not much traffic. You can see all the way down to Pueblo resivior from the top. Quite a bit of walking thru snow this time of year.

7 days ago

2nd time back and a little less rough but still very challenging. The final 200 steps are icy and spikes would be ideal but I did it without them.

Awesome trail and a great workout!!

8 days ago

Very challenging hike....risk vs reward on this hike questionable (especially this time of year). Not well marked, scree, ice....etc. Pick another hike in Colorado....no shortage of awesome/safe hikes.

8 days ago

Great trail, so long as you’re prepared. If you find a 4+ inch fixed blade Gerber knife along the scramble, his name is Brütus; please treat him kindly, sharpen him weekly

8 days ago

Really enjoyed each time we’ve visited

on The Chutes Trail

8 days ago

Nice location.
Wonderful views.
Nice parking lot with bathroom
Would recommend

Great hike with excellent views at the top. Somewhat icy the first third of the trail, but I hiked it in tennis shoes and was alright.

Nice area for a short or long hike.

trail running
9 days ago

Challenging first 1.7 (according to Garmin watch) mile up through some ice and snow. Coming back down was gradual downhill and fun to run. Trail has some great views. We were there on a sunny winter Sunday and only came by a few other people.

trail running
9 days ago

My favorite since even before it was ever open !

Great trail! Easy hike! Possibility to go off main trail with no signs/markings and many social trails. Since I had it on record I could see when I edged off the trail. Great views. I went clockwise on the loop. Next time will do the hike in the evening going counterclockwise in attempt to catch a ‘sunset’ on the upper ridge coming back to parking lot.

10 days ago

A nice little trail that overlooks 7 Falls. The scenery is perfect, overlooking Manitou and Colorado Springs in the distance.

The only thing was that the trail gets very gravelly at the top of one of the slopes. With no guard rail or anything, it could take a little miss-footing to send someone over the edge of the cliff. So be careful of that.

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