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9 hours ago

Late start arriving (230pm) put me on high alert to get back in time to catch last shuttle bus out! I pledged to turn around 330pm no matter what. Moving at a good pace with trekking poles for me in scree field where I could see lake from distance. I look at my quick photos I snapped and marvel at “this is not even enhanced!”

Would allow for more time! I was able to hoof it back, take time to put my feet in the icy waters of the lake/river and catch the 440pm bus.

An afternoon perfectly spent!

12 hours ago

Attempted today. I'm forever recovering from breaking my leg. The 4wd road to the Boss Lake trailhead (there is no signage for Hunt Lake) was fine to just walk on. It was very lush. Lots of wild flowers and sounds of water. As others have said this road is uphill and very rocky.... so my foot was getting a workout. I made it to the trailhead GO LEFT. Right is road 230. I love those tree made bridges! I started on the true trail. Lush. Flowers. Water. Mosquitoes. So I turned around. I'll bring spray the next time, which will give my leg more healing time.

Loved this hike. Absolutely beautiful and not too strenuous. You do have to cross a few streams so keep that in mind if you don’t have great balance to hop across rocks, or just be okay getting your feet wet. No bikes once you hit the trailhead so that’s a bonus as well. Definitely park and walk up the road. We saw a couple raised vehicles make it through the stream but don’t risk it unless you know what you’re doing. The road is a climb but it’s a pretty walk and less than a mile I’d say. The trail wasn’t too busy- more people coming back vs going up- so get an early start and you’ll feel like you have this trail all to yourself. Most dogs we ran into were off leash.

17 hours ago

A gorgeous hike filled with wildflowers and views.

My dad and I hiked this trail in one day (16 hours) from sun up to sun down. We are some novice hikers from IN, but eager for a physical challenge. After a first day of trial and error bringing a tent, and 2 large sleeping bags plus other necessities, we learned we’ll never see this whole trail with such luggage. Rested up the next day and took off at 5am on day #3 with one backpack that my dad carried, coming back to the car at 9:30pm. So worth it!! But quite dangerous if you’re not prepared to fill up on water every chance you get. Felt like I was hit by a truck after finishing, but couldn’t ask for better scenery and more of a challenge! God speed! #worthit

First backpacking trip in CO and it didn’t disappoint! Wildflowers, lakes, wildlife - this trail has it all! Next time I’d plan for 3-4 days for a less rushed pace to enjoy it more. Highly recommend!

1 day ago

We hiked in late July on a Saturday and the trail head parking area was full. We parked on the road with a large number of hikers. The trail rating is correct and the trail is well maintained. There were lots of wildflowers and a number of scenic views. The area near the lake and the lake itself were great.

Short hike to the falls. You can park on the main road and there are two additional small lots closer to the trailhead. The hike is short enough we found it easier just to park in the main lot and hike up. The hike to the falls is pretty rocky. More climbing then I expected given the reviews. For anyone used to hiking this won’t phase you, but if you’re not a hiker just know you will get a little out of breathe. We saw several people taking breaks. I would defiantly recommend continuing on towards the lake as we found this part of the trail much better. Less people, less rocky, and beautiful views. We turned around at the river crossing which was maybe a mile or so past the falls. Our dogs don’t handle heat that well so unfortunately we couldn’t push on to the lake. I should mention it was pretty buggy. Lots of flies, some biting, which didn’t bother us as much as the dogs.

3 days ago

Great views!!

More of a walk than a hike and was fairly busy. It's an easy one but with some great highlights. The trail is kind of hard to follow exactly because there's so many well worn off shooting paths. Try and stay on trail as much as you can to get to the Grottos/ice caves. From there, keep going straight, cross the bridge, then stay slightly left/straight (don't go right) to reach the Cascades (very pretty waterfall that has multiple pools and levels). It's such a short, easy hike that you're unlikely to get lost if you follow the numerous trails, it just makes it more time consuming to find the sights you're there for.
Would definitely recommend going early because the parking lot gets kind of full. Plus, it will be less crowded earlier in the day.

3 days ago

Took my dogs, very pretty, fairly easy trail. Falls was beautiful. Trail has everything, great photos of wildflowers, mountains cross the way. Nice restroom at head of trail.

off road driving
3 days ago

Trail closed to motor vehicles so no star would be better

Wildflowers are out and beautiful!

Great trail to become acclimated as it is short. Saw a family trying to hike this in flip flops and that is not smart . The trail is rocky but the waterfall view is spectacular.

5 days ago

Rustler’s Gulch was an incredible hike! The views were fantastic and the wildflowers were beautiful. It’s a steep hike up to the trailhead because of the flooded 4 wheel drive road, but well worth the hike.

Great view at end, but very rock, uneven trail for 90% of the hike..

6 days ago

Cool short hike. Went Saturday afternoon and there was some others but not busy at all. Most ppl were doing Independence tail/lake or the Lost Man trail. They all start here.
Beautiful views, cool lake and fish. I didn’t catch any but saw a few swimming around.

Did this one mid July. Wildflowers were spectacular. Very buggy so take plenty of spray to keep them away. With a high clearance vehicle we were able to forge the creek at the base of the hill and drive up to the gate. This is a great hike !

7 days ago

Short hike to the falls. You are standing above the falls looking down. Nice for those not able to hike more than a couple miles. The trail is a little rocky. If you have the time, continue on to Copper Trail and on to the lake, which is an additional 4-5 miles (one way).

The wildflowers were stunning, especially between West Maroon Pass and Frigid Air Pass. Beautiful views everywhere you look. It’s a popular trail, but not nearly as crowded as I was led to believe. There are plenty of great campsites.

7 days ago

Well worth the hike. Once you have made it to Crater Lake, look for waterfalls way up on side of Mountain.

Not sure what the fuss is all about. granted we stopped at falls because we were just looking for a short hike after hiking all morning elsewhere. I would call this more of a moderate trail due to all the loose rocks and it has a pretty steady climb. Not hard, but i wouldn't take grandma or anybody not used to hiking. I guess I expected to be closer to the falls rather than looking at them from 300 yards away down a cliff. An ok hike but there are much better trails. Maybe if you keep going it gets better.

7 days ago

Love it! My husband and I chose this as our first hike with our 6 month old baby in a backpack...definitely worth it! Falls at the end we’re gorgeous.

9 days ago

more of a walk than a hike. worth it for the scenery

Reviews are serious about the mosquitos at the upper lake! If you don't have bug spray, you'll hate it up there. Walk around a little & explore, you get better views of the mountains around the lake.
Not too crowded on a Sunday afternoon.

Very rocky with not a lot of scenery before the lake. But the lake is beautiful. I’ve done some moderate trials this trip so for my money, I’d just relax and enjoy the scenic loop instead and do a more worthwhile trail later. It was just not diverse enough for me. Too much scree.

Waterfall was tricky to find, take a left after the bridge & go up and over the rocks until you see a picnic table by the water & then there’s a clearly marked trail or take the easy level path BEFORE the bridge

the hike was nice and easy, good for the little ones. amazing view from start to finish

12 days ago

lovely trail! wildflowers and waterfalls. what more could you want?

Great hike. Difficult to locate trail to second lake.

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