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Finally did this hike last weekend as a solo day-hike. Started the hike around 11 a.m. and and passed maybe 20 people on their way down. Had the lake all to myself once I got to the top! Abyss Lake itself is nothing overly special, but it was pretty cool to see the backside of the Sawtooth between Bierstadt and Evans. Very steady elevation gain. This is an amazing hike to do in the fall to see the foliage! The leaves were just about at peak last weekend, so I imagine this week to go if you want to see them in their prime!

2 days ago

Amazing fall colors today!!! Love this hike!

What a beautiful hike! It is at the base of Mt. Evans 14er, so you get great views of the peaks around you as well as three lakes! At the top you get a great view down the valley; definitely worth the climb. We arrived at the trailhead around 7:30AM and got great parking, and only started seeing others towards the end heading back to our car. Definitely recommend this hike, it is one of my favorites in Colorado!

A very beautiful trail not too steep but pretty long. I turned around because I thought I was hiking Mount Royal.

6 days ago

Don’t be put off by the start of the trailhead at Peak 7 saying 10.0miles. We assumed that included the first 2.0 miles from central Breckenridge-not Peak 7. In fact most of the mileage boards were confusing. Some referenced 10.0miles and some referenced the more accurate 8.0miles (almost 9 Miles to Frisco Main Street)
Mostly wooded walk with very little up and down until you reach about 1.5 Miles from Frisco when it is a gently downhill to the Rainbow Lake.
Good walk at 10,000’ with only a few views but the whole walk was beautiful. Worth doing at any time of year.

This is my favorite hike in Colorado. I typically only see one or two people/groups after you’ve made it up to the upper Chicago lake. But everyone you run into along the way is always very friendly & respectful. Echo lake itself gets VERY congested but most people remain there & don’t venture off to the Chicago lakes.
I went up yesterday & while hiking around the lower Chicago lake I noticed an abandoned campsite. It had been totally thrashed by time & weather. Just some bits of tent, garbage and boots... It was very odd. I thought it was worth making an account here to mention it. Never seen anything like that before on this hike.

Awesome hike. It goes downhill at first, which stinks for the hike back, but the lakes, views and colors are amazing. We went up to the second lake which made the hike closer to 10 miles

10 days ago

Hiked Breckenridge to Frisco today - beautiful sunny day, started out 9:30 a.m. or so. Staying in Frisco so took the bus to Breckenridge, and the gondola up. Had trouble staying on trail at first - ended up on a road twice. Lots of large groups at first near Peak 7 lodges. Very forested for the first couple miles. Then came the mountain bikers, lots of them. All were super courteous but after a while I started to worry about corners and blind spots. I used poles for some of the time but I didn't see many other hikers with them. Sun became brutal for the last couple miles. All in all, I took my time and enjoyed myself. As a hiker I felt outnumbered by bikers.

12 days ago

Surprisingly scenic for being in the middle of everything. Great when looped with Red Rocks.

13 days ago

Wonderful hike but LONG!!

This was a long hike, but worth it! Started at Panorama Point, Raccoon Trial and continued on to Mule Deer. The first half was mostly meadow, but beautiful. Stopped at the Old Barn picnic area for lunch then crossed the street to continue on Mule Deer. Very easy at first, then some switch backs which makes it moderately difficult. Opens up to some beautiful meadows and the fall colors are beautiful right now. At Frasier meadows you will come to several paths, take the one labeled Coyote and Mule Deer to continue. The next fork was not labeled when we got there. Go LEFT to continue on Mule Deer. Depending on how fast you hike, Panorama Pont is 1.5-2 hours away.

Great hike! Would highly recommended

This walk is great. Some good views back to Grand Lake and beautiful forest. We saw a moose and calf near Lake Verna but they can be hard to spot, settled in the shrub vegetation. Take plenty of water- the two of us drank 5 litres. They are camping sights on route. This track does go on further to Spirit Lake. Highly recommend.

18 days ago

Love this hike, go to the second lake for stunning views. It’s not far past the first lake. Once you get out of the forest and past the private property the mountains are gorgeous. Parts of the trail are strenuous and you do have to climb towards the end of the hike when you’re a bit tired but on the whole a great experience. I was there on a weekday and only saw 6 others. The only downside is the mile on the gravel road on private property.

19 days ago

Was a blast a few weeks ago for an overnight backpacking trip. We ended up going to the lakes and back down to find the best campsites. Water was plentiful, the nicest campsites were towards the beginning of the hike. Enough people on the trail to not feel completely isolated but no issues getting any campsite you want. Great spot for snowshoeing as well if the road is open in winter

Pretty moderate hike. Start early to avoid crowds.

22 days ago

Incredible trail with beautiful views of high mountain cliffs, aspens, and an alpine lake (or two). My 11 year old cousin and I backpacked in a couple miles, set up camp, then hiked to Helms Lake and back. Excellent choice for a one or two nighter.

22 days ago

I thought it was such a great hike. Gorgeous throughout a great workout. Beautiful views. I’d recommend it to anyone.

22 days ago

Challenging trail if carry a heavy backpack. Worth the effort. Make sure to go to the Upper Lake.

22 days ago

If you’re staying overnight at one of the campsites, GO TO FIFTH LAKE! It’s very worth it. The echos are super cool up there. Trail kinda disappears near fifth lake but its kinda obvious where it would be.

Was a fun and challenging trail when we went. It was very hot and not a lot of wind. But the hike itself I would do again

23 days ago

One of my favorite hikes consisting of lovely forests, peaceful streams, beautiful lakes and sweeping mountain views. This hike has it all! The trail is easy to follow and the hiker population is reasonable. That last incline to the final lake is short but intense so you will feel like you’ve really earned a rest by the peaceful waters and epic view at the top!

23 days ago

Great workout. Different views all the way to the lakes. Very pretty but the trail is lots of up and down both ways. Hiking poles are useful . Long hike, GPS showed over 10 miles round trip.. Views are worth it. Did not find the hike difficult just long and rocky. Took some careful footing on rocks.

This trail was amazing but I'm not sure how it's showing that it's 8.7 miles, I logged almost 12 miles round trip from the Echo Lake campground to the second lake.

Hiked the Dakota Ridge section a couple of days ago with a group. Nice views, but a lot of freeway noise. We encountered 2 rattlesnakes, so pay attention to the trail!

23 days ago

Definitely an amazing trail. Took my Husky up and she loved it! This was my first real hike and even though it’s though on the feet, it’s definitely worth it!

This is a beautiful hike. 4 hrs up and 2.5 hrs back, but we were still feeling the altitude (huff and puff) even though we are fit. Take plenty of water. Nice streams, waterfalls and lakes on route. We saw deer, moose and several birds, plus cheeky chipmunks and squirrels. This is a great hike after doing some peaks. It can be busy but we saw very few people, especially when we got further in. Campsites along the way and being used. Rangers are there to meet and greet as you set off.

27 days ago

Chicago Lakes trail is fantastic.

The views heading down the mountain and at the reservoir were impeccable.
Trail was a bit rocky with a fairly narrow passage here and there.
Wouldn’t recommend going for snow shoes.

Didn’t continue to the other two lakes.

This isn’t a difficult hike. There are a few short parts that are difficult, but it’s definitely doable for a relatively fit beginner hiker. It is a workout though. This was a really beautiful hike. There are parts where you’re completely secluded among the trees, and it’s a surreal feeling (at least for me). Once you leave the meadow and hike for a little bit, the road nearby really isn’t that audible. Anyway, it’s super fun. Try to leave early, so you can finish before the afternoon storms.

Be ready for a long hike! It was a good hike, lots of different terrain. Some of the signs (I felt) were mis labeled with the distance to go to get somewhere.
The panoramic view was beautiful.

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