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Beautiful lake.

5 days ago

Steady climb but easy pace and well trafficked. Nice reward at the top.

Icy, but beautiful & worth the effort.

Don’t let the trailhead fool you! The path gets extremely(!!) steep and slick. Even with crampons it was tough! Saw lots of people attempting it with Converse/Nikes/Keds and slipping or having to just slide down. Many people turning back halfway too. Ice spikes are a must!

Great hike did it yesterday 03-10 about 3 Miles round trip.. beautiful lake the water was just as pristine as u can imagine and waterfall .. the trail is somewhat doable without micro spikes but highly recommend them because a few places were pretty slippery

Make sure to wear ice spikes! Can be pretty slippery. Great views and a great hiking workout - uphill madness!

Fun hike, needed my microspikes. Trail was snow packed and ice after the first 600 or so feet. People without traction devices were having lots of problems. Beautiful ice on the falls. Crystal clear water. I will definitely be back in the spring.

15 days ago

It is an amazing and beautiful hike to Hanging Lake. This trail is heavily trafficked and the parking lot fills up really quickly. They have plenty of areas to rest on your way up and it’s almost all up hill. It can be difficult for anyone not from the area with the high altitude. The way down is easy, up is the only semi difficult part but worth it!!

18 days ago

I did this hike on 2/27, arrived at 8am and the lot was empty. I got to spend a nice 40 minutes or so alone at the top before anyone else showed up.

Trail was snow packed and icy most of the way, especially at the very top. Traction control highly recommended.

I did this hike on a February Tuesday and it wasn’t crowded at all. Even in the winter the hike was wonderful, with some ice on the falls. I just wish I had brought spikes or hiking poles! Places were very slippery.

19 days ago

This is a great hike! Amazing pay off. We hiked it on a Thursday after a snow storm that week. Arrived around noon, parking was no issue. There was minimal traffic on the trail, I’m guessing because of the weather and time of week. Only saw about 10 other people on the trail. There is quite a bit of snow on the trail, some of which is packed down and very iced over in spots so I would bring some sort of crampons, as it was not snow covered enough for snowshoes. What did shock me was how close to the edge the trail brings you at the top of the mountain. While there are good guardrails in place this would be an issue if heights aren’t your thing!! If you’re planning on doing this hike I would plan soon as they are going to begin regulating the amount of traffic this trail sees per day with permits and capacity limits and shuttle transportation.

24 days ago

I arrived around 8am last Saturday and had the lake to myself for nearly 30 minutes. Two other people arrived as i headed down. Very rewarding hike and not to difficult. Bring yaktrax and arrive early.

Nice elevation gain in short span, but nothing too bad. Started early to beat the crowds. Only 2 people at the lake when I arrived. Beautiful, stunning and peaceful! On the way down, I passed by at least 100 people or so.

26 days ago

This was my first 14er and was perfect for that, as there is less elevation gain than most and the trail is gentle. It was far more impressive scenery-wise than I expected. I've hiked 6 other 14ers since and while some others offered more interesting scrambling, wilder exposure, and so on, none quite matched the visual beauty of this hike. I did it in the late afternoon after a big morning thunderstorm, which is unusual, so I got the beautiful late light, which contributed to my experience greatly.

Lots of friendly marmots!

Don't hesitate to give this a go!

One of my favorite trails, although very heavy trafficked. A pretty steep incline but the view of the lake is ABSOLUTELY worth it! Don't forget to check out the waterfall up and behind the lake and many people miss!

Yak tracks are recommended in the winter. Absolutely gorgeous at the top!

1 month ago

Gorgeous trail, worth the climb year-round. Mid December I used my micro spikes since snowshoes weren’t needed. Dress in layers! Warm on the way up but hanging out by the falls and coming down gets chilly and damp.

It was very slippery with ice covering most of the trail. Lots of traffic came in around 10:30am as we were leaving.

great views but usually over crowded

Hiking Hanging Lake in the winter was definitely worth it. The half frozen lake and the frozen sections of waterfall gave it a unique look. I would highly recommend using yaktraks or another alternative this time of year due to icy sections of the trail.

1 month ago

Terrific waterfalls views. Definitely icy, we only had our boots, fell once and slipped several other times, but it looks unique half frozen in the winter. Continue hiking up for 5 mins after the main falls and there is another one that you can walk behind. Follow me on instagram at @jnardthedirector for scenic adventures.

Nice hike and the lake/waterfall was not frozen.

Most of the trail had tree cover, sunscreen optional.

Highly recommend micro spikes and hiking poles or something similar due to the ice/snow.

Arrived at the trail head around 0900 on Friday and parking lot was empty.

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2 months ago

beautiful hike & worth checking out the waterfall about 0.3 miles past hanging lake! (done in August 2017)

2 months ago

I am writing a review now after almost 5 years... but I would go back there again!! We enjoyed it so much and we all should go there at least once. Such a nice feeling when you finally get to see the waterfall after a rough hike. You won't regret!!

Beautiful ending, but there are more trails near that are just as beautiful with less traffic and crawling over rocks

2 months ago

Wow. Worth the hike.

2 months ago

This trail kicked my butt! It is uphill all the way which makes for a beautiful view...and an easy down hike. It had 6" of snow and the trail at the top is actually before the big square rock (per the local that was there). Straight up to your right...hardest part of the climb! I fell 4 times just in this 100' climb area.

Looks like an INCREDIBLE Nature Place to visit!!! Awesome views!

2 months ago

Great trail. Everyone PLEASE be cool and stay on the trail especially at the lake. This is one of the most heavily trafficked trails and the eco system is so fragile due to all the people. In winter Yak Trax or similar are a MUST for your shoes. Thanks to the gentleman who already mentioned this in reviews—I followed your advice and you sure were right. This trail could be very dangerous without proper footwear. I also recommend poles.

It is an amazing hike. The lake view is worth the climb. Lake is still open and the waterfall is flowing. We used crampons and would definitely recommend them. The trail is snow covered and packed. The sun was melting the exposed areas of the trail. Highly recommend this hike

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