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Excellent day hike! Did this with my father who is in his 60’s and my son who is 13. Make sure to check the weather before going and pack a jacket, it can be cooler in certain areas even in July when we went. Great views!

Hard? What is listed isn’t hard at all. Apparently you can get to harder areas to navigate but we couldn’t find them. The first part of the ride was awesome. It was super easy but the views made up for it. The last 15 mins or so were obnoxious. It was all bumpy washout. No challenge- just annoying.

Beautiful hike, mostly uphill going in with a few flat breaks. Reservoirs are lovely. Kids ages 4-7 and grandparents age 60 had a great time.

Great trail. Scenic, very challenging

gorgeous views from the top and great for fast running back down. last 1/2 mile up to the summit is a bit challenging but worth the twists and turns!

Ahh today no dogs on this trail.

Awesome, awesome trail. Scrambling at the top gets a bit hairy but worth it!

I loved this hike. We parked at the Rainbow Trailhead and hiked to the Reservoir from there (which I highly recommend). We ended up not going the full way around Rampart Reservoir, but still worth it. No real steep inclines. Fairly easy hike both ways.

I loved this place. The litter made me sad. But there wasn’t any on the trail just below it in the tent village. And the homeless just stayed to them selves in their tents. The tunnels were amazing. The scramble to the top was awesome. And your HIKING. Just park somewhere in manitou and walk. It’s not bad. One of the tunnels is an obvious place where climbers practice... one of them (Satan’s tunnel) was where satanic temple had secret meetings back in the day supposedly. There were loads of bats in that one. I honestly loved this trail there was adventure- folklore- and scrambling- and a reminder to not take what you have for granted walking past the tent city. And by tent city I mean like a total of 6 or 7 tents.

15 days ago

Very beautiful summit. The trail is definitely moderate, as some scrambling is required at the top but it is manageable without any special equipment. I would recommend this to out of town visitors who want to experience climbing a mountain and I will definitely be back! I would advise average to above average fitness level.

Kids loved it- twin 6 year old girls and 11 year old boy! Perfect for our fam!

Please note that an emergency ordinance was just issued by the town of Palmer Lake and NO DOGS are allowed on the trail because people could not follow the rules.

Great hike! Definitely would say the difficulty increases as you near the top, but the views are 100% worth the climb!

This app says “moderate” but the sign says “intermediate- difficult” which is much more accurate. I found the second half of the climb difficult as one must do some scrambling on the upper portion. However, it is very rewarding once you get to the top. If you have trek poles the take them...I’m happy I did!

Perfect to start my 7 year old with longer hikes. Beautiful and just enough shade to not die in the heat.

The Mt. Herman part of the trail was fine. Super easy, but great views and rocks. The Rampart Range part was awful. It was 95% washboard and made for a terrible ride. Subarus and Suburbans were flying by us and you could see they were shaking their cars to death. We love a good, challenging trail but washboard like that are no fun.

The hike up is hard. Once you get to the second lake - it’s so, so beautiful!!! Go in the early morning.
You’ll see raspberries, wild blue berries and MANY flowers. Police DO patrol the area so follow the rules.

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27 days ago

Great trail. Easy. Pretty. Early morning start time avoids the crowds.

Steady up climb for over a mile, then easy. Nice lake and distance views with some interesting Rick formations. Most of the hike is in the sun but we had a very nice breeze.

good incline, good views.

Love this hike. A little challenging for a recent transplant from Tennessee, but more than manageable and totally worth it for the views from the top. Definitely recommend doing the Cutler in the same visit - maximum bang for your buck. Parking fills up on the weekends so get there early! We will definitely be back.

Nice gravel trail, just wish there was more shade.

Perfect day for a perfect hike. I’m a 40+ year old from the “flatlands” of Nebraska and I am in OK shape, so most people should be able to complete this trail. The AllTrails app is excellent! I would suggest good shoes with aggressive tread to prevent slipping on the rocks/gravel. A hydration pack comes in handy - I went 3 16.9 oz bottles of water in the way up and 2 more purchase at Pike Peak on the way down. Once to Devil’s Playground, I went ahead and took the free shuttle to Pike’s Peak (instead of walking beside the road) - since I had already experienced the most scenic views (my opinion) - except from the top. I was amazed to look back down at the trail/valley and see the elevation gain over the rock formations that seemed so gigantic at the start of the trail! I will definitely be completing this hike again.

A very beautiful hike all the way through. Mostly up hill but not that tiring

Great trail. Easy to moderate skill level. Lots of shade opportunities, beautiful scenery and you definitely see people but the foot traffic isn't bad. while hiking you will come to a fork in the trail , take the time to try both trails since your already there it only takes another 20 minutes or so.

If you’re in decent shape- easy! Typically can finish it in about an hour and a half. If you’re from out of town this is a good one for you, decent length and difficulty with great views at the top. Just take it slow and hydrate if you’re not used to the elevation. Trail is SUPER easy to find and follow.

Edit*** You do NOT need hiking poles as someone here said and this is not difficult... of course it’s going to be harder near the summit- it’s a peak!

Beautiful views and not that crowded. Very steep incline at the top, was real slippery coming down, be careful!!

Easy hike and so, so beautiful! Perfect for families, too.

I would say a little more difficult than moderate although we added on the 5.5 mile hike to the summit of pikes peak which was the most difficult part.
The top of this stretch was quite steep but had breathtaking views throughout and at the top. Go slow and steady and you’ll make it up pretty quickly.

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