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Colorado - Round Mountain Map
9 days ago

Unique trip! My fiancé, dog, and I backpacked to the open space near the summit and camped there. We hiked through the night and arrived around 12 AM. Finished the remaining mile in the morning before heading back down. Definitely worth spending a few hours up top exploring all of the boulders. Bring water, the stream is only available for the first 2 miles or so.

Nice views and ends at a beautiful river.

10 days ago

My wife and I could not finish it, we ended up turning around at the 3 mile mark, the trail was getting too rough. The trail is on the side of a hill and parallels the South Platte River. We are not novices, we hike every weekend, but we did not feel comfortable continuing on, there are some boulders you have to navigate around and some very steep (but short) parts of the trail

However I would recommend the 6 miles out and back we did, the scenery is gorgeous.

17 days ago

Awesome hike! Take plenty of water. This is a tough one!!

Beautiful trail with lots of shade most of the way. The boulder formations on the peak are sensational

1 month ago

Where to Park: You will park in the Cheeseman trail lot.

You will find the path to the trail head past the “fancy” outhouse. Take that path over the wooden bridge. The path splits, go left. You will walk about 50 yards and come across a dirt road that interrupts the path. Just walk across the dirt road and the path picks back up across the street. You will walk about 1/2 mile through the woods/trees and come across the actual trail head and map of the trail.

The Trail: the GILL trail runs along the water that leads to Cheesman Lake. Its and out and back.

Suggestions: Bring plenty of water 100oz or more and have at least one hiking friend

We are VERY experienced hikers and this was a Incredibly challenging. The trail is very challenging to follow and the last mile to Cheeseman Lake was a lot of climbing and bouldering.

The views are BEAUTIFUL!

1 month ago

Great little hike. We took the dog with us and he seemed to enjoy it as well. Some hard scramble spots but the dog and I made it through with no issues. Beautiful views of the river from every angle!! Would do it again.

Nice trail but mostly sunny. Will come back when cooler. Not sure what is considered lizard rock

1 month ago

I did this hike almost a year ago and went back yesterday with my boyfriend and our dogs. We camped about 3.2 miles up the trail, then did the rest and the decent on 7/31. There are a couple great camp sites at around 10500 ft, 0.8 miles from the fork onto the McCurdy Trail. Saw 3 people up there. Definitely less daunting of a distance and elevation gain when done in 2 days. I'm still shocked more people don't know about this place! Weather was perfect: got down to around 45 at night and 60 on the peak. It probably got to around 80 if you stayed in the sun on the way down when it starts to flatten out again, but otherwise wasn't hot.

Much more difficult than anticipated, but amazing summit. Those rock formations and views are top notch. 10/10 will be back. Limited parking but when I arrived at 7:30 am, there were still spots.

1 month ago

Really enjoyed this hike/run....It was listed for mountain biking also....I don't recommend it...parts of the trail would be good but still a lot of hike a bike esp. if you hike more along the river....

2 months ago

Good trail. It ends with a relaxing view and a place to rest by the river (and option to rock climb!).

2 months ago

Definitely one of the best trails I’ve been on! Unfortunately, I didn’t finish because of the trail being destroyed from mud slides. I spent maybe 30 mins trying to find the trail. I had less then a mile to go. But decided to turn back. If you like huge boulders and a trail that follows the stream this is for (you).

I saw a lot of people fly fishing throughout the trail must be fairly decent.

I’ll be back!

2 months ago

Really beautiful along the river. We really didn’t see a point in continuing past the point where the trail separates from the river and goes towards the reservoir.

Fun little hike, but I would definitely recommend leaving your dog at home in the summer. Because of the fire that went through (I'm assuming a few years ago), the trail is really exposed. our pup burned her paws a little since there was little shade to retreat to. It is, however, a really good trail to take out of towners who are not used to the elevation.

Amazing views and cool rock formations at the top. It is an intense climb up with steady and sometimes steep parts, but worth it when you get to the top. We did it in 5.5 hours. Didn’t see too many people on the trail

3 months ago

I did this hike last year and again last week. It is definitely a tough one! It is incline pretty much the whole way with switch backs as soon as you get closer to the top. We were able to go a steady pace and not take as many breaks.Make sure you veer right when you hit a fork in the trail. I recommend packing a lot of water/food and start early, it gets pretty hot. The drive to the trailhead was nicely paved. It was nice not running into a person every 10 minutes, The trail isn't too busy.

3 months ago

Did this last Sunday and again today with my dog. Didn’t run into anyone today and only two couples the previous time.

Not a ton of breathtaking views but a great hike nonetheless. It’s probably borderline easy/moderate. There is some elevation gain on the way out and back. It’s about 2 miles to the river access - beautiful setting!

This will be a go to hike for me and the dogs.

3 months ago

My son, pup and I had a most wonderful time on this trail today. There was some snow and ice but the majority of the trail was clear. We only saw one couple who was running with their pup. We will most likely come back in the summer

Great Trail!!! definately not a walk in a park!! make sure to bring hiking poles.. you will need them

Amazing trail. Loved the change in terrain from Ute Creek and wispy grasses to the aspen trees and meadows and eventually tundra at the alpine summit. While we could see Bison Peak easily at the end, the trail to the summit was not marked. Cairns marked the intersection with McCurdy but it appeared to indicate its path rather than Bison. Used Gaia app to ascend. Highly recommended. Would do again. Wonderful panoramic views of many notable peaks.

3 months ago

The trail was very well marked. This was a pretty hard hike. Initially, I started off at 0645. I was at the summit approx. 1130. There were two false summits. Keep to the left of them and it’s not all that bad. I do believe the trail is to the right, however it’s not difficult to find your own way. The mountain top was incredibly beautiful. The entire trail was dry, no snow at the top.

Hiked it on May 28, 2018.

What made it tough was I got here from Kansas yesterday evening and hiked it this morning. Not enough time to even quasi-adapt to altitude. All the same---a very good and do-able hike.

VERY IMPORTANT: Follow the AllTrails map closely. There are two places---especially one of the top where things flatten out---where the cairns are misleading and they took me astray adding some distance.

ALSO: There are at least two False Summits. So keep on going.

Pretty view but a lot more restrictions than we were expecting. It’s dog friends but they must be on a leash and are not allowed in the water. Not much tree cover due to the fire that was there a while back.

hiked this on 5/25. excellent conditions, pretty hard incline to the top. the top was amazing one of the coolest places I've been. definitely recommend this. took my friend and I 8 hours she is from sea level so we breaker a lot on the way up.

3 months ago

Nice little 5 mike RT from trailhead. Once you get down to the water there’s many areas to sit and eat a lunch.

I think this trail is rated moderate, which for the rocks on the trail and having to climb over some logs blocking the trail I’d agree. Easy enough for family’s to do.

Hiked on 5/16/18- No snow anywhere on the trail. This hike was incredible, and difficult. This was a butt kicker but so worth it at the top. The first 2 miles are definitely deceiving in that they are easy. After that it is up hill all the way with only one tiny break section when you come to the trail intersection (McCurdy Trail). Be prepared to be tired. I didn't make it all the way to the peak as the trail sort of ends in an alpine meadow after what feels like the summit. I didn't really feel like getting lost, and I was exhausted by that point so I wandered around the rock formations up there for a bit and headed back down. Views were still amazing and it definitely felt like I still accomplished a lot. Prepare for a full day with this hike I arrived at 8:30 and didn't get back to the trailhead until 3.

Beautiful hike! Loved it. 12 miles RT. No snow, nice and dry. Beautiful weather for it today. It took our group of 4 about 7 hours, including two breaks and spending a good amount of time climbing on the rocks near the top. We went on 5-25-18,cool geocache box at the summit too so bring something small to leave if you wish!

My cousin and I tackled this bad boy last Monday (5/21) around 8 am. It took us about 6 hours to complete this out-and-back hike, which let me tell you, is no walk in the park.

There wasn't a single car in the parking lot when we started and there were only three additional cars in the small lot when we returned. We only saw one fellow hiker and his pups on the trail, as well, which added to the tranquility of our journey.

The first 1.5 to 2 miles of this trail are relatively easy (and misleading), but it is a very gradual climb for the next 3 miles until you reach the ridge line at about 12,000 ft. Around 10,000 ft. we started to see some snow on the trail, and that continued to get deeper all the way up to Bison Peak's summit.

The trail became quite difficult to follow at the ridge line, as there were no visible footprints or trails to the summit, and we ended up misreading the All Trails map and summiting a neighboring peak instead. We eventually figured out that we were well off our course and found our way back to the trail.

We made our own way to the summit by postholing and scrambling over some boulders to reach the top. The views from the peak were absolutely magnificent! I will most definitely be returning to conquer this peak in the summer when the trail is dry and a bit easier to follow.

This is NOT a hike for the faint of heart, as the almost 4,000 ft. of elevation gain is a real butt-kicker! We ran half way down on our descent though, and that almost halved our return in the process. The weather was beautiful the entire time with the exception of a few raindrops on the way down.

A must for anyone who's in shape and looking for a challenge!

4 months ago

awesome hike, steep sandy areas, views of river all along hike are amazing.

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