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Hiked on April 14th, 2018. I'd recommend spikes, but you can get away without them. Definitely don't need snowshoes. Trail is pretty well marked, but make sure to keep an eye out for cairns above treeline.

This hike reminds me of bald hikes in NC/TN/VA. You're not climbing the highest mountain, but certainly are getting the best views.

on Red Rocks Trail

10 days ago

I hiked Mule Creek on the other side of 67 and wanted some additional mileage. For Mule Creek, I had parked on the left immediately after crossing the cattle gate on 342 (there is a nice single track trail leading to Mule Creek from there). So, I only need to walk across 67 once I had returned from Mule Creek. I picked up the trail on the right side of the dirt road (where there is parking for maybe 3 cars) and followed that. I took a trail that headed uphill for a short bit to a ridge. Following that I had great views of the rock formations (beautiful!). I continued, staying on the trail rather than exploring the formations. Pass the power lines, there were some smaller rock formations. They had these sweet, comical rock "faces" that had me laughing. I then headed down to the bigger formations, finding a nice place to relax. It was cold today and not many people, but I was thinking it would be a great place to sit and relax for inspiration on a sunny, warm day. It's just so peaceful! I returned the same way I came -- but I will be back to explore more!

13 days ago

I wouldn't go back unless it was for a swim. too short a hike otherwise. was beautiful though and awesome swimming hole though too popular of a spot for my liking... too many people. of suggest a week evening to avoid the people.

16 days ago

Today, 4/08/18, I needed something to do. After doing some homework. Bierstadt it was. Being from Minnesota, hiking ...lets just say the mountains are a different beast. After reading numerous reviews here: my 4 year old had his first summit to the dogs and 100's...and 100's of people to contend with..well, didnt sound too challenging. But, I did read a few well written reviews to go prepared.
Not nearly for what I was about to face.
left late...really late from F.Collins (2:30pm) arrived at what was apparently the Silver Dollar parking lot as the road to the Guanella pass summit was still closed for the season...my homework skills need honing. talked to a guy there that was going to do some skiing and he thought the trailhead to Bierstadt would be a couple of miles. lucky I brought my winter gear including Sorrels, ski mask and micro spikes. headed up the hill at about 4pm. didnt need the spikes but postholed more than a few times but not bad. An hour later I was at the trailhead. Id say the wind was 40+ and the temp around 0. I knew a front was coming in but looking off to the west it seemed to be coming a good couple of hours early. I was alone and the only soul I had seen was a couple skiing down right as I set off...I really wished I had that idea..I need to think this over, if only I could get in the outhouse - frozen halfway shut and buried in snow. I get it open and have a seat. I decide to at least go a bit before turning back. I see what appears to be the start of the trail by the marker and another marker some 30 yards out. Off I go...postholing it every step. Wow..where are the snowshoes... (even those didnt seem to help one reviewer and his friends) Anyways, I realize Im out of my league here and want to see another day so after 20 or so yards of this I turn back down the mountain thinking of those skiers. Once back to my car the Blizzard hits with full force and Im out of there. I have to say..the whole experience - including the solitude and the views walking back down were soooo worth it!!!

Was not expecting to go on this hike but so glad I did! Some parts get a little narrow and close to the edge but nothing hard to navigate. My favorite hikes include water, huge rocks, dense forest mixed with amazing views & some wildlife & this has it all!

This was my first trail I went on and it is also in my home town. the trail was crazy but it was worth it when we got to the first lake it was amazing.

Incredible! Love the dispersed camping near the trailhead. Wonderful views at every turn!

4.2.18 This is now my new favorite trail in Colorado! Stunning views and really quiet. only saw two guys fishing and that's it. very little cover from the elements, so plan accordingly. Would suggest this is more on the easy side of moderate, save for the last quarter mile is a steeper grade. Speaking of, be aware that right when it is getting steep going down, there are about 6 unmarked rebar rods poking out of the ground that would be easy to trip over! Overall, loved this trail and it will be my new "go to" when people come to visit from out-of-state.

Great trail to take your friends or family who are visiting the area. Such a rare find! Love this place.


END: 2:30PM

This was my first 14er. Would not recommend as first 14er for most people unless you hike a lot in difficult conditions. The 13 miles RT and 4300ft elevation gain is not easy without proper training and hiking experience.


Hike to summit took 4 hours. 2 hours up to tree line, 2 hours above tree line. Lots of elevation gain on first half of hike. Make sure to look for and follow Cairns, some are hard to see but trail is marked the whole way. Some scrambling the final bit up to summit but not difficult.

Spent maybe an hour at summit. Ate lunch and took some pictures before heading down.

Hike back to trailhead took about 3 hours.

Other than strong wind and some icy spots in the trees this was a pretty chill hike. Not too difficult for an intermediate hiker.

2 hour drive from Denver to Trailhead

Very cool rock formations. Doesn’t really need a well- defined trail. Easy to find from two parking areas.

My boyfriend and I went on 3/25/18. This was my first real hike more than 1 mile. My boyfriend probably thought it was very easy, I thought it was moderate. We went down to the dam and had lunch there and that was at 2.5 miles. It was a beautiful memory and a serene hike.

This was my first 14er summit and in winter/spring! Definitely do-able in a few hours and a nice workout! It's a good length if you want to get a 14er but aren't sure you can do a longer distance. The trail was pretty snow-less for the most part, a few patches (one on a steeper slope that made crossing a little nerve wracking) but I know the weather had been pretty nice the prior week. It gets REALLY windy at points so dress properly! I didn't need YakTraks or Microspikes but the part of the trail that is on a slope they could have been helpful because that was a bit scary to cross. The wind got stronger in the afternoon but overall it was decently easy to follow! You definitely have to keep an eye out for the cairns, most were large piles of rocks and we were able to follow them without a problem but it could be difficult after a fresh snow to find the trail in parts. The last like 800ft or so is a rock climb/scramble so be prepared for that! Most of that trail is pretty packed down but be careful so you don't post-hole! It follows the highway for a bit but I didn't find that bothersome and it's nice to grab a donut/get out of the wind once you reach the top! (Plus there's lots of people to take your picture when you get there!) Make sure you pay attention to when the toll road gates are open and close so you don't get stuck! Sometimes the gate at mile 13 is closed due to wind so you can't get up to Devil's Playground (mile 16) and the 1st gate is at the bottom of the hill so in winter you can't start hiking until after at least 9am so plan accordingly!

Some steep areas but overall a great hike! Beautiful views of the reservoir.

It was beautiful. Definitely will do it again!!

Need 4wheel drive to get to trailhead. Rough terrain on the road. Trail is easy to follow until you get above the tree line. With it being slightly snow covered we lost it up the first ascent which led to a slow climb to the basin. High winds in the basin section until you get to Devil’s playground. Didn’t need traction devices on way up but used yaktrax on the way down to avoid slipping on some ice patches. Long hike but great views of the continental divide & the crags!

beautiful but too short for me. Awesome swimming hole.

This was a beautiful hike! I went on 3/2 and it was completely dry, with not a lot of hikers at all. It was a steady climb up, with some down hill parts as well. There are gorgeous views of the lake the entire hike, and the top offers beautiful views of the lake/dam. I highly recommend!

Started at 6 am...was a little disappointed that after hiking all day....the summit house only had t-shirts that said I Hiked from the car....way too commercialized....and too many people. Prefer less crowded 14ers....

1 month ago

Great place, easy to get to, pretty easy hike over rolling hills without any big climbs. Trails aren't marked at all, aren't well-defined, and there's a lot of social trails around the rocks that can get you turned around so use the app/GPS. Weather was nice that Saturday so there were a lot of families out with kids, dogs, bikes, and horses.

First 14er. The gain in elevation was harder than expected for my friend and I, which meant the hike took longer than we had planned. Best views I've ever had and the experience was exhilarating! Make sure you have plenty of water, protein and healthy fats snacks(nuts, bars, etc.). Went in October 2016, temp went back and forth between just a hoodie and needing a wind resistant, thermal coat.

beautiful hike on 2.26.18. it was very dry despite snow in other places. no spikes or yaktracs were needed. this is a really great trail

First 14er! Started sometime around 5:30 AM. Had some difficulty following the trail in the dark (with head lamp) and missed the 646A sign. Had to use the All trails app to help. Once on the right trail, no problems until the last 1/4 mile scramble d/t missing some cairns. Fun hike. Felt like I did millions of squats. Definetly felt the burn in some areas. Beatiful scenery. Of course loads of people at the summit. It is what it is. Parking for this trail is a bit bumpy, go at a snails pace especially in the dark!

Summited Pikes Peak from here on 16 Feb. Road to trailhead was snowy but easily passable for my truck in 2WD. Trail was easy to follow below the tree line, but lost it a few times above. Just follow the cairns. Huge winds at the summit, but very little snow. Didn’t use any floatation or traction up or down. Great and tough winter hike!!

Great hike. No snow or ice on the trail at all on 2-4-18. Great views due to the burn. Steep hike down and back up from the river with some loose gravel. I tracked 4.2 miles out to the river and back.

This trail was wonderful!!!! Came on a Saturday afternoon and was not busy at all. Not a challenging hike by any means and awesome views the whole time! Sign at trailhead says dogs on leash but most were off, just be polite of your dog approaching others. There was no snow at all (2/3). Definitely will be coming back!!!

First 14ner. And a winter ascent to boot. Tough but fair. Great experience

the mtn was fairly kind a bit cold and windy on top but not to bad for middle of January very little snow and able to summit in 4.5 hours thank God for the hand dryers in the summit house bathrooms.

Very pretty views of the reservoir during the entire hike. There were lots of big boulders to sit on while enjoying a snack or the view. Trail was completely dry on 1-14 although I wish I had brought walking sticks. My two dogs pulled me up and down the steep parts, which are covered with loose gravel, so it was a little slippery for me.

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