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9 hours ago

Excellent trail, with great panoramic view at the end.

1 day ago

I love this trail!!!!

Not to be missed! Spectacular hike, especially in the fall.

Great hike. What a fantastic 360 degree view at the summit.

Nice length and difficulty with a beautiful view at the top. Not as heavily trafficked as other trails in the area with the leaf peepers. My GPS put it at 5 miles round trip.

It was a nice afternoon hike. Dogs are able to go on leash. Make sure they can handle stairs. A little bummed my dog couldn’t get in water, she’s a retriever and loves water. Has a parasite in it. There are about 280 steps to the top of the falls to get to the actually hiking trial. Killer on the knees especially with a young eager pup pulling me! But it was great for the family. They had a lot of fun. Very easy trails once you make it up the stairs. I shoulda brought more water. I knew I was sharing with the pup, but didn’t realize there would be no water for her to cook off in. (It is clearly stated on website and I missed the whole parasite part). They have zip lining and tours that are very pricey. It’s privately owned by broadmoor, but some people were parking and going to a near by public trail. Would be nice to explore that. Parking was a little jacked. Got to the top and was sent back down to park in a lot about 3 miles away and take a shuttle back.

Great Trail winding up and down along the creek with cool waterfall. It's easy to lose the trail when you have to cross the creek. The yellow marker is easy to see after you cross the creek.

7 days ago

Loved this hike. Most of it was just a slightly uphill walk. It got steeper/more rocky towards the top. Got off trail once by mistake where it starts to get iffy, but found our way back fairly easily. Pretty good views at the peak, but a few trees in the way.

Saturday morning parking was completely full—just be aware of that.

Nice secluded trail with great views! Went on a Saturday afternoon and only saw 3 other hikers. Decent elevation gain and steepness towards the summit. Sat on the peak having lunch for about an hour just taking in the views and sunshine.

This was a fun yet very challenging hike! It says moderate but the hilly roads you have to climb just to get to the trailhead and then to the reservoir make it difficult. The meadow along the creek is beautiful once you climb the switchbacks. It seems like the never ending hike but we pushed ourselves with the encouragement of other hikers making their way back! Because we hadn’t anticipated such a long hike we didn’t get to enjoy the reservoir that much and would much rather drive to enjoy it next time. It took us 2+ hours, so be prepared!

7 days ago

After following the advice re: going to dead-end of road and following 'old' trail to meet up with the new Crag's trail, I recommend to all who are not familiar with areas they will be hiking to use extreme caution/avoid attempting to utilize old' trails. The further I hiked from the trailhead the worse the condition of this old trail became to the point where 'guess-timation' kicked in (should have turned back at this point). After a bit of this, I decided against continuing so turned back and began my attempt to retrace my path only to discover that numerous washed out, dead-ended trails and false 'paths' resembled the 'old' trail.

If you have hiked certain areas for awhile, or enough in the past as to recognize other landmarks to guide you back to the trailhead,...then you may very well do okay. But for newcomers to areas to attempt to do so...on your way back toward dusk, or simply hours later after the sun's position has changed and the shadows under trees canopy distort the very slight markings which might/might not be the old 'trail', or, your memory of it's very slight existence becomes muddled,...be advised: the apprehension/possibility of spending a night in the woods only to pick up where you left off in the morning is not worth cutting off a smidgen of your hike to avoid a strenuous portion of a new trail.

One of my favorite hikes since it is so close to Denver but a different geography. I live very close and prefer to take guests here.
I’ve seen owls and raptors around the rocks and like the view at the end.

Response to post below concerned about little boys carving names in teepee on Horse Thief Falls trail: I was there yesterday, saw the teepee and several marks made by past hikers. The teepee is not sacred, looks like it was made by someone with some time on their hands, using dead wood from the surrounding area.

Carving names into something that's not alive, nor an artifact, is not akin to harming live trees. One could make the same argument about whomever built the teepee in the first place. Shouldn't that person have been equally aghast about that?

I'm glad she didn't scold the mom in front of her little boys. We all have personal opinions and are usually better off keeping them to ourselves. Rating the trail as a 4 due solely to a personal reaction to someone else's behavior is no reflection on the quality of the trail. It is lovely and serene!

While not evident at first glance, the trail continues beyond the series of falls for a while. Absolutely beautiful!

Z tuisg

My first visit to Colorado Springs. I was impressed with the cleanliness of the trail and accessibility. Beautiful!


Stunning views along the way, but the 360 at the top is icing on the cake. Get there early, the lot fills up fast, but you can always park at the lot for Raspberry Mtn and walk up the road a bit. It was hard to tell where our destination would be when we first started, but as you start the climb towards the end just make sure not to stop until you reach the top!

16 days ago

Fantastic trail that takes you over 1,500 ft where you can look out over 24-West. Once you reach the top, you can descend from the large rocks via the southwest side and follow a trail along a small creek that feeds a waterfall. The trail will take you along some great flowers and scenic mountains to the west. However, make sure you follow the trail out that you came in. I took a trail connected to the Catamount but it turned out to be treacherous, which caused me to walk through part of a waterfall to get to better ground. Stick to the marked trails and you won’t be disappointed.

Really enjoyed this as a loop w/ my 6 month old puppy. Do the loop counter clockwise- that way you hit the steep stuff going uphill and downhill is a gentle slope if you have a dog and don’t want the trail to be too hard on their joints going downhill

17 days ago

The views from the top are well worth the effort and the scenery on the way is beautiful. Highly recommend.

18 days ago

Wonderful trail. Road to mueller start is not paved and mostly single lane. Hike has a lot of variety and make sure to go to the very top of the rocks. The view is unbelievable.

on Red Rocks Trail

19 days ago

During the week, the traffic is decently low. Nice lookouts and lots of raptors surfing the air currents around the cliffs. Loop with Dakota Ridge for a decent mileage loop.

amazing hike!

Beautiful hike saw a lil black bear down in the lower off trails which was rather exciting and very awesome, the hike was rather difficult coming up to the summit for myself but I'm still getting the hang of the altitude change, went off trail when my phone died and ended up 1hr off trail I highly recommend staying on trail and not wander lol!

22 days ago

Amazing trail, one of my favorites so far! Definitely will go back in the winter.

Gorgeous trail a bit steep in parts but the view at the top is breathtaking so worth the hike!!

23 days ago

Beautiful hike, spectacular view from the top. A little over 5 miles out and back. Perfect for a couple of non-mountain hiking Iowans.

Nice hike before a show

HIGHLY TRAFFICKED. Views look over Morrison and Ken Caryl. Lots of dog poop people haven’t even bagged. Lots of dogs. But there’s a bike or a group of people about every 20ft; on weekends, weekdays, morning or night. Really detracts from the scenery. Highly. Trafficked.

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