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Fun little trail

River was busy, lots of rafters, but everyone was friendly and polite.

It is a very easy, small hike, and very busy with people traffic. I do agree with other hikers, that it very short distance to spend the day fee just for the hike. Would recommend if you have time to do one of the other trails as well or have a picnic while your here.

amazing views, fairly easy hike with changing views at every turn! took a little longer than we had planned! pack plenty of water. my 4 yr old was getting tired but not to steep to ride on her dads shoulders off and on! wear sunscreen and take bug spray. only downfall were the mosquitos were pretty thick. the views were spectacular and well worth the drive off the beaten path! would definitely do it again!

small parking lot and not a hike really. However a very pretty area to hangout and relax. Pretty crowded

I loved this segment of the CT. It was full of just right up and downs, beautiful terrain that was varied and interesting, it had good water and nice camping spots. It would be a perfect hike/backpacking trip to do with kids. And I can’t wait to hike it this fall when the aspen turn!

9 days ago

This was a great hike, but make sure to go in the early morning or late afternoon! Stick to the most worn dirt roads and you’ll find the parking lot easy. There’s also a cool cavern to sit and relax once you get to the arch.

This was a fun, sandy trail. Lots of rocks for kids to jump around without my fear of plummeting (as many other local hikes have steep cliffs!). The end was really cool, identifying the dinosaur tracks...but the biggest tip...the end comes out on the shores of the reservoir! WEAR YOUR BATHING SUITS for a quick dip! There was a group already there when we arrived that was jumping in and having a great time washing off the sweat from the hike in, and my kids were completely bummed not to have their bathing suits! None of my reading material mentioned swimming or even water located at the end of the hike! So, FYI!

Spectacular views, tons of variety in the landscape (valleys, mountain surround, waterfall, wildflowers, pine and aspen forests) and worth every bit of a trip to Colorado. My family including 3 kids ages 11, 9 and a very strong 5 year old made it around in about 3.5 hours with lunch, snack and several rest stops. There’s a lot of sun and some bugs, but neither were too bad.

There was a slightly tricky part for our 5 year old while climbing (2/3 of the way, we went left along the creek at the beginning) where there were lots of stones and roots to step over along a high, narrow ridge. If kids are young, timid or too rowdy, it would still be a worthwhile hike to turn back shortly after the waterfall.

Okay, getting there is frickin hard. Coming from Vernal, pass the state park sign, that's not what you want. Look for the little dirt road on the left side of the road. It's super hard to find, I found it after turning around. Once you see it, you'll have no doubts. Google maps is only kind of helpful. It will stop you at a seemingly random point on 191, the dirt road is somewhere around there. Take this dirt road, I did it in FWD sedan, and you'll follow small, rusty blue signs pointing the way. Keep going until you get to this opening, a large green gate, and a narrower dirt path. You've found the parking lot! GO THROUGH THE GREEN GATE. Veer left down the cruddy, steep path and follow the foot prints/trail map. The hike is actually kind of hard. I did it at noon, so don't do that. It's all in sand and uphill. For good pictures you have to go through the arch and up the steep rock face. I didn't see another soul when I was here, but then again I went at noon. Don't do that.

13 days ago

First thing I want to say is that is not an "easy" trail. I think people are lured into thinking this is going to be an easy walk or ride, and it's simply not. We are experienced hikers and took trekking poles for balance etc. We are really happy we did. There are some fairly technical areas that require good balance. That being said, this is a beautiful hike. You will weave through forest, wildflowers, Aspen groves and at about 3.75 miles in, you'll reach the lake which is honestly beautiful. While coming out, we encountered a couple of fairly novice mountain bikers who were young, but daunted by the rocky and steep outcroppings. They were walking their bikes due to the technical aspects. We saw another rider who was obviously very seasoned, flying down the hill...so it's fun for everyone, but if you are new to hiking or biking, be warned, this is not an easy trail.

14 days ago

Long and easy hike. Have few pretty openings but the lake is the best of it. So quiet and peaceful. Just makes you realise how awesome the nature is. I would advice to take bugs spray with you. Mosquitoes were crazy back there.

Beautiful hike around the lake. Bring bug spray!!

This hike is beautiful and fairly easy. I would suggest bug spray, the mosquitos are ridiculously abundant and hungry.

17 days ago

Beautiful views!
The trail wasn’t well maintained but it was easy to keep track of where you were going. We got an early start and only saw a couple of people on the trail. Take bug spray. We were eaten alive by mosquitos.

Very pleasant walk! The waterfalls are stunning and the caves are so much fun to explore! Much worth it!

great trail. beautiful views with amazing wild flowers; there was a section of a field full of Columbine flowers.

Great trail, not tough at all and a great distance. Gorgeous views of the lake and lots of wildflowers... they were beautiful! In the wooded area there were a lot of mosquitos so beware of that. Great trail and I would highly recommend it!

Awesome views. Worth the trip but more of a walk than a hike

The falls were pretty nice on this short, easy hike. There is a day use fee to come to this area so bring a lunch or something and do the small hike and then relax.

24 days ago

Great Hike! Lost lake is beautiful.

Be ware of the mosquitos and bugs close to the like. I recommend to Camp far from the lake and go to have lunch or dinner.

We hike my mother my wife and my 3 year old kid. It is a easy hike for usual hikers for my mother, wife and kid was just enough.

I liked the hike it has open parts and a lot of trees in other parts.


Beautiful hike! The flowers are in bloom and gorgeous!

Very short walk. Well worth it. Pretty water, clean and relaxing. Surprising pleasant. Recommend

on Radium Hot Springs

28 days ago

I only gave this trail 3 stars because it just wasn't for us. This trail is referred to as "THE party stop" on the Colorado River, according to one River Ranger. On a weekend, if you're up for a festive, party atmosphere with people watching, including dare devils cliff-jumping from 40-50 feet and rafters / paddle boarders, loud music starting from early afternoon to 1 AM, and revelry of the like, then this is for you. If quieter, more serene backpacking is for you, the River Ranger recommended coming during the week or not at all. After the short scramble up, it is easy for 2 people to share carrying in a cooler or box of firewood -- as close to car camping as you can get without the car.

1 month ago

We chose this as our first family hike with our four kids ages 3-10. We had a blast! Very few rough places, and the end point was breathtaking! The kids loved the painted dinosaur footprints that mark the path, and seeing the real dino tracks at the end was pretty incredible!

Fun hike when you finally get there, Google directions suck. We did it just as the sun was going down.

The narrow trail has some rocky parts and small incline. Good for all ages. So worth the drive - longer than the walk.
The lake has folks fishing out in a kayak and from the shore. The surrounding beauty and serenity are Colorado.

I really loved this hike which is surprising because it feels so desolate from the fire scar. But we heard so many birds chirping and butterflies flickering around. However, we started at 9 and it was HOT. If a storm hadn’t rolled in on our way back it would have been a killer. Get an early start!!

1 month ago

Beautiful hike! Not sure why people below said it was only somewhat scenic....this hike has gorgeous wide-open views of the Gore Range, Vail ski area. Holy Cross, New York Mtn, etc. About the best views you can get around here without summiting a mountain! The lake is pretty too. Great quick day hike, not too strenuous. Wear sunscreen, not a lot of shade on the trail.

Nothing strenuous here. We actually drove 3 hours from Denver expecting a bit more. I do not think the coyote trail is 2 miles at all. Maybe if you include all of squirrel(which I think is a dead end) and bobcat too. We were disappointed in the hiking here. The waterfall is GORGEOUS and caves are cool for kids.

The vibe is a lot of picnic tables and about 8 camping pads. It’s $7 to get in. If you live in the area it would be nice for a picnic but nothing more IMO.

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