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1 day ago

Really nice trail for novice hikers. Went clockwise to tackle the incline first, wooded with a few really nice views. After walking to the loop, the next couple miles were not easy due to rise in elevation, but not technical; lots of trail to work with. The descent was absolutely beautiful; really enjoyed the massive boulders, the woods closed in around you.

I hike a great deal. This hike is one of my favs in the Pikes Peak Region. I found it to be more challenging than moderate. I recommend hiking boots vs. sneakers. The pebbles are difficult to gain traction on near the end, especially going down.

2 days ago

I love it here. Beautiful view. Got tough near the end, and the falls were frozen (3-17-18). Very pretty. Gorgeous hiking weather. Also, there is a sign where you see "St. Mary's Falls .2 miles" Turn around and you will see the switchbacks going up. I really think you have more of a hike than .2 miles!

2 days ago

Good hike. Snowed a few inches the night before which actually might have been a good thing, as it was pretty icy in some spots. We went clockwise and the 2nd half was really nice in the woods.

4 days ago

Love this trail. Went with my wife and 4 year old daughter last week and hiked all the way to the Seventh Bridge! We are not in any sort of shape and took frequent breaks along the way. Beautiful views and terrain. Lots of streams and birds. Luckily, there were plenty of locals to keep us on track, as the trail is not marked.

Directions: Go all the way up the mountain, then park in the dirt parking area. Should be plenty of cars parked there. Trail will be dirt with a gate in front of it. Walk the trail about a 1/2 mile, take a right when the trail forks, then continue to follow trail 622. (If you go left at the fork, you will end up at St. Mary’s Falls.) The trail does keep going after the Seventh Bridge (I was told you could climb all the way up to Pikes Peak) but we stopped there and began the hike back to the car.

Great trail and view. Most definitely harder then moderate for us. Took us 4 hours to get up and back at a slow pace.

5 days ago

Hiked 2 miles of the trail. Liked the quarry.

6 days ago

this was a lovely hike! I just wore my hiking boots and tried to be careful in areas where it looked icy!

10 days ago

Pretty easy hike and would be easier without any snow. I would do it again.

Hi Danielle. From the parking lot, you go on the path away from the springs. You walk that path as it forms a "u". keep going until you see the abandoned tunnel. after that, youll go a little more and see a trailhead on the right. The sign has St. Mary's falls on it. Have fun!

11 days ago

The hike to Gem Lake is steep and difficult, but the views are worth the effort. Beyond the lake, the trail passes through fairly dense trees. Views are limited and it is extremely hot in the summer time. Also the trail was unclear in places causing us to question if we were on the right path. As others have mentioned, there were few people beyond the lake. We found balanced rock to be underwhelming. We would recommend stopping at the lake for a while then heading back down the trail.

It had snowed this morning so some of the trail was covered with maybe an inch. Watch out for those snow covered icy spots. Also, the last stretch to the falls is extremely icy! Watch your step and wear spikes!

Cloudy and snowy morning BUT a hike I’d love to do again. No snowshoes needed at all. I did throw on my Yak Tracks once passing Gem Lake. The light morning snow made the hardened ice on some parts of the trail difficult to see. Like others have noted, I had the trail to myself from Gem Lake to Balanced Rock - very peaceful. Heading back from Gem Lake to the TH the sun was already making quick work of the snow from the morning.

Hi folks, I'm wondering if you can help me out. I'm confused about which dirt road to take. On one end of the parking lot, there are two options--one is called High Road or something, and the other is Lower Gold Camp. I walked a ways on each of these and didn't find the trailhead. I then tried the dirt road on the other end of the parking lot (directly opposite these two roads). I passed the turn for trail 622 on the right, but I had to turn around because it was getting dark. Was I on the right track? The dirt road made a near U-turn around some private homes and then continued upward. If I'd kept going, would I have found the trailhead on the left? Ugh. Thank you in advance for your help.

12 days ago

Frozen falls were beautiful. Be very careful on the icy death traps coming up on the side of Catamount Falls. Very slippery spots throughout the trail, recommending microspikes.

15 days ago

Unbelievable views. Just doesn’t get any better. Came in March and it was 40 degrees out. On the dunes felt about 60. Hikes down the dunes barefoot. This was the most strenuous hike for me yet. Just when you think you’re in relatively good shape..

This is always our first stop when we are in town. Great easy hike.

Always love coming out to Red Rocks. Perfect for the family and dogs.

Great trail!! We would definitely go back. At the top of the trail you get to switchbacks to get to the falls. This part is not marked and there are several offshoots in the area. Be on the lookout for the correct one to get to the falls. Beautiful scenery and nice hike with the dogs.

18 days ago

Beautiful trial along the creek side. The end gets a bit more difficult with rock scrambling but worth it! Trail was pretty iced over but still passable. Very enjoyable with the dogs!

18 days ago

I did this in mid-June during a heat wave, so as others have mentioned -- it gets HOT and your feet will burn on the sand if they're not protected. Super fun to watch the boarders and sledders, even if I thought they were INSANE for traipsing up that hill multiple times. Props to them. Slogging through the sand uphill is a definite workout (again, once was plenty enough for me), but being in a huge desert-like sandbox surrounded by lush green mountains is pretty unique and memorable. I also lucked out and got to experience a surge flow. Plopped right down in that cool goodness on my trek back. Felt sooooo amazing.

Hike these trails at least once a month when I am down near Colorado springs...lots of different loops....

Beautiful hike although we started out to do Seven Bridges but couldn't find the trailhead. Nice uphill and vistas overlooking CS and Front Range. Waterfall was of course frozen and not much to see so end point was a bit disappointing, but hey, it's winter. Should have expected it. Will definitely return in the summer!

No signage to this trail. Totally missed where it started and went up to St. Mary's falls instead. Still a great hike but man, why don't these parks make it clear where the trail heads are??

So hard. In February the cold wind and sand is pretty rough. The views are amazing!

26 days ago

Did it on 01-30-18 sooooo hard. Every step you take you are going half of a step back. Summit fever got me to the top while everyone else in my party started dropping like flies below. Its so cool to see how many dunes are still over the other side

Great trail! Love this app, it helped to keep us on the correct trail, following the creek. April, I think you guys went left over the creek, we stayed on the trail to the right of the creek and made it to the falls! 6.8 miles!!

29 days ago

It sucks walking in sand especially uphill but how can you pass up the opportunity!? Beautiful place

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