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Beautiful! Spectacular fall color

Beautiful, well marked trail. I hike this trail every season, it never ceases to impress me!!

3 days ago

Beautiful hike! Lots of diverse scenery....aspen groves, pine forests, open meadows, lovey views across the valley. Aspens were just about perfect this weekend. It was mostly uphill the entire way & the trail could get quite narrow, which made it seem more difficult. Lakes at the top were not the most picturesque I’ve seen but a nice place to have lunch before heading down.

Really pretty. Crowded on Sat at the falls but not the longer trail. $7 day pass required.

4 days ago

Everyone complaining about to many people probably went during peak tourist time or a weekend. I went on a Thursday morning around 9 and I was the only one on the trail and in the springs. Short steep incline to start but once to the top its all flat. Short easy scramble to the springs. There's two ways you can go. One goes around and walks next to the river, the other goes straight to the spring.

Beautiful fall colors!!

Nice scenic lake. Easy trail. Hiked on 9/15/18. Aspens turning but not yet peak here at the lake (though is in nearby places). Warm week.

nice trail off the main trail leads you thru the back country to the fish hatchery,bring you some water and get a good hiking stick

13 days ago

Started at Kenosha Pass and hiked toward Long Gulch going out 3.5 miles and then back to the parking lot. The view at 3.5 miles is absolutely panoramic. A gorgeous day and peak color on the aspens. Beautiful views of Southpark. Love this segment of the trail.

Falls are beautiful. Arrived early on a Tuesday in September and had the trail to myself. Squirrel trail follows a canal along red and white geological wonders. While the trails aren’t epic, the falls are worth the trip.


20 days ago

What a great little hike! Easy to get to from Denver, leave early. Hike has moderate elevation gains and is never too difficult. I would suggest being on the trail no later than 8 am as it starts to get a little busy and the trail is very narrow. One additional note, keep to the right at the Gore Trail/Eaglesmere signpost.

21 days ago

My family had such a great time on this hike. The trailhead was difficult to find, but worth it. Dog-friendly too.

An easy but narrow trail encircling this scenic lake. Beaver-dammed pond at far end, always a treat to see. Plenty of parking at trail head and space was available on Labor Day at noon!

22 days ago

This trail was awesome but I agree that it is not easy. It was desert with heavy sand and rocks to climb. Luckily there are painted markers on the ground because it is hard to keep on the trail. The end is so worth the hike because it is so beautiful. The lake was gorgeous and felt so good after such a hot desert hike. The Dino tracks were hard to see but so rewarding when you find them. take plenty of water and be cautious if you take a dog. There are a lot of cactus and the sand and rocks are hot.

27 days ago

Did this hike in 2016 with my sister who had a broken leg at the time. She made it all the way to Lost Lake with little difficulty, so it was not too hard. THE TRAIL MIGHT BE CONSIDERABLY DIFFERENT NOW. I remember that the trail was a little muddy, so just be mindful after a lot of rain. The mosquitoes were pretty bad along the way.

27 days ago

The view from this parking area/road is one of my favorites in all of Colorado! The trail is closed right now (fire risk according to the signs posted), but i wanted to write a post to encourage folks to take the drive up because that view alone is worth it!

beautiful views

It looks good from pics

Different type of beauty on this hike! Saw tons of animals (and remains of animals) and very few people. Chair rocks itself is cool and a very unexpected surprise as you can’t see it during the hike to it. The trail was a little challenging to find once you leave the Colorado trail- you actually have to go through a small opening in the fence about 0.5 miles away from the rocks. But otherwise very straightforward and interesting!

Beautiful hike around the lake. Wonderful views around the basin and of the waterfall. Saw a mule deer doe on the lower field.

This hike was a beautiful surprise to explore. The caves were a marvelous find as well, which are along the hike to the top of the falls. My teenagers loved this hike. We’ve visited many caves in the past all over USA and it is always “ look but don’t touch”. These were completely touch, climb and explore the many rooms. Bummed that we didn’t bring head lamps to get a better view of the roofs of the caves.

1 month ago

Great trail overall. Very sandy and steep at parts but my 3 year olds did it like champs.. Make sure to do early AM or evening and take lots of water, no shade. We did it at dark after a day at Dinosaur National Monument and it was great. Don't follow google maps. Dirt road is easy to miss will try to add a screenshot of the longitude and latitude for the turn off. Follow blue metal signs to "parking area" Always go right at the forks and download the map ahead of time as their are some ATV trails at the beginning that could be confusing.

1 month ago

This trail is Hard, not Easy. It is also 3 miles round trip, not 1.7. Both of these statistics are from the information at the trailhead. Some of the difficulty comes from the heat at midday in August. My husband and I are in pretty good shape, but this trail was strenuous with constant elevation changes to the dinosaur tracks, and narrow parts easy to turn an ankle on. We enjoyed the hike, but it would have been nice for an accurate assessment, especially since it was midday, very hot and with no wind able to get onto the trail. Furthermore, there is a marina directly across from the dinosaur footprints with a mere 100 yard paddle to the site. This information would have been exceedingly helpful before undertaking this endeavor.

long dirt road in- 6 miles. Road can be bumpy but no need for 4x4.
Only a few steep sections and they are short. Lake is pretty. Great view of Holy Cross peak. Anticipate 3-3.5 hrs.
Morning is best as trail gets hot.

Lovely day hike

1 month ago

Nice easy hike around the lower lake. Tried fishing, but didnt even see a fish. Very busy trail. Perfect for families.

on Lost Lake Trail

1 month ago

A little rocky in places, but an easy hike as advertised. Some nice scenery on the way up and a beautiful lake at the end. Pretty much had the trail to ourselves, which was a treat.

Perfect lake hike. Wow what an accidental find!

Pleasant hike. Please don’t damage the footprints!

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